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Cay Gliebe: A Dynamic Leader in the Marketplace, Utilizing Diverse Experience at OneSource Virtual

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In the world of digital revolution, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a critical but often overlooked aspect of a digital workspace. Presently, RPA is a piece of highly customized software called a Software Robot or a BOT, that when deployed performs a variety of tasks as a part of an enterprise. Therefore, everyone from the board to the C level is curious about its capabilities but unsure of how it can be utilized within their organizations.

In the view of Cay Gliebe, the SVP of Marketing and Product Management at OneSource Virtual (OSV)—RPA is one of the most intriguing tools to date which has the capability to take out repetitive and manual work, thereby enabling team members to utilize the saved time for performing strategic tasks. Most notably, OneSource Virtual has recently launched a Robotic Process as a Service (RPaaS) offering, a solution that leverages a digital workforce of robots to help organizations more efficiently navigate a wide variety of business issues in human resources and finance departments. This new launch is the result of the efforts by Cay and the teams she leads at OneSource Virtual. She brings emphasis on developing dynamic and advanced solutions like RPA to uplift the offerings of OSV.

Cay’s Vibrant Journey of Vast and Diverse Experience

At OneSource Virtual, Cay leads a marketing department, a corporate sales development team, and product development teams. She helps the company to determine the future direction and strategies with her expertise in Sales Leadership & Execution, Process Improvement, Business & HR Transformation, and Redesign & Project Management.

Cay’s professional journey is the prime factor behind her successful leadership role at OneSource Virtual. With a Bachelor of Science in Interrelated Studies and a minor in Sociology from the State University of New York, Cay began her professional career in the military and then moved into the corporate world. This transition from the military to corporate has made her professional career more dynamic and diverse. Today, Cay has more than 30 years of experience in HR, sales, marketing, operations, and product management. These job roles have provided her with a holistic view of the corporate world and enabled her to learn from highly experienced individuals. This continual learning from practical challenges and interactions with versatile personalities shaped Cay’s career and made her a dynamic leader. With this solid experience in several markets and industries, Cay has built and raised strong teams that are responsible for delivering revenue targets in both small and large technology and outsourcing companies.

Developing New Offerings while Tackling the Challenges

At OneSource Virtual, Cay handles two completely different business units that are Marketing & Communication and Product Management. According to her, this is the most challenging and fascinating part of her job because both departments have distinguishing characteristics. Cay has successfully helped the Product Management team, a new business unit at OSV, to thrive with her exceptional talent and vast prior experience. Her diverse experience in marketing and product management enables her to manage the department efficiently. To keep the pace with changing customer requirements, Cay regularly interacts with customers and ensures that the OSV solutions are solving the real questions and pain points in the industry. Currently, with her effective leadership qualities, she is successfully bringing together solutions that enable the company to exceed its goals and objectives.

OneSource Virtual’s Services in Workday Ecosystem

Under the leadership umbrella of Cay and the managing team, OneSource Virtual offers end-to-end services in the Workday ecosystem. The company has the capability to fully support customers’ use of the Workday platform. It enables customers to realize the value of Workday, reduce their efforts, and help them to see additional benefits with their changing business and Workday functionality. The firm achieves this through patented technology and superior execution with total alignment across the organization while keeping the customers’ needs at the center.

In addition, OSV strives to deliver quality professional services to customers and also helps them to expand products and extend reach into additional markets. It offers comprehensive services like Strategic Consulting for Workday, Global Workforce Administration, Benefits Administration, Payroll Services on Workday, Finance & Accounting Services, and Application Management Services. With offices in London and Derry, Northern Ireland, OneSource Virtual is planning to expand its global reach in EMEA to better serve its international customers.

“Advice is good, but obsessing over advice is unproductive,” says Cay.

In her long span of professional life, Cay has received numerous opinions but the one she believes to be the best of all is: “Feedback is a gift. Take it, evaluate it, then decide if it’s really wise to consider and implement”. Therefore, the well-versed Cay mostly relies on her experience and vision to understand the feedback from clients and help them to map and deliver a road to success.

The latest example of this is the launch of her newest brainchild, the RPaaS offering. Cay developed RPaaS as a means to help customers fill the gap in their operational processes and reduce legal and regulatory risks. It is her experience and vision that makes Cay a dynamic leader in her field and a conduit to her customers’ success.

Explaining the proper response to advice, Cay asserts, “It’s important to assess and weigh constructive feedback, but in the end obsessing over advice is unproductive.”