Luis Villalon: Leading the Industry with an Expertise in Automated Industrial Systems with Robots

Luis Villalon

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The technological breakthroughs have taken the business world a step ahead; shifting from older technologies, each aspect of the industries is changing the way it functions. Though innovations and technological changes allure to some, the majority of business entrepreneurs prefer traditional machinery. Being one of the early few adaptors in the field of robotics, Luis Villalon has spearheaded the use of industrial applications of robotics. Coming from an Electronics Engineering background, Luis is a tech-savvy personage who has evolved the conventional automation with PLCs into robotics automation by the most explicit way through his accomplishments.

Having worked for 10 years with a renowned robotics organization as Fanuc, Luis started his own company just by himself in 2001. He starts contracting young engineers by university internship programs and invest in a robotics lab with an aim to train them. Since the first year, his venture, dubbed as Target Robotics revenue growth was more than 50% every year constantly for 18 years, even in the 2009-10’s automotive crisis. The reason behind Target Robotics’ revenue generation is its sales policy diversified in the general industry market. Moreover, for Luis, having done so well and not seen a single year of even mediocrity in business growth, is his proudest career achievement.

Further, Luis believes and has proven that mass production theory is obsolete. Moreover, according to him, in today’s customer-driven business economy, small to medium manufacturing units, with robotic technology, brings a better way to get higher productivity and flexibility that the new market demand.

Producing Solutions that Double the Business Outcomes

Based in San Luis Potosí, SLP, México, Target Robotics brings over 18 years of expertise in automated systems integrated with robots. It generates solutions over the concept of “Simple Automation”, based on amazing robot capabilities. Moreover, deploying novel technologies, robots can develop almost all the industrial processes, ranging from the simplest ones to the craziest applications, using advanced functions and complex programs. As a result, the team of leading tech solution provider guarantees to reduce the system cost by a minimum of 50%, while increasing the production capacity by double, at least, when compared to the conventional machinery. With such an advantageous set of solutions, Target Robotics has set its footprint in every industry, and its systems have become the best-selling solutions because of exponential productivity and disruptive concepts.

A Goal to Expand Globally by Leveraging Quality Offerings

With a mission to develop innovative technology to optimize industrial processes, based on international standards of design and safety, through automation with robots, Target Robotics guarantees improvement in the life quality of its clients and collaborators, while keeping the environmental sustainability in mind.

Moreover, Target Robotics’ most trusted array of solutions can be applied in almost all type of industries like automotive, food&beverages, electronic, home appliances, intelligent warehouses, plastics, energy, minery, etc. Being the CEO of Target Robotics, Luis considers it as his responsibility to take this venture to international markets, and making a leader in the new production concepts.

Providing Services that Exceed Client Expectations

For a business entity to prosper, it is momentous to delight its customers and win them by surpassing their expectations. Target Robotics, with its admirable offerings, provides its clients customized solutions with turnovers less than 1.5 years. Moreover, other benefits like minimal footprint, plug & play concepts, certified international electrical and safety standards, enhance it’s deliverables’ validity. Further, though their robotic Systems have auto recovery functions and are safety rated reliable systems, they offer 24/7 after sales support services with 12 months guarantee policy.

Luis VillalonSetting an Example by Seizing Self Values

Values are the essence of a company’s identity; they support its vision and shape the culture. At Target Robotics, Luis and his team believe in their values vigorously. With the power of innovation, they work honestly, time boundedly, and fulfill their commitments, which make them a trustworthy team. Moreover, following the technological trends, they strive to produce and deliver cutting-edge solutions, which they serve with a positive and customer-friendly attitude. Apart from the business orientated activities, the team of Target Robotics never drops a chance to pay back the debts of society by taking the responsibilities as a corporate entity.

Luis VillalonWords of Sage for Robotics Aspirants

Everything comes with a price, which one has to pay in order to acquire it. In the same way, to aspirants who wish to enter in the field of robotics automation, Luis suggests to learn about the upcoming trends and keep up with the technological advancements. Further, while elaborating the challenges in this field and how to conquer them, Luis asserts, “As the technology is moving in a fast pace, all the design engineers must keep on a permanent evoluptive training program, not only to understand and apply new technologies but also better methods to research and develop.”

Luis Villalon

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