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Tony Pompliano

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About four years ago, there was a technology transformation that was occurring as companies were moving their on-premise IT infrastructure into either a data center or a cloud-based solution. It was then that Tony Pompliano, ANEXIO President and CEO, got the idea to start ANEXIO.

Tony was constantly studying how to serve the thousands and thousands of mid-market customers better and saw an opportunity to help them make a smooth transition from their legacy IT environments to a more efficient hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

Since then, ANEXIO’s revenue has grown over 1,400 percent and the company continues to expand into new markets as they build and offer new services that support emerging technologies. “In the ever-changing world of technology, you must always be looking ahead and anticipating what the customer will want in the future. Your success depends on it,” says Tony.

Tony’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Two jobs early in his career helped define the entrepreneur and business leader that Tony is today. It was in early1980, that he began his career in the telecommunications industry. Tony feels himself fortunate that received a chance to work at a new company called MCI, during the initial stages of long-distance telecom competition. MCI was competing against AT&T, the incumbent telecom leader. Tony stayed with with MCI for 20 years, working in a variety of positions, including sales, operations, and engineering.

MCI is where he learned a lot about business management, customer support and technology management, but most importantly, he learned a lot about how to compete and how to win. Tony recounts, “The bottom line is that I learned that you win when you serve your customers better than the competition and that you must be scrappy when it comes to growing market share.”

Tony left MCI and joined ATT and ran their managed services division, which at the time was a $400M business unit. The ATT position opened his eyes to the growing opportunity that the Managed IT Services business represented. “Both of those jobs taught me how to become the high-growth, customer-focused business leader that I am today,” Tony adds.

Serving customers inspired Tony to become an entrepreneur. He shares, “I’m inspired to serve customers. In fact, the first thing you need to know about ANEXIO is that we live to serve our customers. Customer satisfaction fuels everything we do. Every day I wake up and I constantly think about how all ANEXIO employees can serve the customer better.” The ANEXIO business model is based on winning a customer for life by helping them transition from their legacy IT environment to a much more efficient hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

ANEXIO, Building High-Performance Technology Infrastructure

ANEXIO is transforming the IT industry by building high-performance technology infrastructure to serve the complex computing needs of the world’s most innovative companies. The company provides mission-critical infrastructure across eight Tier III SOC-2 certified data centers, an IT solutions center, and a nationwide IP network.

“At ANEXIO, we go the extra step to leverage our assets and differentiate the offerings in a way that creates value beyond what may be generally available in the market place,” asserts Tony.

ANEXIO is focused on the mid-market enterprise space. These are firms that are sophisticated technology users. They typically have a CIO and/or a CTO and they leverage technology to keep the lights on, generate revenue and service their own customers. “We thought that there was an opportunity to serve this market by being very efficient, being very customer responsive and by being thought leaders as it relates to IT transformation,” Tony states.

These days, ANEXIO leverages decades of proven IT experience, while providing flexible, cutting-edge services in the ever-changing IT Services world.

Customer First Approach

Customers are the lifeblood of ANEXIO. Tony starts his day by listening to customers and ends his day by listening to customers. In between his customer conversations, he hosts working sessions with ANEXIO employees and technology partners, investors, or the media. Tony asserts, “If I were to draw our solutions portfolio on a whiteboard there would be a network layer, a data center layer and a desktop layer. Inside each layer is a collection of products and services that help solve some of the industry’s most prevalent IT challenges.”

Team ANEXIO believes the same. Everyone on teamANEXIO believes that when you take care of the customer, everything else falls in line after that. They constantly listen to their customers and provide them with the products and services that solve their business challenges. “I believe that we have the best, most customer focused people in the business working at ANEXIO,” Tony states.

ANEXIO is playing in a large and growing market. Tony says, “More customer wins, more acquisitions and more momentum are in ANEXIO’s future. ANEXIO is just getting warmed up. We’re only in chapter one of our great story. Every day, we show up to work more determined to help our customers win.”

Customers can learn the latest about ANEXIO’s products and services by visiting the company’s website:

Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs:

Always listen to your customer. Invest your time understanding your customer’s business challenges and then create solutions that solve those pain points.”

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