Kelly Simpson: Philanthropist & Multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur Behind Simpson Healthcare

Kelly Simpson

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There have been tremendous improvements in medical technology; with the creation of biotech tools and therapeutics, that improves a physician’s ability to diagnose, treat, and manage disease. Many organizations across healthcare are now looking to better understand how they can harness disruptive innovation to develop their brands, strengthen their pipelines, and take more share of their market. This requires thinking beyond simply improving upon an already successful, sustainable brand because a better therapeutic solution will surely be developed. A personalized and individualized approach to disease education will be something to simplify and focus on in the marketing material..

Kelly Simpson-Angelini, CEO and CSO, is a dynamic, optimistic and outstanding leader of Simpson Healthcare. Established 20 years back,  Simpson Healthcare is a biopharmaceutical multi-award winning consulting company, located in Old Lyme, CT; with remote teams across the United States. During their 20 years in business, Kelly along with her skilled team had the opportunity to positively impact a broad array of therapeutic areas including: gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory, oncology, immunology, rare diseases, adult vaccines, infectious disease; working with heritage clients such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Genentech, Shire, Genzyme, Amgen, and Merck, etc.

Looking back on her pharmaceutical industry career, Kelly developed a penchant for scientific communications that aligned with her internal belief of living a life that is filled with purpose and this drove her forward as an entrepreneur to lead her agency’s impact. As such, Kelly is driven to collaborate with key healthcare stakeholders with a steadfast resolve to develop scientific communication platforms across disease states and therapeutics, that educate healthcare professionals on what they need to know to deliver the most positive healthcare experience for their patients.

Kelly has been bestowed with numerous accolades and recognitions for her dedicated work in the global healthcare ecosystem. To name a few, Kelly was recently awarded “Healthcare Industry CEO of the Year-USA” and “Most Innovative CEO of the Year-USA” by Business Worldwide Magazine and was named among the “2017 Most Prominent Women in Business” by Acquisition International Magazine; and has won three Stevie Awards for Women in Business for entrepreneurship and innovation. She was also honored last spring, as a “2017 Healthcare Transformers-Top 10 Innovation Catalyst” by Medical Marketing and Media.Under Kelly’s vision and guidance, Simpson Healthcare most recently made the “Best Places to Work-2018 List” for the second consecutive year, by Best Companies Group and The Hartford Business Journal.

The charismatic entrepreneur pulls through her own experiences and works with her team to develop powerful scientific stories, that helps to unlock their clients’ full potential to reach the patients, who can benefit most from their therapies. Through her strategic marketing and communication “know-how” and her decades of industry experience; Kelly has led her agency’s efforts to impact an estimated 1/3 of both national and global populations in this year alone.

Today, Simpson Healthcare is dedicated to pioneering new means of strategic scientific communication, including the creation of future health forums, where world experts unite to explore global datasets, shifts, health policies, and patient needs for the coming years. Kelly is a truly transformative senior leader and a disruptive game changer in healthcare. She believes that one of her greater purposes in life is to improve healthcare so that the future generations can have a brighter future. When she looks into the future, Kelly understands that Simpson Healthcare’s beliefs, decisions, ideas, policies and ability to execute, all matter in terms of improving the healthcare experience for patients over the next couple of decades.

Currently, people are living in a world where healthcare marketers must think differently about how they narrate the story of science; work hard to deeply understand what the healthcare consumers want and find out what healthcare providers need to support their patients. As the most senior leader of the team, Kelly proactively supports and ensures the experience and well-being of their internal members, offering yoga and meditation classes daily (live and virtual), both individual and team nutritional programs with an experienced corporate nutritionist, and onsite gym equipped with treadmills and peloton bikes.

Serving the Society

Kelly along with her team at Simpson Healthcare feels, that in order to successfully establish a culture of accountability, everyone must have clear expectations of what success should look like for their agency and clients. This clarity of expectations builds trust and transparency between employees, the leadership team, and users, as they communicate with each other to build strategic solutions with the most impactful results. This commitment to ensuring a supportive, collaborative internal culture ensures, that clients receive the very best support and service from all of the staff, which is particularly vital when working in such a crucial market as healthcare.

Sky is not the Limit

One of the most groundbreaking, expansive healthcare knowledge ventures, that Kelly has pioneered is the development of the new line of FUTURING work that the firm has implemented with many of big pharma clients. This service offering was designed and launched through the collaborations of Simpson Healthcare’s experienced medical team and under Kelly’s strategic guidance, and has implemented with the purpose and intent of catalyzing disruptive transformation in the healthcare industry into the next decade.

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