The 10 Most Prominent Personalities in the Security Industry, 2018

From a very young age, the CEO and Founder of buguroo, Pablo de la Riva wanted to study architecture. It was something about the design of houses, buildings, and skyscrapers that attracted and propelled him towards the art of planning, designing, and constructing edifices. Furthermore, Pablo had always believed that individuals should work on something they enjoy, and that is how he discovered his inherent love for architecture at an early age.However, in life not everything goes as planned.

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Mazlan Abbas
Live Alone But Not Left Alone
By: Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO – FAVORIOT It’s no doubt ...
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Idan Didi
Challenges of SMB owners in the mobile world
For small or medium sized business owners there’s no lack ...
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Enterprise Security Investments
Reports That Show Enterprise Security Needs More Investments
With so many continuous technological advancements, the business world has ...
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