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Mapillary: Enhancing The World’s Map Quality With Computer Vision Powered By AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a suite of technologies capable of learning, thinking, adjusting, and performing various tasks in ways that is inspired by the human mind. Moreover, they come with advanced technologies like cloud computing, big data, machine learning, IoT etc. Such cutting-edge technologies are attracting today’s organizations and encouraging them to implement AI in their organizations. AI-powered with maps will enable users to pan over a city street and see pop-ups highlighting restaurants and other locations in real time. Along with that, many areas across the globe have not yet been mapped...

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Sweetch: Promising Patients’ Compliance and Engagement with AI-based Behavioral Intelligence Engine

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding its way in various industries and uplifting their service capabilities to a great extent. The healthcare industry is no exception to this. While AI is still in its early days in getting adopted in this sector, it has already shown significant prominence in healthcare research and applications. Evidently, AI has the ability to bring drastic changes in the healthcare industry due to increasing availability of healthcare data and rapid progress of analytics techniques which are further empowering both medical teams and patients. Revolutionizing the traditional reactive methodology to healthcare, AI offers a proactive, predictive, and preventive approach....

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In recent years, companies in the mining and tunnelling business have expanded from supplying products to providing a broad range of services, as well. Given the unique...

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