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Tardid Technologies: Providing Turnkey Predictive Solutions To Heavy Industry

Tardid Technologies

Artificial intelligence (AI) is popular among many organizations and utilized for their businesses. Also, AI tools present a range of new functionality for businesses. Most of the organizations are already using AI to improve and upgrade their technologies and skills. The pro of AI is to dominate the business, consumer, and public sector landscape over the next few years with technologists predicting that soon we will be surrounded by IoT devices capable of performing mundane tasks and speeding up complex ones. Moreover, it will also assist in removing human errors, ultimately improving efficiency and performance of the system as well as producing smart technology devices. Using the above advantages of AI, Tardid Technologies is providing turnkey predictive solutions to heavy industries like shipping, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, original equipment manufacturers, and government.

Tardid Imbibing Time & Relative Dimension in Data

Today, Tardid is pioneering the Industrial Internet of Things Company which has declared a new generation of smart business by building up clever and linked scheme. This new generation is all about moving away from systematic casual method to a more realistic approach on handling the failures or breakdown of assets proactively and be better informed. Moreover, it has acknowledged itself as a leading technology company without equivalent in the region of autonomous structural health management and multi-body interaction efficiency. Likewise, it also analyzes the motions, pressure, metallic structures, temperature and multi-body dynamics etc., so that the machine interaction will aid in its improvement. Furthermore, it will allow decline in downtime of the machine as well as upsurge the efficiencies across the value link. In fact, Tardid is specialized in various fields like machine intelligence, analytics, structural health monitoring system, etc. Apart from this, it also seeks outside of industrial internet of things (IIoT) to understand the new era of intelligence through an augmented methodology which is called as cognitive computing. Some of its investors are- the Pegasys Fininvest, Pitchright Ventures, and MARK-V Investments.

Founders, Leading Organization and Employees towards Productivity

The CEO, Niladri Dutta and COO, Aastha Verma established Tardid to provide support for heavy industries so that they can maintenance their machine properly as well as prevent any structural and machine component disasters before it happens. Previously, Niladri worked as an Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing for Abiba Systems Pvt Ltd., Bangalore and Aastha worked as Head of Strategic Alliances. Today, as the CEO of Tardid, he follows a cardinal principle to provide a productive system that specifies where the machines, plants or structure can interact with key shareholders and ensure effective and efficient results with human like intelligence. Aastha, on the other hand handles the entire operations to ensure that the entire Team is always well equipped and performing at their best. Similarly, Niladri and his team members believe that contribution from all employees is very beneficial and AI cannot be developed with isolated thinking. Based on this perception, Tardid’s employees work together, observe things together, and discuss among them. As a result, they have built an AI platform which is smart, self-aware, neutral, and friendly towards mankind. Tardid’s entire team members have proved themselves as a vital part for the development of the organization. So, for the betterment of the employees, the company provides them with balanced working-lifestyle, healthy work environment, and rejoicing any achievement with the whole crew.

Customer and Heavy Industries Handling by Organization

Presently, the organization is working on the fatigue life assessment for defense vessels which has allowed them to understand the aging and life span of these massive vessels and plan themselves better. Plus, it is helping them to recognize the comprehensive structural health of their hull. This enables its clients to plan their convoy in the most suitable manner for the calmer seas or high alert conditions. In addition to this, they have also delivered autonomous monitoring of subsea CUI (corrosion under insulation) pipelines. In addition, it is also working on the performance of monitoring hovercraft and marine drive shaft machines. These machines are usually found in the defense, oil & gas, shipping and manufacturing sectors. It has drawn a line between make-believe and reality, without limiting their creativity. Furthermore, they have formed an unimaginable thing which makes them different and exclusive from their competitors. To ensure the future development of the company, it has partnered with Bizofit Company, Open Tower Company, Digital Trinity and Park Controls.

Tardid’s Future Plans and Achievement

To enroll in new geographies with their partners, the team of Tardid believes in the principle of “Collaborate to Dominate”. It has partnered with the leading Academic institutes from various parts of the world. Together, they are trying to collaborate with Academia and Industry partners for the future development of this application. Its key to business competence lies in not just watching the output of various technologies, but also in taking the next step and employing advanced algorithms and machine learning to take action on real-time visions.

Till date, the organization has been blessed to receive numerous acknowledgements from various communities. Some of the noteworthy achievements are: Top Winner of AI Impact Challenge Powered by TechM, IETF 2019 and Winner Innocity Pitch Contest 2018 by IIMA. Similarly, they have also received Gold Medal in OSHAI Innovative Startup Product Award by OSHAI, 3rd Annual HSE Excellence & Sustainability Award 2018, and ranked as the Finalist in Open Innovation Challenge 7.0 by NTT Data. Additionally, due to its rapid growth, Tardid is ranked as Finalist in $1 Million Global Startup Challenge at Vizag Fintech Festival 2018. Also Aastha received the Women IT Leader 2018 organized by International Business Intelligence.

For the future development of the company, Niladri and the management team of Tardid have begun broadening their essence and started investigating around the global market space.