Stein Revelsby: Revolutionizing Digital Workspaces To Make Every Meeting Deeply Interactive and Personal

Stein Revelsby Hoylu AB

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Digital collaboration is on the verge of evolution because companies are focusing on productivity improvements rather than just discussing deploying the same software they have always used. As a result, providing a seamless experience to the user has become a crucial aspect of the total solution. Therefore, there should be proper synchronization between professionals, while considering appropriate solutions. Digital workspaces should be designed in such a way that the team members can easily interact and make the use of any digital devices and instruments to enhance productivity.

Stein Revelsby, Co-Founder and the CEO of Hoylu AB is taking the digital workspace to a whole new innovative dimension by bringing the most advanced Hoylu Suite to digital workspaces.

Hoylu Suite delivers Connected Workspaces™ to accelerate a company’s critical work. Likewise, it helps them to create plans, complete design reviews, organize social media and analyze large data sets to make the meetings extra productive. Hoylu Suite is packed with powerful templates and libraries to personalize the experience as per clients’ needs.

Bringing Better Collaboration between Professionals with Hoylu’s Interactive Platform

Stein hates unproductive meetings, and he aims to change the way of it using Hoylu’s Interactive Platform. The leading software company provides Connected Workspaces™ so that teams can work together more efficiently, and delivers a collaboration platform for more engaging and productive teamwork. The team members can use the platform for large interactive projector walls and displays as well as personal devices like tablets and smartphones. Having the customers from large global enterprises and universities, Hoylu products enable people to utilize them for creative ideation and brainstorming as well as for project management, visualization, and presentation. A Connected Workspace™ is the next generation communication platform to supplement audio-video conference and chat, which can be easily accessed from any device or system, where all the information is kept safely in one place.

Developing Exclusive Solutions to Make Hoylu Stand Ahead of Competitors

Stein and his team have a long time experience with natural human interfaces like touch and pen input. Additionally, Stein’s team worked hard on developing advanced user experiences on large interactive surfaces opposed to working with keyboard and mouse on small screens. Hoylu’s major solutions include Sketch, Flow, Paper, and Insight. Along with a variety of tools and templates to produce the materials, Sketch tool allows the user a freeform space to draw, write, and share. One can insert photos, presentations, even from third-party software to work easily and effectively. Furthermore, with Flow tool, users have a more structured space to create plans, mind-maps, process flows, scrum boards, or anything to show relationships. The innovative Paper tool assists professionals to write on paper with digital pens and instantly uploads to a digital document, which can further connect collaboration tools and shows real-time playbacks of past drawings. Hoylu’s Insight solution supports employees to gain insights into the business with a transformative system to view, which assists in examining and controlling the information that runs the company.

Combating Challenges by Maintaining the Team Cooperation

Nowadays, the biggest challenges are to get alignment across a diverse and dispersed organization, because a productive organization is one where people and activities are streamlined and work towards common goals. Moreover, transparency in work and policies is the crucial part to avoid friction. It is important to set expectations early, understand what motivates people, set incentives, and follow-ups. According to Stein, team members need to strive for excellence and high performance, walk the extra mile and take responsibility. Therefore it is important to allow for individual freedom and ability to realize personal ambitions without risking anarchy and egocentric behavior. Employees are tired of unproductive meetings and difficult to use software; they want products that are engaging, productive, and meaningful. Hence, the team at Hoylu AB believes in utilizing technology for ease of use, intuitive and natural behavior to eliminate friction and stress while working.

Moving Forward With Dedicated Team Members

There are oceans of opportunities coming for Hoylu and the well-versed CEO feels fortunate that he has a team of highly motivated and experienced senior leaders with complementary skills and younger talent with high ambitions. Hoylu has a great mix of people with different geographic and cultural backgrounds who share the same vision and believe in big business opportunities. Stein compares a business team with a sports team. There are many similarities like every player needs to be well-trained and mentally and physically prepared. Every position on the field is important. To score a goal requires coordination, risk-taking, control, and good communication. To keep the team together requires a good coach to manage and motivate team members in different situations.

Handling the team is a big responsibility for a leader and Stein believes that a good leader should possess a clear vision, good communication skills, be energetic and inspiring. In addition, to build a team with complementary skills and qualities, a leader needs to have a natural authority and aura from who they are, their presence, competence, experience, and skills, as well as how they treat people.

Precious Advice to Youngsters for an Innovative Future

Stein always focused on making the most from the available resources. Speaking about life success, Stein has a marvelous advice for youngsters, he says, “Be patient, listen carefully, walk the extra mile, treat people with respect. Life is full of surprises and sometimes out of your control. Remember where you came from when you become successful. Success is often a bigger challenge to who you want to be as a person and what is important in life. Don’t be afraid of failure and take the opportunity when it is there. Life is short – make the most of it!”

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