David Mansilla: Outstanding Software Architect and Inspirational Entrepreneur

David Mansilla

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The software industry is responsible for equipping enterprises with the most advanced applications of technology. This drives software companies to constantly invest in research and development programs for creating new applications of technology. To achieve this, leaders of such software companies need vast experience in the industry, must be innovative, inventive, and must be able to foresee the impact of new advancements. One such visionary technologist with a vast experience in the software industry is David Mansilla, who founded ISU Corp and currently serves as the CEO of the company.

Journey of David Mansilla

David has acquired two computer science degrees. After getting his first degree in Guatemala, he worked on a payroll system as a software developer. Following that, David moved to Canada, where he earned his second degree. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, David had always observed his parents add value to their customers through their businesses. To do the same, David started his first company in 1995, soon after his second degree, which he sold to one of his customers. Succeeding that, David started working as a full time developer, to gain more expertise in the industries. While climbing the corporate ladder, he realized that the industry was lacking with highly skilled developers and the demands of enterprises were escalating. David knew that he had the talent to pick adept professionals, which inspired him to hire developers who would work for him. Eventually he founded a software company, ISU Corp, with a vision to fill the gap between corporates and latest technological advancements.

About ISU Corp

Founded in 2005, ISU Corp specializes in Software Architecture, Development, Project Management and Software User Interface Design. The world class custom software solutions provider solely focuses on empowering its customers with new age technological advancements. Numerous companies rely on ISU Corp and trust their proficiency due to factors such as an exceptional culture, outstanding technical knowledge, and a constant delivery of maximum ROI.

Over the last 13 years, ISU Corp is constantly growing in terms of its capabilities, team, dominance in the market, clientele, and technical advancements. David shares that the reason behind this sustained growth is their priority of building a good culture within the company. The company houses developers from 8 countries and they work altogether as a single family. Their trust among themselves, help them to exceed the expectations of their clients. Furthermore, the management team of the company ceaselessly works for the enhancement of processes of the company. They believe that good processes will allow them to work more efficiently and effectively.

Future Objectives of ISU Corp

When asked about the future plans of ISU Corp, David shares that they are investing in the research and development programs for applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the software industry. He believes that AI and Machine Learning (ML) is the future of programming. Customers are demanding more efficiency from the software companies and are trying to minimize their expenditures. Due to the arrival of AI and ML, a significant portion of programs will be developed by machines, which will increase the efficiency of software companies while cutting down the costs involved.

The company is proficient in mobile applications and has great experience with Salesforce development. The technology provider is striving to upgrade its offerings to empower its clients.

Transformation of Business Environment over Two Decades

In 1995, David started his first company and has built various organizations till date. Perceiving this, we tried to take advantage of his two decades of entrepreneurial experience and asked him how the business environment has changed since he stepped into this world. He contentedly expresses that when he started his first company, businesses were struggling to trust new companies. Also, as the internet was in its initial phase, enterprises were preferring in-house developers over outsourcing their software needs to remote professionals. Realizing the evolution of the internet over a decade, David founded ISU Corp with a vision to remotely fulfill technology needs of enterprises. However, as this practice was still ultra-modern, David experienced significant hindrance to gain his first client. Nonetheless, due to relentless development in the processes helped David and ISU Corp to obtain numerous clients.

An adept software developer and an inspirational business leader, David Mansilla shares that today, the business environment is extremely different. The corporate world is greeting new companies and trusting their innovative approach. Forbye, due to the global economy, new companies can bag international clients, which increases the possibilities of their success. However, because of the global economy, companies need to compete with global competitors.

David’s words for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

David is an exceptional entrepreneur and has steered his team to deliver several multi-million dollar software projects for a wide range of companies including GE Energy, Heinz, Bell Canada, Sun Life, Manulife, M.O.S.T and the University of Waterloo. We asked him to give some tips to new entrepreneurs so that they can learn from David’s vast experience. David joyfully asserts –

It is very difficult to start a business from scratch. You need never ending motivation to successfully lead a venture. The best way to do it is – Fill your heart with Passion. Make sure that you are focusing on providing exceptional value to your clients and don’t be afraid to fail. It takes infinite failures to become successful. Once you fail, you realize what your mistake was then you speed up and you try again. Having a successful company is about never giving up and knowing that we are going to learn as long as we are making mistakes. I went through it, and I am still going through it. Even though I have been running businesses for over 20, I am still making mistakes and am still learning. This means we are still growing, and we are still focusing on  providing the high standard services to our clients.

Tip to Young Entrepreneurs –

Never give up, fill yourself with passion every day, look after your client’s best interest.

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