The 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders, 2018

Based in Seattle, the multi-talented CEO of Pyramid Analytics, Omri Kohl believes that leadership is about risking ignorance, criticism, along with misconceptions. Furthermore, strong leaders lead by example, not by force. A charismatic leader usually has the highest emotional intelligence and a delivery mechanism that is inspiring, coupled with a sterling character. Every good leader must possess essential traits strength for taking a stand even at an unexpected position, being a patient listener, bringing about the best possible outcome from ….
Tim Kobe Eight Inc.
Tim Kobe: Designing Meaningful Human Experiences For The World’s Most Beloved Brands

Established in 1989, the globally recognized provider of extraordinary designs …

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Stein Revelsby Hoylu AB
Stein Revelsby: Revolutionizing Digital Workspaces To Make Every Meeting Deeply Interactive and Personal

Digital collaboration is on the verge of evolution because companies …

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Spectacular Smith
Spectacular Smith: Tapping the Untapped Potential of Social Media

Over the past decade, social media marketing has grown from …

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Ronald Hajj silexpro
Ronald Hajj: Transforming The Video Conferencing Experience Through Innovation

Ronald Hajj, the Founder and CEO of SilexPro, is extremely …

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Karsten Böhrs
Karsten Böhrs: Creating Amazing Video Explanations with simpleshow

In today’s constantly changing business world, one of the biggest …

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Christopher Carter Approyo
Christopher Carter: Unlocking digital transformation with SAP powered by Approyo

As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is …

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Expert Insights

Smart Hajj 4.0
Smart Hajj 4.0

The Hajj Vision of the Future Recently, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry …

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Chatbot UX customer engaged
Chatbot UX: 6 Ways to Keep Customers Engaged

When it comes to automating customer interactions, user experience is …

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Spiritual Awakening benefits
Benefits of Spiritual Awakening for Successful Professional Life

Spirituality in the business is a movement that began in …

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Blockchain influencing social media
How Blockchain is influencing the Modern Social Media Networks?

Social media networks like Facebook and YouTube are the top …

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