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Anjali Kumari: A Visionary Leader Empowering Retailers with Omnichannel Solutions

Capillary Technologies - Anjali Kumari

Today, the world is heavily influenced and driven by technology. Right from healthcare, automobile, education and finance, every industry has been stirred with a rationale to simplify human lives. Hence, it doesn’t come as a major surprise when one thinks about its dominance in the retail industry too. Modern day consumers are well attuned with the evolving technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT etc. and are therefore raising the bar of expectations when it comes to the deliverables. Retailers who are still using the traditional techniques are left high and dry to survive in the cut-throat market whereas astute vendors who are leveraging these technologies are racing far ahead. Here comes the game-changing part where having sound insights on what the existing technologies are capable of offering along with clear understanding of the millennial consumers demands becomes a requisite.

Capillary Technologies is one such prominent company which is infusing technologies to interpret the actual use case of consumer behaviours in the retail industry. The firm has witnessed remarkable success in the retail domain over the years. During its initial days, Capillary assisted retailers to identify and understand the consumers in the offline world. Afterward, as the online world got introduced, it started providing .coms to the retailers while promising to blend the best of the online and offline worlds by capturing offline clickstream data so that retail customers can enjoy a seamless and personalized omnichannel experience.

At present, Capillary Technologies provides a long range of retail CRM, eCommerce, and Loyalty Program solutions to help businesses to become more consumer-centric. The firm’s AI and Machine Learning powered platforms enable enterprises to learn more about consumer preferences and unlock business potentials.

Leading this industry shift with sound market insights on consumer behaviour is its Senior Director of Product—Anjali Kumari. Being an integral part of the company, Anjali handles several responsibilities with great proficiency and finesse. However, the most challenging part of her job is to keep the team constantly motivated and productive. In order to execute this task, it becomes very important to have an open and clear communication with the team. Therefore, at Capillary Technologies, Anjali and the management team provide a dynamic culture to encourage the team members to openly communicate, exchange ideas, evolve, and give their absolute best.

Anjali’s Expedition towards Expertise

Since the beginning, Anjali has always been a great learner and while studying, she worked as a grader for the course on Algorithm, Design, & Implementation. During her graduation program in Computer Science, she worked as a lab assistant and continued her zeal for knowledge. Later, Anjali received her MS degree in the same field from the renowned Purdue University and successfully completed her MBA from the Indian School of Business. After completing her academia, Anjali started her career as Associate Software Product Developer at Symphony Services. She then moved to Box.com and played a vital role in the firm’s journey. At that point, she gained an amazing entrepreneurial experience when Box switched the strategy to serving business instead of consumers.

After several years of experience working at start-ups, Anjali then decided to strike into product management and worked with Myntra for some time. In 2013, Anjali joined Capillary Technologies and began contributing her valuable experience. Since then, she has successfully proved herself as an effective Product Manager. Over the years, Anjali has developed great expertise in product visioning and gained the ability to build them from scratch. In doing so, she has always been customer-focused and data-driven.

A Leader that Promotes Authenticity

Anjali is a dashing leader with tremendous courage who makes sound decisions and stands by them. She makes decisions which are best for the clients, consequently empowering the company and her team. Moreover, she also makes sure that her decisions are making consumers’ journeys beneficial.

Anjali’s voyage with Capillary Technologies has been an amazing one. In her early days, she triumphantly led BI and Analytics product suite and the Tech Publication, teams. Later, she worked on ideation, creation, and launch of new products. During this period, she also performed market research and determined product-market fit, evaluation of different pricing strategies, and creation of go-to-market strategies.

Therefore, when asked about the secret mantra behind her outstanding performance, Anjali reveals, “My best comes out when I work with my natural personality.” According to her, failure is not fatal; the ability to learn from it is what makes a difference. Great leaders embrace failures and learn from them and therefore Anjali is very much appreciated for this quality as well as for her authenticity at work. Since the beginning, she always showed an implicit trust in her team members and this has helped her in creating a healthy work environment where the company’s leadership team can openly question each other.

Keeping Things Simple Helps in Solving Critical Hitches

Noticeably, Anjali concentrates on the part where most humans fail. It sounds basic but the most complicated job in the world is to keep things simple and this small piece of advice has helped her immensely in her professional career. It has also aided her to identify and focus on the top priorities and deliver a solution in the most simple and efficient way. Today, Anjali looks at everything with the lens of simplicity, thereby making her a successful and impactful leader.

Overcoming Challenges and Executing Strategies to Stay Ahead

When it comes to making strategies for Capillary Technologies, Anjali focuses on effectively communicating with the team as well as the customers. Her impressive background in CRM domain helps her in maintaining good relations with the clients and focuses on making their lives easier. Moreover, her approach to tackling the difficulties with audacity and simplicity helps her in being agile when it comes to making effective strategies.