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Based in Seattle, the multi-talented CEO of Pyramid Analytics, Omri Kohl believes that leadership is about risking ignorance, criticism, along with misconceptions. Furthermore, strong leaders lead by example, not by force. A charismatic leader usually has the highest emotional intelligence and a delivery mechanism that is inspiring, coupled with a sterling character. Every good leader must possess essential traits strength for taking a stand even at an unexpected position, being a patient listener, bringing about the best possible outcome from team members, and making impactful decisions based on their wisdom.

For Omri, Nelson Mandela is his ideal leader because he was a true believer in his vision and goals. The South African revolutionary leader and peace activist was known to willingly put everything on the line, risk his own freedom and life for the betterment of all. Mandela also had the true charisma that came more from his actions rather than his words. He was compassionate, a life-long learner, ethically strong, and a unifier. His humanity drew people to him through his actions, not by fear or force. People followed his vision because he challenged their status quo and offered a refreshing change. He was a true disruptor.

Sharing his personal philosophy about the multiple challenges that a leader faces as well as the effective ways to conquer them, Omri asserts, “Don’t fear to acknowledge challenges, face them, learn from them, and improve because of them every day. Make a list of your leadership goals and needs and set up objectives to achieve them. Break things down methodically and rationally, don’t let emotions get in your way.”

Since leaders in every industry face daily challenges, the CEO of Pyramid Analytics feels that it is crucial for leaders to develop managerial effectiveness with strategic thinking and timely decision-making. They must also give sufficient time to mentor, coach, and develop their employees help them work efficiently; and keep them motivated and satisfied. Active leaders must also manage internal stakeholders, relationships, politics, and image including gaining managerial support and getting buy-in from other departments, groups, and individuals.

Pyramid Analytics: Bringing True Enterprise Approach to Business Analytics

Established in 2009, Pyramid Analytics is a global BI & A leader, offering an analytics platform that helps companies compete as excellent, data-driven organizations. It is widely used in a number of industrial sectors such as education, retail, manufacturing, government, financial services, insurance, and healthcare.

Pyramid Analytics offers Pyramid 2018, a server-based, multi-user Analytics OS that supports the full self-service analytics workflow across six modules. This highly adaptive analytic platform propels customer organization’s strategic data vision and cultivates analytics excellence throughout the business. With it, business users can easily prepare, model, visualize, analyze, publish, and present data from their browser or mobile device. Pyramid 2018 has a platform-agnostic and scalable architecture that can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or across a hybrid environment.

From the beginning, this advanced platform was designed from the ground up to remove any barriers that prevent organizations from utilizing valuable data assets to secure a competitive advantage. Ultimately, Pyramid 2018 simplifies the process of analysis with data preparation, model design, visual discovery and deep analytic capability in a scalable, shared, easy to manage, and protected environment.

Leader Committed To Introducing World-Changing Disruptive Technology

As the CEO and co-founder, Omri Kohl leads Pyramid Analytics strategy and operations, bringing his deep understanding of the BI market and valuable management experience to a company at the forefront of today’s fast-growing BI industry. Since its foundation, Omri has achieved significant market success and accelerated customer growth for the company, epitomizing the term disruptor through his introduction of the BI Office and Pyramid 2018 products, and their groundbreaking analytics OS technology.

Omri is a highly experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record for developing and managing fast-growing companies. He studied economics, finance and business management at Bar-Ilan University, has an MBA from Manchester University, and an MBA in International Business Management from New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

Assisting Customers To Achieve Their Analytics Goals

Pyramid Analytics focuses on helping customers overcome analytic limitations in order to put data to work across their organization so everyone can make smarter decisions based on trusted information. With Pyramid’s multi-tenant architecture, customers can have the best of both worlds. Omri and his team serve customers of all types across all functions.

 Enterprise data professionals: BI Managers, Analytic Leadership, Data Scientists

  • Business line executives: Marketing, Finance, Sales, Operations
  • OEM technology partners: CTOs, Product Management, Product Strategists
  • In addition, customers who understand the need to deliver collaborative analytics across their business ecosystems beyond basic visualizations.

Likewise, Pyramid offers the fastest time to market for moderate to complex dashboards, drives innovation in smart analytics and data discovery, offers one of the lowest TCO levels of any analytics vendor, and provides excellent customer experience and vendor credibility all at transparent and compelling pricing.

Agile Team Committed to Delivering Self-Service Solution for All Users

A company or any organization is the aggregated capacity of its group members. At Pyramid Analytics, Omri considers his team as the most precious resource. Eventually, these skilled and expert team members are going to make Pyramid Analytics a force for change that will create a niche in the contemporary industry and for its valued customers.

Collectively, the team is greater than the sum of its parts; teammates should operate in a smooth and cooperative way, support each other, and work together cohesively. Pyramid Analytics excels because its team members are smarter than their leadership. They are the smartest in the industry and deliver market-disrupting ideas and products that are changing the way organizations use data.

Raising the Bar with a Modern Enterprise Analytics Platform

The dynamic CEO and his team are strong believers fulfilling customers’ needs based on their feedback. Therefore, Pyramid Analytics’ core DNA comes from its customers; everything that with its customers’ needs in mind.

In today’s highly competitive industry, Pyramid Analytics differentiates its offering by matching customer requirements and producing real-life experiences. Most importantly, Omri and his team do  not chase after over-hyped technologies that no one would really implement. Rather, they work hard to make a better today for their customers not just a better tomorrow.

Goals and Strategies Towards a Successful Future

Pyramid Analytics is on a path to lead the data analytics category. The recognized innovator in business analytics also has the workforce to take on the market and disrupt the industry. Therefore, its entire expert team has carefully observed and identified its customers’ requirements and is now smartly executing its future strategy. It’s only a matter of time before Pyramid Analytics becomes the dominant force in the analytics space.

The Change Omri Wishes to Implement in the World

According to the CEO and Co-founder of Pyramid Analytics, data is changing the present world. Primarily, tomorrow’s market leaders will be those who understand their data and the story it tells them. Elite organizations will adjust their culture and market behavior based on how they understand their data. Keeping this futuristic vision in mind, Pyramid Analytics is changing the way its customers think about their business, operate it, and define success. Omri along with his team are change artists – enabling to become smarter, faster, and better at using data via technology.

Omri’s Words of Wisdom for Millennial Leaders

“Don’t be afraid of doing; fear standing still. Don’t fear failure, it’s your best teacher. Learn from failure, embrace it, and change what went wrong. Treat your people like your family – guide them, nurture them, set clear expectations, and give them candid feedback when they go off course and more importantly always appreciate them, they work very hard for you.”

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