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KidSense.ai: Generating Edge Voice-AI Solutions for Children to Speak to Technology, Securely


In this tech era, the rise of AI-based technologies has touched and impacted the environment, people, and society as a whole. These technologies are generalized without any barrier; anybody of any gender, age, education level, income level, occupation, religion, and age group can utilize them on a variety of applications. Similarly, kids today are growing up with the latest AI-technologies around, and the lines between risk and safety seem to be getting blurry everyday! Moreover, machines and smart toys, equipped with AI offer a range of benefits for kids from a learning and cognitive development point of view. This is why AI is now the underlying force behind educational robots, learning apps, smart classrooms, smart speakers, smartwatches and social networks. Contrastingly, how AI really affects kids’ privacy has become a critically important consideration for most parents today.

KidSense.ai is here to address the data privacy and security risks around kids and AI. Notably, in the case of one of the fastest rising technologies—Voice Artificial Intelligence (Voice-AI), kids’ voices are considered an identifier and collecting them through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) puts kids at a huge risk. This is why Kidsense.ai offers edge voice-AI solutions including embedded automatic speech recognition along with other privacy tools to protect kids’ data from being collected, stored, processed, and potentially shared.

A Solution, Specially Made for Kids

Started in 2015, KidSense.ai is currently the only provider in the market who offers a tool that empowers Offline Speech Recognition for kids. Its edge voice-AI solutions are fully COPPA, GDPR-K, and CCPA compliant. Moreover, their offerings include Embedded (offline) Automatic Speech Recognition, Cloud-based NLP & content domains, and Cloud-based text-to-speech solutions. Furthermore, since it is an edge AI technology, KidSense.ai does not collect kids’ data, thereby eliminating the data-related risks that kids are facing when interacting with voice-first devices around them.

Apart from that, to enhance existing solutions and develop new ones, KidSense.ai seeks collaborations with device and chip manufactures that are building technologies to serve the voice-first industries. In 2018, the company integrated with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 platform to support voice-based interactions between kids and smartwatches. Similarly, it has partnered with firms of kids’ smartwatches & trackers, smart speakers, which are specifically designed for kids or the whole family. Additionally, KidSense.ai also collaborates with kids’ educational and social robotics companies. Moreover, its range of solutions also includes, software like educational apps for both iOS, Android, etc. that are voice and conversation based.

A Cutting-edge offspring of Substantive Expertise

The technology behind KidSense.ai was developed using fundamentals of language acquisition and the latest advances in AI. KidSense.ai is a result of dedicated work of a team of neuroscientists and AI engineers who have made a revolutionary endeavor to integrate fundamentals of language acquisition in early childhood with the latest advances in AI. Moreover, the novel neuroscience-based speech recognition engine is built on integrating a number of language and acoustic models for high efficacy that currently provide services such as speech to text and speech/pronunciation evaluation through its cognitive analysis capabilities. Furthermore, taking this novel approach a step ahead, KidSense.ai also provides dual-language speech recognition capabilities, making it a unique tool to provide a medium for language teaching products.

Features that Make KidSense.ai a Front Runner

The best-in-class tech solution provider’s teams with operations in USA, China, and Korea, always try to produce highly scalable outcomes. As tailored specifically for children, the firm’s data is trained specifically with children’s voice samples, which makes it recognize their speech more accurately in both offline and online solutions. Moreover, the real-time solution supports multiple languages and comes along with Natural Language Processing feature, where key information such as names, objects, and more can be extracted from the speech. Notably, it also provides simultaneous multilingual recognition where two different languages can be spoken and recognized simultaneously. Furthermore, it is remarkable that the pronunciation assessment feature can evaluate pronunciation down to the sound level.

Apart from KidSense.ai’s highlighting features, its team also believes constant innovation while staying focus on the company’s mission, as it is a necessary strategy in staying ahead. Besides, they maintain a close relationship with their partners & user-base and listen to their pain-points, which is momentous in such a competitive business world. Further, as it is essential to strengthen an organization in both internal and external ways, the team of KidSense.ai trusts in open discussion with internal team and advisors to better identify solutions and putting in an executive plan.

The CEO with a Panoramic Vision

The CEO of KidSense.ai, Kaveh Azartash, comes from a Biomedical Engineering background, who is also a techie at heart. He founded the company with his Co-founder Dr. Dhonam Pemba. As leaders are the prime entity behind their organization’s status, directly or indirectly, their actions result in their organization’s success or failure. Whatever direction they show their team, and the culture they inculcate, are the key factors that keep them going. Being a competent leader, Kaveh tries to keep pace with the latest research and findings in the field of AI and speech recognition. As his favorite areas of AI applications are Voice-AI, Education, and Smart Assistant, he attends AI-specific shows and conferences around and presents KidSense.ai’s latest developments too. Moreover, his close relationship with academia such as University of California, Irvine engineering department, enables his venture to stay ahead.

Knowing the fact that employee productivity leads to organizational productivity, he finds ways to achieve elevated employee wellness by finding a balance in the work-life relationship and providing employees with career growth path.