Prashant Kumar Pathak: Driving Force behind the Success of Delcure Lifesciences Limited

Prashant Kumar Pathak

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One of the largest growing and the revenue generating sector in the world is the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, the pharma industry has been working consistently to fulfill the ever growing demands in terms of manufacturing, production, availability and cost. Due to the high-end technological development and advancement, the consumers want a similar change as observed in other sectors. This need for revolution dates back to the era of Samuel Wilson, a public servant, who quoted, “One of the biggest challenges to medicine is the incorporation of information technology in our practices.”

With a similar dream of making modern medicines affordable and within reach of the poor, Prashant Kumar Pathak started his pharmaceutical entrepreneurship journey. Prashant Pathak is the CEO and Managing Director of DelCure LifeSciences Limited (DLL). He is a science graduate by qualification and with training in SFE & SFA by IBC, Singapore and Sales & Marketing Management at ASCI, Hyderabad. Having vast experience of over 3 decades in the pharmaceutical industry in Sales & Marketing, International Business, Supply Chain Management and Operations, Pathak has also served as Chief Executive – Global Formulations with RPG Lifesciences and Senior Director – Sales & Marketing with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories.

In his initial days, Pathak started off as a medical representative who had later gained immense knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. However, he could see a huge spectrum of opportunities that the pharma industry had to offer to the Indian population. With these previous years of insight and passion to succeed, he founded a company called Impact Public Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. But due to the lack of acceptability of innovation in  the market, the venture was succumbed. Later in 2013, in a collaborative effort with one of the largest manufacturing company in India, Akum Pharmaceuticals Ltd; Prashant founded DelCure LifeSciences Ltd.

DelCure is a full scale pharmaceutical company with an aim to bring differentiated high quality products through international collaboration with innovator companies from the USA, Switzerland, and European countries. DLL began its marketing operations through Winspire, employing a team of 300 members in Pediatrics, ENT and Chest specialties. Due to its breakthrough products, Winspire provided greater and faster relief to patients, resulting in its wide popularity. Soon after its successful launch, DLL launched DelVoice, a multispecialty division focused towards Orthopaedics, Gastroenterologists and Consulting Physicians.

It has been Pathak’s well-rounded experience of running business arms in APAC, Central & Latin American countries & Africa that created a highly competent top management team in DLL. During his professional career, Pathak has managed a large number of in licensing assignments, brought new products to India and has been instrumental in collaborating with reputed institutions of the country and the USA. Today, under his influence, positive enforcement and able mentorship, DLL has become a full scale pharmaceutical company, proving its significance through world class products, and reaching beyond profit to invest in humanitarian led initiatives like “Honor Your Doctor-Respect Doctor, Save Society.”

Keeping pace with the techno savvy 21st century, the company is planning on implementing use of all advanced I.T infrastructure like digitized platform for information sharing, Artificial Intelligence etc. in order to provide a breakthrough path of value driven pharmaceutical business in India.

Innovative & Focused Team

DLL believes that the formation of a solid visionary and creative team is directly proportional to building a successful company. DelCure operates on a “NO COMPROMISE” policy with regards to the quality of its products. It uses patented technology to deliver top class differentiated and innovative products in the field of Paediatrics, ENT and Chest specialties through its Winspire team and in the field of Orthopaedics, Gastroenterologists and General medicines through its Delvoice team. The entire unit of DLL works closely with all its associated doctors to develop breakthrough products which are highly effective, fast and affordable. DLL founder, Pathak plays an important role in keeping the team on track by his constant positive feedback, support and encouragements.

DLL’s Future Visions and Agendas

Prashant dreams of becoming one of the top 10 companies of the Indian Pharmaceutical industry in the coming years. He wishes to design a technology driven marketing company that can reach new customers, providing end to end differentiated experience to customers based on deep understanding of huge databases of information. DLL is planning to digitize the existing systems, and using Artificial Intelligence to bring down the cost and provide customized solutions based on the huge pool of information to patients and prescribers thereby making a mark on the global map.

Word of Advice

Pathak advises the young and bright entrepreneurs to start early, as the available opportunities change with each passing day in today’s world. He adds that once the thought or idea of starting something new crosses one’s mind, he/she should immediately start towards making it happen, keeping in check the ecosystem, capabilities and ease of managing finances and risks. A determination can help with fighting the resistance to change and move out of the comforts of monthly salary. Although there are many examples of people who started late and achieved well, one should evaluate his/her own situation and thrive to start as soon as possible.

Kindly Provide Advice for young Entrepreneurs:

Managing end to end customer experience comprehensively can help create a differentiating factor which plays as a deciding factor in the organizational success

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