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Hindsait, Inc.: A Forerunner Applying Artificial Intelligence for Better Healthcare

Hindsait Inc. Applying AI for Better Healthcare

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proved its usability in almost every business industry including agriculture, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, IT etc. Since the inception, Hindsait, Inc., which applies AI technology in healthcare, has witnessed first-hand how AI has shaped the clinical cost management for health insurance companies and benefits managers. The team of Hackensack, New Jersey-based firm has experienced that AI has significantly enhanced cost-of-care savings by automating and streamlining an error-prone manual review process. They believe that AI has already delivered significant value in the healthcare industry by automating manual clinical necessity reviews and audits and they have a long way to go with the AI technology.

Moving ahead with a Rapid Pace

Hindsait is a 2013 established entity whose AI technology includes a sophisticated Clinical Natural Language Processing platform (CNLP) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) toolset, which enable payers to reduce unnecessary health services, human errors, biases, wastage, and frauds. Along with such capabilities, the firm ingests and translates unstructured free text from patient charts within the context of clinical guidelines and business rules. Its RPA toolsets and CNLP enabled extractions drive machine learning and predictive analytics in its SaaS platform. Its AI algorithms can quickly sift through thousands of pages of medical records, evaluating, scoring, and accurately predicting medical necessity of diagnostic tests, procedures or medications during pre-service as well as post-service claim reviews and recoupment audits.

With a goal to simplify healthcare, Hindsait operates with a few of the leading health insurance companies and benefit managers. Some of its privileged clients are Magellan Health, CMS, one of the Big 5 health Insurance companies in USA, among others. Notably, Hindsait has pioneered the application of an AI-enabled Medical Necessity Review solution that has been tested and proven with 5+ years of experience covering 30+ million Commercial, Exchange, Medicare, and Medicaid health plans. Its achievements are industry leading and would be the basis of continued company success.

Being the Reason behind Clients’ Success

At Hindsait, its team’s core mantra of client centricity guides them to focus, listen, and understand their clients’ needs. The team strives to provide a quality healthcare technology platform that enables elimination of unnecessary spent, wastage, and inefficiencies while improving the patient experience and outcomes. Moreover, the Hindsait team considers customers’ success as company’s success. Hence they remain focused in solving their client’s key challenges and concerns in delivering high-quality healthcare by using Hindsait’s game-changing clinical decision support platform.

A Torchbearer Changing the Landscape of Organizational Structure

Pinaki Dasgupta, the Founder and CEO of Hindsait, Inc., is a visionary health-tech entrepreneur and passionate advocate of AI to transform the healthcare. Under his leadership, in a short span of 5 years since inception, its AI technology has demonstrated significant ROI, expanded its reach and adoptions among Fortune 1000 clients and has received multiple awards and recognitions too.

Pinaki considers employee wellness including physical, spiritual and mental wellness, are all extremely important for one’s productivity and throughput. At Hindsait, he has created and maintained such a culture where team members have flexible work-hours and can choose to work either from home and or a fixed workplace based on their personal preference and work-life balance. Additionally, the firm has no fixed work hours, no upper limits on the number of holidays one can avail, and no sign-up sheets to start or end a workday. While working remotely, they make use of cloud-based collaborative tools to communicate, share, learn, and execute as a team in real time.

Notably, Hindsait’s all the strategy sessions take place in faraway retreats, where they unwind, go together for a team hike, lit campfire under the open night sky to revisit and redefine the short term and long term goals and strategies, every 6 months. Having inculcated such a culture at Hindsait, the competent leader never drops a chance to motivate and inspire his team.

Going Horizontal to Accomplish the Mission Together

Unlike all the hierarchical organizations, Hindsait practices non-hierarchical organizational setting with a belief in a participatory leadership style. As a result, every individual team member of the firm is valued for their contribution and the subject-matter expertise they bring in. To deliver a quality AI led “clinical decision support” platform to its clients, Hindsait adopts “all-hands-on-the-deck” approach. On a typical day, the firm’s data scientists work closely with the clinical team consisting of doctors and nurses, along with the industry experts and business leaders to deliver a high-quality product that supports making an efficient and consistent clinical decision, based on established clinical guidelines and protocols.

A Vision to Reveal the Unseen Sides of AI

The tech solution provider envisions the journey of AI in three major phases. Currently, having achieved Phase 1, Hindsait explains this phase to be the stage where AI addresses inefficiencies, wastages, errors, & human biases and automates series of tasks using several technologies such as RPA, CNLP, & computer visions, coupled with machines learning & predictive analytics. In Phase 2 of this evolutionary journey, their vision is that AI technology will be integrated at the very front end of the care delivery, i.e. at the point of care enabling healthcare professionals to make the most appropriate personalized treatment plans. In projected Phase 3 of the vision, the firm expects AI to be shaped by human imaginations and priorities, as application possibilities of this technology are endless and are yet to be unleashed.