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Shwetha Prasad: A Passionate Digital Marketing Expert Empowering Clients with Omnia’s Services

Shwetha Prasad, CEO & Founder, Omnia Digital

In business, especially in the service industry, a major challenge for a leader is to keep the employees motivated, happy, passionate, and driven towards the company’s vision. The leader of an organization acts as the glue that keeps the team members together and promotes a healthy collaboration. Likewise, in the days of the financial crisis, the leaders have to stay strong because it gets lonely on the top while facing bad financial situations.

Shwetha Prasad, the CEO and Founder of Omnia Digital, has tackled these challenges during her expedition of leading the company. Sharing her experience positively, she says, “As long as we love what we do, we will end up finding the solution for the problems that do come our way.” Therefore, her passion and inclination to empower businesses with various digital marketing services keep her going ahead regardless of the uncertain situations. Shwetha has a deep faith in strong passion and dedication to succeed and believes that these qualities come when people work for what they like the most because if one wakes up and worries about going to office then such people need to rethink their profession to find their true passion.

Therefore, Shwetha prefers to hire like-minded people who would love to work at Omnia and act as an extended part of the business. At the full-service digital marketing agency, Shwetha and her team members do things with the utmost passion. She follows her idol Gary Vaynerchuk who once said, “The best marketing strategy is to care”. Shwetha followed the same advice throughout her career and today, keeping the digital marketing at the core, Omnia is offering services from branding, names, logo creations, collaterals, brochure, creating digital assets like websites, e-commerce portals, mobile apps, digital marketing and numerous related solutions.

Shwetha’s Journey of Excelling through Passionate Learning

An experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry, Shwetha has led and built many startups where she was the youngest core member having to do handle key departments from accounts, operational, tech, etc. Those practical experiences gave Shwetha, a clear expectation about the VC’s and PE’s and how valuation and other business related things in her previous company which was a startup. As COO in an established agency delegating & managing almost 70 people under her. During her days as a COO, she learned leadership and mentorship skills from the highly experienced founder of that organization. Seeing her dedication and passion to learn things, the leaders proposed a partnership to Shwetha to use her leadership skills and take decisions for the business. Shwetha utilized this opportunity with full responsibility and steadfastly worked hard towards unlocking new achievements for that organization.

Today, Shwetha successfully owns and leads Omnia Digital with her unique business style and sets an ideal example for her team. She believes that a leader must get own hands dirty and help the team to learn from it. It is an important aspect for a CEO to follow because setting an example encourages team members to do the same and keeps them motivated to walk on the same path.

Optimizing Clients’ Online Presence with Expert Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is at Omnia’s core and its team members are committed to digitalize the businesses from startups to SMCs which aim to rebuild or expand their online presence. Till date, Shwetha and her team have worked with numerous MNC’s and are also offering a range of services to startups, service, and product-based companies. Similarly, they have improved customers’ views towards brands via promotions, thereby assisted their clients to gain and retain a large customer base. To help the customers achieve their goals, the Omnia team follows a data-driven digital approach. They focus on real results and create an optimized ad campaign that adds value to the client’s business.

As the right content for representing a brand delivers depth and visibility in today’s competitive marketplace, the Omnia team enables brands to build lasting relationships with the target audience through Content Marketing. Further, using Digital Strategy and Execution, the company develops strategies that help businesses achieve favorable business outcomes. Additionally, to further increase the brand recognition, Omnia team creates the right Campaign Management for clients backed by an intelligent Insights and Analytics and ensures that data is monitored, analyzed, and managed before, during and at the end of each campaign, which ultimately enables them to optimize efficiency.

Planning Worldwide Expansion while Delivering Measurable Results

At present, the company has specialization in content marketing, digital strategy and execution, campaign management, and insight & analytics. Utilizing their skills and extensive experience in the aforementioned forte, Shwetha and her team of Omnia offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions including digital brand presence management, print design and collateral management, e-commerce marketing, digital asset, and campaign management, etc. In the coming days, they are also looking forward to continue delivering some measurable results to the client through digital mediums while focusing on expanding pan India and globally.

Finally, looking behind the achievements of Omnia, Shwetha asserts, “The thing that’s closest to my heart is Omnia. At my core, I want to change and touch many lives through Omnia. Even we are small in number and hopefully, in the future, we will be large enough to facilitate and change a lot of lives and provide growth for people.”