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Karsten Böhrs

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In today’s constantly changing business world, one of the biggest challenges CEOs and leaders face is achieving high-quality performance in a short period of time. In the technology sector, innovation takes time, but markets move quickly with new trends. Technology changes every day, so businesspersons must consistently learn about new tech trends and understand potential customer value because the overarching goal is to provide a great user experience. Moreover, open and consistent communication with the product development team as well as the marketing team is the key to achieving high-quality performance in a given timeframe.

Karsten Böhrs, the CEO and Co-owner of simpleshow is an experienced management executive with a proven track record of successfully establishing international companies and brands. His professional focus is on business development and internationalization to transform promising ventures into thriving global businesses.

Karsten’s Journey to simpleshow

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Karsten has an educational background in engineering. Throughout his career, he worked for various companies in sales and logistics roles, moving his way up to management positions in multinational companies like Axel Springer and Otto Group. In 2007, Karsten decided to focus more on his goals as an entrepreneurial investor and started looking for innovative companies to invest in. In 2013, the dynamic leader discovered simpleshow and decided to join the young company as CEO and Co-owner. simpleshow is the global market leader for professional, full-service explainer video production. At simpleshow, Karsten and his team have developed five elements of an explanation – context, simplification, storytelling, visualization, and multisensory.

Leading the Modern Business Model with simpleshow’s Astonishing Offerings

simpleshow has produced thousands of videos and interactive eLearning courses for corporate customers throughout its offices in 9 countries. Its storytelling approach is a superior learning and communication methodology that blends simple messages with visuals, which stay in the mind of the user. With scientifically proven advantages, Karsten and the simpleshow team also embraced the tech boom with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) based, do it yourself (DIY) explainer video creation tool, mysimpleshow. Using mysimpleshow, anyone can create their own explainer videos without any professional experience. mysimpleshow is an online software that helps consumers and enterprise organizations communicate their messages in minutes. The core intelligence of mysimpleshow is an “Explainer Engine,” which is a sophisticated AI-based technology that converts text input to animated video content. Using semantic analysis, a natural language processing stack, and an integrated world knowledge database, keywords are identified, illustrated, and animated automatically. The result is a ready-made video with the click of a button. Users can edit, download, and share their work easily.

The simpleshow academy

The simpleshow philosophy is about creating great explanations that are simple, easy to understand, and perfectly tailored to any target audience. The simpleshow academy is a research and innovation incubator founded in 2008. This academy is dedicated to exploring and improving the art and science of explanation and to train simpleshow staff to become true explanation experts, because knowledge makes all the difference.

Karsten’s Dynamic Perception on Being a Good Leader

Leading simpleshow on its path to success, Karsten has proved his leadership qualities at every stage of his professional journey. According to the intelligent CEO of simpleshow, good leaders must be resilient, adaptable, flexible, passionate, dedicated, innovative, and accountable. They must be focused on their vision and mission every day in order to achieve their goal.

Karsten follows the path of Jeff Bezos as an ideal leader because Jeff had a vision when he started Amazon as a virtual bookstore in the 1990s. Working with a small team out of a garage in Seattle, Jeff transformed his start-up business into a global e-commerce hub that dominates the market today. Jeff is a visionary businessman, which matches Karsten’s approach as an entrepreneur to change the world for the better through visionary ideas.

Keeping the Business ahead of Competitors with simpleshow’s Dedicated Team

Karsten believes that simpleshow’s team makes the entire business thrive. The dedicated team has contributed countless hours and maximum effort to ensure the global success of the company. Having a modern business model that puts employees first, Karsten offers flexibility and adaptability to the team members, making their experience enjoyable. At simpleshow, Karsten’s main goal is to create effective explanations that anyone understands. His methodologies, formats, and tools follow a vision to make the world a simpler place. With this approach in mind, Karsten and his team focus on communicating key messages using storytelling and refined practices. With over 10 years of experience and thousands of handcrafted explainer videos paired with the ambition to innovate, simpleshow is the go-to home for any explanatory need.

Building a Simpler World with Revolutionary Enthusiasm

When simpleshow was founded more than 10 years ago, the team of the leading media company defined the footprint they aimed to leave in the world. Today, Karsten’s guidance, every employee works hard to promote simplification and use the power of audiovisual media to make information accessible and easy to understand. This quest for simple learning and information resources is challenging, but Karsten is determined to make the world simpler and to benefit every person on the planet.

Advice to Young Leaders from Karsten

With years of experience in business strategy and management, the well-versed CEO of simpleshow delivers his words of advice to young leaders: “Clearly define your goals, always stay focused, and remember to hold yourself accountable. When your product is ready for the market, just get it out there, learn from user feedback, and make the necessary changes.

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