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Hyperlab: Intelligently Automating Customer And Employee Experiences

Hyperlab - Automated in Customer & Employee Experience

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has paved way for itself in almost every industry today. Ranging from Healthcare to Financial Services, Logistics, and Consumer Technology industries, AI is being deployed in countless ways. In terms of its application in customer and employee management, there are two narratives being written about AI; one is of disruption and another of creation. Some entities predict that AI for Customer Experience (CX) will disrupt the jobs of myriad phone-based customer support agents, while some calculate that it will boost global business revenue and ultimately result in huge job creation.

So, similar to most new technology, AI is a tool that every modern enterprise needs to utilize in their organization, which requires the right partners to help them deploy it. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-based Hyperlab is one of those who has become a leader in deploying elements of AI to improve both Customer (CX) and Employee Experiences (EX). Hyperlab—one of the Southeast Asia’s leading Conversational AI company, builds Intelligent Assistants, allowing visionary enterprise to link a conversational interfaces with robotic process automation.

An Array of Fundamentally Strong Solutions

Incepted in 2016, Hyperlab pools the power of Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation to create intelligent experiences for customers and employees. Based on these intelligent technologies, Hyperlab developed Intelligent Assistants for CX and EX. These bots are fluent in English and Southeast Asian dialects. Until now, they have had more than 4 million minutes’ worth of conversation with over 1 million people and are processing thousands of tasks for leading Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, and leading technology companies.

Recently, after being acquired by Everise, Hyperlab has grown its capabilities and footprint, expanding beyond Malaysia and into the US and other markets. As a partner of Microsoft and UIPath, its Hypershift solutions team offers services that help enterprises move at the speed of AI, offering both User Experience (UX) and Robotic Process Automation services.

The Secret behind Hyperlabs Success

In today’s business world full of competitiveness, it is not an easy task to acquire customers and maintain long-term relations with them. Along with excellent solutions and unmatched services, offerings, which lead to customer success are the key things that really hit the customers. Working primarily with the large, visionary enterprise in the Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, and Technology companies, some of Hyperlab’s clients are Hong Leong Bank, ookyo (Maxis), Zurich Insurance, and MDEC.

Their team of this AI-based solution provider, not only works to satisfy client needs but is a integral part of their success. As a result of their approach, Hyperlab’s client—Hong Leong Bank has won 2 Golds for Excellence in HR Innovation and Best Use of HR Technology.

In fact, Hyperlab is one of the most awarded Conversational AI companies in the region, who have won a Bronze for “Best Customer Engagement Management (CEM) Technology” at the CX Asia Excellence Awards 2018; and, were recognized as the “Best AI & Machine Learning” companies in Malaysia by The ASEAN Rice Bowl Awards; and, recently won a Gold for “Best Tech Developer” at the Malaysian Digital Awards.

A Veteran Technopreneur Guides Hyperlab

After Everise acquired Hyperlab, Sachin Mehra was placed as the CEO of Hyperlab, with the remit to further embed Hyperlab in the enterprise Sachin is an experienced technology entrepreneur with a career spanning two decades. He has built multiple companies in software, electronics, consulting, knowledge services & telecommunications, including Spectranet, India’s first metro optical broadband provider. He has also held leadership positions at ICI Ventures, India’s largest venture capital firm. He is a well-known figure in technology circles, with his finger on the pulse of AI.

Sachin also has a strong leadership team to support him. Co-founders Vic Sithasanan, Janet Teo and Chris Greenough continue to lead Sales, Client Servicing, and Marketing for Hyperlab, respectively.

A Dedication to Delivering Effective Solutions

While operating in a competitive space, it is essential for businesses to have some key factors, which make them stand apart from the other players in the respective markets. In the case of Hyperlab, its services team—Hypershift helps businesses ensure that their goals align with that of their customers. Its team strongly believes in starting with the customer or employee experience first and then working backward into the technology.

Furthermore, Hyperlab team believes that staying on the same page is hazardous for an organization’s growth. Therefore, they always keep pace with advancements in the technologies and continually upgrade Hyperlab offerings. As a result of its collaborative efforts, the firm works with various industry giants like Microsoft, UIPath, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Zendesk and Genesys.

Hyperlab also works closely with the Everise group of companies, including US-Based C3 and Trusource Labs, as well as Malaysia-based, Globee. As a result of their collaboration, Hyperlab is planning to launch a new voice quality assurance product to the market soon.

Empowering People with Purpose & Vision

Hyperlab may build bots, but Sachin understands that it takes people to build them. Today at Hyperlab, he strives to create a sense of purpose for every team members’ journey in the organization while maintaining strong and open lines of communication. He knows that a company’s performance is the reflection of the performance of its employees as a whole. Hence, in order to achieve the greatest performing status, it is important to attract, retain, and empower the right people. Therefore, to succeed together with his employees, the CEO has set a clear vision about Hyperlab that everyone can get behind, backed by simple metrics to track individual progress.