Afshan Muneer: Ameliorating the Human Resource Facilities for Aspirants and Organizations

Afshan Muneer

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Today’s cutthroat competition demands leadership that has an aggressive approach towards growth. Building new solutions, disrupting existing scenario, and motivating teams to work relentlessly are a few of the qualities that business leaders nowadays focus on. Delivering growth has become the primary objective of most of the executives. This diverts them away from the other equally important responsibility of leadership—Sustainability. In a pursuit to run faster, business leaders often fail to follow practices that promise sustainability of the growth. Among very few executives, who emphasize both the sides of leadership, is Afshan Muneer, the CEO of Solutions Sync LLC.

Afshan has a vast experience of leading various renowned enterprises and is now managing Solution Sync, a company delivering the placement and recruitment services for aspirants as well as providing the right candidates for their client’s business.

A Leader Maximizing Growth and Productivity

Presently, Afshan is the Chief Executive Officer at the Solution Sync. Right after getting her master degrees from San Jose International Technological University, Afshan joined an IT company as a SAP counsellor. While working with several organizations, she earned 12 years of experience in the training and recruitment industry. In those 12 years, she played many roles that include Vice President, Project Manager, Quality Team Leader, Product Trainer, Soft Skills Trainer, Accounts Managers, and Expedite Placement Lead in various corporations. In her line of profession, Afshan has directed many businesses and these businesses have seen outstanding growth rate ranging from 5% to 10% consistently every month.

In recent times, Afshan concerted an on-shore offshore model and applied it in her business workflow, which increased their fixed revenue by over 50%. Because of Afshan skills and capability, the businesses she has administrated have thrived well. Nevertheless, what pleased her most is that the growth of the businesses is maintained over the long haul. To improve her understanding of business workflow, she focused on getting fundamental principles right and applied that knowledge in her business.

Solution Sync, Supplying the Right Candidates for Jobs

Since its inception in 2017, Solutions Sync’s main goal is to help and prepare job aspirants for suitable opportunities. The California-based company offers services through two key lines of businesses: The first, as a recruitment and placement firm, and second, to operate as a vendor offering IT staffing and solutions. It offers career counselling, placement assistance, placement guidance and free assistance to job seekers. Solutions Sync’s USP is unique and different from their competitors as they provide job assistance as well as counsel the candidates thoroughly which helps them to get hired quickly. It also delivers excellent training and development services in areas such as business analysis, project management, quality analysis, testing tools, and more. Afshan with her placement team continuously serves the SMEs across the US and single-mindedly accomplished outstanding results by helping the IT experts land the jobs of their choice & getting the right candidates for SME enterprises.

Delivering Personalized Results for Client’s Businesses

Afshan’s firm can handle the job hunting process proficiently and present excellent results for their clients and job applicants. To speed up their hiring process, the company utilizes their placement services, client networks, and counts on the small-medium sized companies. Likewise, the placement company delivers custom-made professional development programs, which are available for beginners and experienced professionals. In addition to this, Afshan’s company offers coaching and mentoring to job applicants for increasing their knowledge and skill. It also provides H1B and green card sponsorships for the available selected applicants.

Overcoming the Challenges and Becoming Prized Asset in the Industry

As the CEO of Solutions Sync, Afshan has many roles and responsibilities towards the company’s growth. Afshan uses her expertise and experience to deliver high-grade business results as well as produce personalized services for their clients, business partners, and candidates. Furthermore, she is responsible for tactical and innovative strategies that augment the company’s growth. Afshan is very positive that in the upcoming years, the company will become a valuable asset in the recruitment and placement industry.

According to Afshan, due to the changing demands of customers, businesses need to adopt the latest trends and technologies. While the team members are considered, their understanding and expertise in trends and technologies assist them to sharpen their skillsets, thereby leading the company towards growth and productivity. Today, most of the organizations focus on hiring such aspirants. Therefore, Afshan’s firm polish the job applicants with the provision of expert tutoring and mentoring related to the latest technologies and trends which subsequently make them hiring compatible.  

Pointers for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

A versatile leader, Afshan Muneer, who has many years of experience in the industry, advises young business leaders to foresee and surpass the necessities of the current trends. She shares “Try to become an innovative person and keep up with the latest trends and technologies of your industries, which will guide you towards success. Similarly, enhance your skills and knowledge with the development program”. Afshan further adds, “In this way, regardless of their industries young businesspersons can achieve success as well as run their business effortlessly”.

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