The 30 Best Entrepreneurs to Look For in 2018

There have been tremendous improvements in medical technology; with the creation of biotech tools and therapeutics, that improves a physician’s ability to diagnose, treat, and manage disease. Many organizations across healthcare are now looking to better understand how they can harness disruptive innovation to develop their brands, strengthen their pipelines, and take more share of their market.
Tony Pompliano
Tony Pompliano: A Customer Centric Visionary Entrepreneur
About four years ago, there was a technology transformation that ...
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Steve Luke
Steve Luke: Multifaceted Entrepreneur & Think Tank Behind Eclipse Corporation
Advancing technology has shaken the grounds of business. With the ...
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Ruslan Desyatnikov
Ruslan Desyatnikov: Visionary Behind QA Mentor
Over the last decade, digitization and mobilization in business have ...
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Prashant Kumar Pathak
Prashant Kumar Pathak: Driving Force behind the Success of Delcure Lifesciences Limited
One of the largest growing and the revenue generating sector ...
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Mathew Telesca
Matthew Telesca: Innovator & Trailblazer in Logistics
Modern technology has completely evolved the way businesses plan, design, ...
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David Reimherr
David Reimherr: Advocate of Positive Attitude, Multitalented & Empowering Entrepreneur
At 21, a young David Reimherr, full of innovative ideas ...
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David Mansilla
David Mansilla: Outstanding Software Architect and Inspirational Entrepreneur
The software industry is responsible for equipping enterprises with the ...
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Damien Duhamel
Solidiance’s CEO, Damien Duhamel on new era of management consulting in Asia
When starting management consulting Solidiance a decade ago, French strategist ...
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Cole Sirucek
Cole Sirucek: Pioneer of Asia’s Leading Patient Empowerment Company, DocDoc
Over the last two decades, the global healthcare sector, has ...
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Christopher B. Munday
Christopher B. Munday: A True Optimist Who Focuses on Change and Finding a Way
Let’s start with an age old question! Entrepreneurship is a ...
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Chandra Pandey
Chandra Pandey: Thought Provoking, Inspirational Leader and Powerhouse Behind Seceon Enterprise
In the digitally advanced tech world, cyber-attacks are continuing to ...
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Alex Venneri
Alexi Venneri: Social Media Savvy Entrepreneur with a Passion for Innovation
Today, Digital Air Strike is the leading and most awarded ...
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CXO StandPoint

Raheela Al Karim
Raheela Al Karim Leading Learning organizations
A learning organization is in a state of constant positive ...
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Puneet Chawla
India, one of the most lucrative markets for brands worldwide by Puneet Chawla
While asked to shade some light on the retail industry ...
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Effective Team

How Leaders could lead an Effective Team
If you are a team leader, are you aware when ...
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