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SeekNShop: Solving Discovery and Decision Making Glitches using Artificial Intelligence


Amongst many technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the most popular technology that is widely being used for refining business workflows. The AI-powered systems come with a series of new functionalities for businesses. Moreover, the application of AI is also helpful in eliminating human errors, ultimately improving a system’s efficiency and performance. In future, this innovative technology is undoubtedly going to aid in altering human’s decision-making skills with its capabilities of learning, thinking, adjusting, and performing various errands in ways that are inspired by the human mind. Today, various organizations are offering AI-powered solutions for improving client experience. Pioneer in them is SeekNShop Inc. that believes in and utilizes the power of AI and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) for fortifying the human understanding in e-commerce and enterprise search.

The Root Cause for Founding Seeknshop

While buying any products, the customer’s first step is to search and discover which products are available. After the research, the customer’s purchase decision depends upon the gathered information. As most of the online shoppers are millennials, they desire to buy the product of their choice as soon as possible and that too in an easy way. The Founder and CEO, S S V S Sarath treated this issue as an opportunity and introduced his venture—SeekNShop Inc. with an intention to support consumers in discovery and decision making before buying an item.

Initiated in Dec 2017, AI-based solution provider empowers its clients to enhance their e-commerce platform by enabling their customers to discover any product in the same manner they do in any brick and mortar store. The firm’s offerings are backed with NLP, voice search, chatbot, and conversational recommendations as an API. These APIs can be easily pluggable with any interface like mobile, web, kiosk etc. and are easily integrate-able with businesses such as e-commerce, automotive, finance, banking, health-care, telecom etc.

Offering Best Quality Services Worldwide

Based in Chicago, Illinois, SeekNShop delivers solutions that are integrated with deep analytics, and are easy to personalize to its clients in the US, UK, IN, UAE, and APAC & MENA regions. The solutions provided by the company come with AI-powered technology and self-serviceable configurations, which allow their client to customize the system according to the necessities. Moreover, with a trust in tactical partnerships and constant exploration for new markets and areas, benefits Sarath and his team members in cultivating the business and bestow their clients with a better facility. urthermore, the key aspect for an organization to develop is the loyalty of customer towards the organization and ensuring low churn rate. SeekNShop is consistently upgrading their technologies for providing their clients with the best services as well as ensuring that the key points are included in their workflow.

The Craftsman behind SeekNShop

The tech expert personality, Sarath started his career by working in the software industry. He has 13+ years of industry experience in various fields like Search, e-commerce, Machine learning and is passionate about product management. Moreover, he also has the knowledge of web services, scrum, cloud computing, strategy and more, which makes him a well-informed expert in the industry.

Sarath believes that organizations are similar to a machine; just like how machine needs fuel to function properly, the same thing applies to organizations. “In an organization, enhancing the customer experience and keeping employees satisfied makes the firm run smoothly with innovation and passion acting as a fuel, and the return on investment (ROI) as an output,” he says. Without these, the performance of any company will be crippled and we consistently ensure these aspects within our company are well organized and ensured. When your employees are happy and satisfied with the work they do and are passionate about it and when your customer’s retention is ensured and they are satisfied, performance will be more than optimal. Sarath and his team at SeekNShop always ensure that these traits are well managed and incorporated in their firm.

Boosting Employees Productivity

As an employee’s productivity is directly proportional to the organization’s growth, SeekNShop ensures employees have constant work that fuels their innovation, passion and excites them, so that they are constantly motivated.. Furthermore, thrusting responsibility and showing confidence and trust on their work and not being shy to praise and reward their achievements ensures employee morale. As the confidence of the employees’ increases, they become more independent and handle any responsibility given to them. Sarath boosts its corporation development by keeping employees happy and satisfied with the work-lifestyle and tries to make them passionate about it as well as keeping their clientele satisfied with their services. For defining an organization’s culture, the key vital are responsibility, prizes, credit, faith, confidence and freedom to do and ensuring employees’ productivity.

Forthcoming Arrangements of SeekNShop

In the last 3 months, SeekNShop has won numerous awards. Some of them are Top 10 Most Innovative Start-ups to Watch for, Top 10 AI providers in APAC, Top 20 Most Valuable Brands and Innovation Awards for their technology apart from which 15 awards they have won in total. For the current and next few years, the company is planning to expand its presence in other markets as well as focusing on the US, IN and UK markets. Furthermore, they are planning to launch a recommendation engine for automotive and spreading their presence in the US Auto Dealership space along with e-commerce. Besides that, to expand its presence in various industries SeekNShop has partnered with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and PrestaShop.