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Eugene Cheng

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In the heat of competition amongst businesses across the world, quality brands are sweating with the low-cost products offered by newly launched firms. These brands are developing strategies to fight with these competitors but don’t want to decrease the quality of their offerings for the sake of providing affordable products. One thing they need to understand that unless they explain the unmatchable quality of their products to people, they won’t get any returns or sales.

A veteran presentation specialist and communication expert, Eugene Cheng and his partner Kai Xin started HighSpark to assist companies and professionals to show their spark and communicate with clients powerfully and differently via outstanding presentations. 5 years back in 2014, Eugene and Kai established HighSpark just after finishing their Diploma program. At that time, the Co-founders saw an opportunity in creating presentations for companies and started learning the art of developing presentations. They studied the works of Nancy Duarte and Garr Reynolds. Understanding the art of presentations, they started uploading their work on and repeatedly won the honour of “SlideShare Of The Day” out of hundreds of thousands of submissions.

Eugene and Kai, the Founding Backbones of HighSpark

Like the saying, “The quality in work always raises the creator,” the presentations by Eugene and Kai attracted the global audience and many leading professionals contacted them for consulting work. Till date, HighSpark has delivered more than 300 presentations. This recognition and efficiency in work also enlightened Eugene and Kai’s Alma mater—Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The college invited them to deliver presentation training to their ex-lecturers and faculty. It was one of the proudest achievements for the duo.

Presently at HighSpark, Eugene is leading the driving wheel of the company as the Managing Director and his partner, Kai is working as a Lead Trainer. Considering their positions, both the leaders never hesitate to come on the floor to assist their team in their difficulties. Kai works on creating the curriculum and continues to enhance the training programmes for the clientele across the board whereas Eugene handles the consulting work. Eugene also tries his hands on conducting a number of training as per requirements. Similarly, to ensure a smooth business through digital outlets, Eugene also manages digital marketing efforts.

Empowering Organizations with Effective and Convincing Presentations

Initiated with a simple focus to enhance the quality of presentations and transform the way businesses tell their stories, HighSpark today develops presentations from scratch and offers strategic consulting services to Fortune 500 companies like Mastercard, Dentsu, and many more quality brands. The company also offers training services to clients and helps them to learn about how HighSpark consistently develops effective and convincing presentations. These training and consultation have assisted the clients in grabbing the sizeable deals and successfully raise millions of dollars in funds.

Therefore, from tech-savvy startup founders to C-level executives trust the company due to its unique streamlining offerings, frameworks for external communications, and customized presentation training. As a third-party investigator, the assurance and consultations from the expert team of HighSpark ensure clients that everything is show-ready and they can move forward. With successful offerings and client-focused approach, HighSpark today evolved as a story-driven company which quenches clients’ demands with exclusive training services on presentation content development and design. This enables company executives to communicate persuasively in organizations.

Serving a Vast Range of Industries

Continually excelling the presentation services, the team of HighSpark ensures that the clients get a professional and experienced service which guarantees that their sales pitch, investor pitch or keynote speech is clear and persuasive. The expert team of HighSpark considers a gamut of a factor while dealing with clients’ presentations. In addition to serving Fortune 500 companies from various industries, the efforts of the team under the guidance of Eugen and Kai have enabled the company to serve obscure, technically challenging industries like flavor technology, pharmaceutical science, and blockchain. This exposure has greatly helped HighSpark to develop the capability for tackling the complex information with ease.

Upcoming Plans Considering the Challenges and Improvements

Eugene and Kai are successfully leading the company to walk on a path of consistent and sustainable growth. They are planning to expand its regional presence in South East Asia, mainly in the educational space. Similarly, they are aiming to offer services in verticals like communication collateral and video to provide clients with more holistic offerings. However, there are certain challenges to overcome and the leaders are working on it. The prime challenge is awareness among businesses. In Singapore, which is the home market of HighSpark, clients find it difficult to understand the need for excellent services offered by Eugene and his team. According to Eugene, the Singapore market is still learning to understand such services. The team has to educate the clients on a large scale about what they do before explaining the exact value. There are times when the clients don’t agree with the pricing and there are instances when HighSpark services so rise with extreme demands that the team has to turn away some projects.

Like any other prominent company, such ups and downs are natural and indicate that the company is progressing at a good pace. The progress not only depends on the team-work but also on an effective strategy of leaders. In the case of HighSpark, Eugene and Kai never demotivate with downfalls and keep moving ahead with new ambitions.

Finally, advising on succeeding a business in the area of presentation development, Eugene inspires, “My advice to anyone keen to get into this area is to really identify your key differentiator. The industry has low barriers to entry and you can find yourself playing a price competition game very quickly if you don’t have any brand equity.”

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