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Chandra Pandey

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In the digitally advanced tech world, cyber-attacks are continuing to happen more frequently, making cybersecurity a concern for organizations of all sizes. The industry has an increasing skills shortage, while threats are only growing in speed, potential, and sophistication. This is challenging the cybersecurity companies to raise their standards on how to protect against threats, and how to improve their platforms. Today’s businesses and government organizations need a cost effective, fully automated solution that eliminates threats in real-time.

Chandra Pandey is the Founder and CEO of Seceon, a pioneer company empowering enterprises to defeat known and new cyber attacks. Seceon is all about, ‘Cybersecurity Done Right.’ The cyber security solutions provider company empowers organizations of any size to visualize, proactively detect known and unknown threats, automatically eliminate/contain threats and provide compliance through continuous monitoring, assessment, policy enforcement and reporting.  As the internet evolved, Chandra witnessed the conversion of simple emails and web access to today’s information highway for conducting all facets of business, including heavy financial transactions.

As internet-based business capabilities grew, he saw organizations and users with a growing fear of cyberspace. And later, the final push came when one industry leader told Chandra that he had stopped online banking as he was fearful of cyber attacks. Despite huge investments in the cybersecurity industry, data breaches have been accelerating. It became obvious to Chandra and his co-founders that existing solutions were not working and many startups focused on delivering single features instead of solving the real issue. This experience motivated him to begin Seceon, a cybersecurity venture, that automatically detects and remediates online threats in real time.

Chandra is an expert in data center architecture and highly scalable network solutions and a proven business leader with more than twenty years of experience developing and marketing innovative technology solutions. Before founding Seceon in 2014, Chandra was General Manager and Vice President of Platform Solutions at BTI Systems. While at BTI, Chandra led a global team through the creation, development and launch of the Intelligent Secure Cloud Connect platform. Prior to his role at BTI, Chandra held numerous senior leadership roles at Juniper Networks, Internet Photonics (now Ciena), Lucent and 3Com (now HP).

Chandra is an inspirational leader, empowering his team to take on the complex, continually evolving cyber security challenges faced by business leaders today, thereby creating a new market category in the process. As Seceon’s CEO, he works closely with customers to define and address the problems, implications, consequences and solutions of defending corporate assets in today’s highly-connected enterprise. Chandra holds multiple patents in application virtualization, highly scalable data center architecture, scalable multicast distribution and power optimization for high performance computers.

Under Chandra’s veracious and focused leadership, Seceon has been bestowed with numerous awards such as the 30 Most Admired Companies to Watch in 2018, CIO Bulletin’s 10 best cyber security companies, Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence (gold and silver) accreditations, the Channel Co’s Five Star Partner Program Guide and CRN Channel Chiefs 2018, to name a few.

Seceon focuses on execution to stay ahead and deliver the best cybersecurity solutions to its customers and partners. Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform detects and eliminates threats in real-time, while being suitable for organizations of any size or security expertise. This OTM platform empowers Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) and enterprises to detect, eliminate and contain all known and unknown threats in real-time. Here, the platform ingests raw data (packets, logs, flows and identities, etc.) and extracts features of the data. Additionally, it provides adaptive visibility of all the assets (applications, services, users and hosts) and proactively detects threats driven by dynamic threat models, machine learning and AI with actionable intelligence, and contains/eliminates the threats in real-time.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Chandra asserts that Seceon has been lucky to have built a team with the right set of skills in machine learning, big/fast data, threat modeling, networking, artificial intelligence and intuitive user interfaces, whose members are always ready to tackle the challenges of delivering cybersecurity to the masses. He further adds that his team is the main factor behind the company momentum in the marketplace. Everyone at Seceon understands the purpose, and works with each other to achieve the larger mission of creating ‘Trust in Cyberspace.’ The team has a culture of respect, honesty and passion for striving to improve, and it allows everyone to stay focused, motivated, and make a difference. Chandra considers his team as the most important asset of the company.

Future Game Plans

Chandra believes in keeping Seceon’s execution laser focused on innovation, with a target goal for the future to deliver, “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital-Era” to a wide set of customers around the globe. Furthermore,  allowing companies from the Fortune 500 to the Fortune 5M to afford the best cybersecurity solutions, thereby enabling them to focus on their main business.

Words of Wisdom

Chandra Pandey advises the budding entrepreneurs to be prepared for every possible scenario they may encounter on their venture by being proactive and staying focused on the goal they set out to achieve.

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