Joshua Gould: Delivering Essential Defense Service Support to Significant Players in International Security

Joshua Gould

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Born in a town of the UK, and shifted at a young age to New York, Joshua Gould came to the US to fulfill his teenage dream of working in Wall Street. In 2006, he entered Wall Street but it was not a great timing as the recession was on the verge of destroying businesses. It was a tough time, but the believer in the American dream—Joshua stayed in the US and in the meanwhile, appointed as the CEO of thebigword Inc. In his leadership, the company grew from $6m business into a $100m organization. Moving forward, in partnership with the Chairman of thebigword Inc., Joshua started a new business called TBW Global, a contingent workforce and managed service business in the Defense and Security industry. As the CEO of TBW Global, Joshua has extensively used his prior experience and development strategies which in turn enabled the company to sign deals with the US Armed Forces, the UK’s Ministry of Defense and the DoD, and many NATO Governments.

While presently on the board of thebigword Group, Joshua is proudly uplifting TBW Global as an essential defense partner to the governments of NATO countries with the provision of Promethean, cost-effective, reliable, and contingent workforce and managed service solutions.

Thriving Ahead with Dedicated Team

Today, the dedicated management team of TBW assists Joshua in running the day-to-day tasks of the business. Joshua feels lucky to have such a brilliant management team which strives to reduce his workload and enables him to focus on future growth and innovation of TBW Global. Appreciating the efforts of his committed team members, Joshua is actively working towards developing the teams of TBW Global. These developments and improvements have greatly assisted the company to gain considerable profits and a loyal client base. To date, TBW Global’s business has been thriving ahead entirely with its profits. This is a huge achievement for Joshua and team, considering TBW’s level of investments and rapid pace of growth. In coming years, Joshua believes that his company may work with outside investors if TBW continues to excel with the current pace. The futuristic CEO has already started discussing such plans with the board which will empower the company to succeed globally.

Excellent Defense Services, Augmenting Clients’ Defense Capabilities

Under the visionary leadership of Joshua, TBW Global is successfully offering services including human intelligence, warfare training, and language services to NATO countries. Its comprehensive software automation capabilities to automate workflows and deliver cost-effective government solutions are the prime factors behind TBW’s increasing client base. Such utilization of advanced automation approach has immense importance in a space where innovation budgets are usually exclusively reserved for weapon systems development. The TBW Global software automates most of the recruiting, testing, and briefing workflows which further helps the company to track and communicate globally with its workforce of around 800 people. Many of them work in hostile environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and other countries.

Furthermore, Joshua and his team are majorly working on big data and workflow automation. They are successfully employing an intuitive algorithm, which specifically identifies the best candidate. Over the last 12 months, they have analyzed over ten million Facebook and LinkedIn profiles with their adverts. Keeping the automation as the top priority, the dedicated team of TBW Global has automated most of the operational processes and is also working towards augmenting and automating other processes. Recently, Joshua and his team have completed the automation of their recruitment process which is designed to ensure the selection of only the best talent. They are also developing a neurolingual machine translation and interpreting services that can be used by soldiers in real-time to communicate in any language. In addition, TBW is investing in the virtual-reality simulator products that can be used as an add-on to real-world training.

Expanding Global Presence while Uplifting Service Capabilities

The advanced technology-powered services have enabled TBW Global to mark a global footprint. In addition to offering innovative services to its clients, the company provides a benefit of local in-country management to them. Unlike other service providers, TBW offers all the benefits of working with a local provider having a global reach. Over the last 12 months, Joshua and team have expanded TBW reach to regions like Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. The leading company always steps ahead of competitors because many of them are either small businesses with limited cash flow or divisions of large multibillion-dollar companies that lack the focus in the defense space. Comparatively, TBW is a global provider with a prime mission to enhance defense space and uplift its capabilities using impeccable services and solutions. Joshua and his team are heavily investing the profits on developing technology-powered service products that facilitate real-world problems to benefit their loyal customer base.

These extensive developments and drive towards building a strong customer base demands some commitments and deep expertise. According to Joshua, astronauts joke about flying to space in rockets made by the components from the cheapest bidders. Commenting ahead, he adds, “This is not completely true but there is a lot of truth to it in the defense space and my advice to anyone starting a business in the defense industry is to bear that in mind.”

Joshua’s words explain the severity of competition and demand in the defense space. The creation of advanced products with an acceptable price-point is the real challenge that most of the companies face. Therefore, Joshua and team not only balance the investments but also deliver high valued solutions at a highly competitive price-point.

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