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Richard Lacle

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Industrial engineers are multidisciplinary experts seated at the intersection of business and engineering. Their main focus is to eliminate waste of time, money, materials, energy, other resources and increase efficiency. In other words, they’re the administrators of production processes and design optimal systems for all facets of a business such as manufacturing parts, deliveries and plant placements, job performance evaluations, and employee pay. While the term industrial may conjure images of factories and other manufacturing, however, industrial engineers work in many different fields and employment sectors such as healthcare, finance, and risk management. To deliver such services across the different industries, Aruba- based—ASAP Sales & Services assigns a team of specialists, headed by a Project Manager and Project Coordinator. The expert professional staff consists of engineers, architects, interior designers, draftsmen, mechanics, electricians, logistics supervisors, traffic specialist, and financial advisors.

The Managing Director and CEORichard Lacle, is the man behind the success of these services specifically designed for industrial businesses. Similarly, his prior experience and expertise in the sector is the prime driver of his strategies for ASAP Sales & Services.

The Journey of Achieving Expertise and Experience

Richard is graduated in Political Science with specializations in Latin American & Caribbean Affairs. Additionally, he has also completed a minor in Business Administrations from Rollins College. Right after getting his degrees from Rollins College, Richard joined a U.S. based company—Bar Code Systems in Atlanta Georgia. While working there, he learned various professional skills such as negotiation, business planning, operations management, sales, and strategic planning.  

In 1994, seeing his expertise in business management, the management of Bar Code Systems handed a task to Richard to expand the service area of their company. At that time, Richard provided great assistance in opening their first Latin American Office in Mexico City. Afterward, in his expedition of excellence, Richard returned to his home country of Aruba where he worked from 1997 to 2008 at the management of the Aruba Ports Authority. In the next year i.e. 2009, Richard joined ASAP Services as GM and worked in the same position for 6 years. Following that in 2014, Richard was appointed as the Managing Director and CEO of ASAP Sales & Services. Presently, under his command, the company successfully registers itself as an ICAO approved supplier and designing for installing and commissioning the first LED Runway in the Caribbean region.

ASAP Sales & Services appearance in Industrial business

Since its inception in 2000, ASAP Services specializes in the Asset Management & Preventive Maintenance of Specialized Equipment as well as has been serving the Air & Sea Port Industry, Customs Authorities and Correctional Institutions in the Caribbean & Central American region. Likewise, the corporation has local and international clients from a huge range of other commercial and industrial sectors like airports, seaports, customs authorities, correctional institutions, and hospitality & medical institutions.

In the preventive maintenance and Custom Asset Management arena, ASAP offers equipment like passenger boarding bridges, X-ray and explosive trace detection equipment, conveyor, and carousels. Additionally, it also provides dedicated products like apron and general AGL lighting, equipment and instrumentation, CCTV, fire detection, and suppression systems. The company gained its reputation by offering its patrons with the highest quality of products and services while gaining appropriate resources securely and continuously developing them to enhance their existing properties.  .

CEO’s Expert Team of Versatile Performers

As the CEO of ASAP Services, Richard is on the mission to guide his fellow team members to do their best whether it is understanding the clients’ needs or developing the sustainable and efficient solutions for their customer related issues. Along with that, Richard makes sure that his team members are up-to-date with their training and certifications.

Richard’s team consists of 40 highly trained professionals who are engineers with a multiple specializations, they include HVAC technicians, fire alarm technicians, certified x-ray technicians, conveyor & carousel system technicians, pax boarding bridges specialists, and runway/taxiway specialized electricians. Richard with his team members keeps making small changes in their security equipment and related services for better performance which improves their quality of services.

The Secret of Quality and Reliability of ASAP Products

Richard’s policy is to focus on their quality service since their main task is to maintain the safety and install the facilities efficiently. Following the proper safety standards, ASAP Services offers a wide range of high-quality products and services as well as implements customer-oriented and efficient solutions. Some of the company services in design, sales, installation, service, and maintenance are: chillers & water towers, public announcement systems (PA), automatic doors, gates & sensors, emergency power plant & transfer systems, etc. For the last few years, Richard’s firm has been getting high demands in the X-Ray Security scanning equipment solutions for Customs, Airports, and Port-related applications as well as for Runway lighting also.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Many young businesspersons need guidance from the experienced CEO’s which helps them in lots of situations. Richard Lacle, who has many years of experience in the industry, advises all aspiring entrepreneurs to keep up to date with the industry’s ever-changing trends. Along with that, he also asks entrepreneurs to encourage their team members. This is because, Richard believes that with combine energy, knowledge, and skills of a motivated group of people, one can accomplish anything.

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