Women’s ERA

Daphna Nissenbaum
Daphna Nissenbaum: A Social Entrepreneur Creating A Better Society
The negligence of a safe environment has harmed Mother Nature adversely resulting in the long-known threat — Global Warming. Today some business leaders do social-responsibility ...
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Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin: An Enthusiastic Leader Making Visions Come Alive
With a dedicated passion to help others, the CEO and Founder of HRBoost LLC, Nicole Martin is helping entrepreneurs understand the importance that human resources can ...
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Elena Herweyer
Elena Herweyer: A Multifaceted Prolific Leader
Speed is the keyword for today’s business world. In this new economic era of high-speed changes in the market where new technologies bring new ideas ...
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Kiran Bhagotra
Kiran Bhagotra: A Determined Founder, Making How We Buy Cybersecurity Customer-Friendly By Building Trust
The present cybersecurity market is complex, changing and over-filled with thousands of vendors, which makes it challenging for businesses, particularly small & medium businesses (SMBs) ...
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Shwetha Prasad, CEO & Founder, Omnia Digital
Shwetha Prasad: A Passionate Digital Marketing Expert Empowering Clients with Omnia’s Services
In business, especially in the service industry, a major challenge for a leader is to keep the employees motivated, happy, passionate, and driven towards the ...
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Clare Parry-Jones: A Persuasive Leader, Elevating Computacenter with Excellent Management Skills
Businesses are constantly increasing investments in enhancing their digital agenda, the speed of their networks, building their cloud capabilities, and most importantly, improving their resilience ...
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Cay Gliebe_SVP_Marketing & Product Management_OneSource Virtual
Cay Gliebe: A Dynamic Leader in the Marketplace, Utilizing Diverse Experience at OneSource Virtual
In the world of digital revolution, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a critical but often overlooked aspect of a digital workspace. Presently, RPA is a ...
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Rajashree Rajadhyax COO at Cere Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Rajashree Rajadhyax: A Visionary Leader, Exploring the Landscape of Artificial Intelligence
“I would love to be remembered as somebody who created a mark, a person who created something of value that has helped people in their ...
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Capillary Technologies - Anjali Kumari
Anjali Kumari: A Visionary Leader Empowering Retailers with Omnichannel Solutions
Today, the world is heavily influenced and driven by technology. Right from healthcare, automobile, education and finance, every industry has been stirred with a rationale ...
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Daphne Thomas CTO at iPipeline, Inc.
Daphne Thomas: Setting an Example by Influencing People to make them Successful
When leading a business organization, you must be able to motivate your workforce for various reasons including task completion, vision alignment, and even employee development. ...
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Janaki Joshi CEO at Iris Interactive
Janaki Joshi: Transforming Product Commercialization in the Life Sciences Industry
Today’s technology world is going through a transformation of corporate IT systems. The switch from in-house infrastructure and teams to cloud-based infrastructure as well as ...
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Chitra Baskar
Chitra Baskar: Her Leadership Changed Asset Driven Firms’ Operations
For asset management operations, such as in hedge fund and private equity organizations, the constant challenge is to keep ahead of and consistent with efficient ...
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