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Juan Miguel Velasco

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With the huge evolution of today’s digital world, the internet, connectivity, and digitalization have become omnipresent. With these developments, cars, trains, delivery chains, food processes, intelligent clothes, smart devices, smart metering, nuclear plants, weapons, aircraft, hospitals, medics, surgery and a never-ending list of things needs to be secured. Hence, cybersecurity has become an essential aspect for the design, monitoring, management, and development of the Digital World.

Operating in 7 countries, Aiuken Cybersecurity is an international IT Security company, focused on communications and IT technologies, specialized in Security and Cloud Services solutions with high added value. The Founder and CEO of Aiuken Cybersecurity, Juan Miguel Velasco has 20 years of overall experience in reputed organizations and over 10 years of experience in the security and ecommerce industry. Recently, in a news channel show, Velasco explained about the Petya virus, an improved version of world famous WannaCry; Velasco urges that the majority of companies and banking institutes should put the necessary patches or antivirus to avoid being infected by such viruses and strives to provide best-in-class security solution through his company, Aiuken Cybersecurity.

Journey from Exploration and Curiosity towards Overwhelming Success

Velasco has been involved in the digital security and the internet industry since 1992. At that time, he was at the University working on newly launched programming languages like Java and designing TCP/IP networks. He was taking care of bandwidth, internet speed, and application development. During his work, Velasco got promoted as the in charge of DataCenter Design and Infrastructure Planning, where he learned about encryption, security, and availability. Velasco found that these three factors are the basic foundation needed in order to build solid services and infrastructures. Furthermore, with an ocean of knowledge about digital security, he started designing home banking and PKI security applications. Focusing on his professional career around all security services, applications and technologies, Velasco founded Aiuken in 2012.

Tackling Unexplored Challenges with Aiuken’s Unique Range of Services

Velasco, with his 3 partners, started building Aiuken, a Managed Security Services Company (MSSP) in Madrid, Europe. They formed Aiuken with features including, pay per use mode: security as a service, cloud security services, and 100% technology agnostic services. Adding these advanced features in their solutions, Velasco’s team reinvented the traditional offering of MSSP in a dynamic combination of Cloud plus on-premise technology. Today, Aiuken’s services cover the basic security perimeters such as Cloud and Mobile, DataCenter, Internet and e-commerce, Data protection, Technology, and Compliance Consulting to fulfill the company’s needs. Additionally, Velasco implemented advanced cloud technologies comprising Cloud AntiDDos, Fraud eCommerce Protection & TrapCode, App Code and Dev Security, CASB and shadow IT security, Secure eMail Cloud, Managed SIEM, and Virtual SOC (VSOC).

Rising From Economic Crisis to Achieve the Impossible

In 2012, when Velasco started Aiuken, the market was in economic crisis and starting a new company in such harsh conditions was like climbing the Everest with no extra oxygen. Contrastingly, Velasco and his team handled the bad situation by providing good quality services at a reasonable price and gave a tough competition to the big enterprises and corporations. Velasco continuously encouraged and motivated his team and showed them the importance of their unique cloud security offerings. He knew that Aiuken’s technology is future proof and most advanced than any other technology at those times. He led a team of great professional engineers with full confidence in their capabilities and offerings. As a result, Aiuken achieved a great success than anyone would expect.

Velasco exhibited exceptional leadership qualities and is giving serious leadership goals to the entrepreneurs in the market. According to Velasco, a leader should not be afraid of taking decisions. A leader can listen to all the possible options, but he should be strong and agile while taking the lead in complex situations to find the most optimal solutions. Furthermore, Velasco believes that fundamental financial education works as an add-on to the technical knowledge. Financial education helps in dealing with the financial challenges every small-scale company faces, especially at the beginning. Velasco says, “Talent is nothing without hard working. Keeping the focus is half the way to success. Pain is temporary, success is forever.” Velasco further shared that team working, self-respect, and the ability to combine best of breed solutions with their own technology and open source technology were key factors for his team’s success.

Independently Expanding the Service Region to Stand Apart From Competitors

Keeping its fundamental providing as the cloud and pay as you go model, Aiuken is expanding its presence all over the world. Without taking any vendor or supplier’s help, Velasco and his team are constantly aiming to enhance their current offerings because he realized that partnering with other vendors can force Aiuken to sell their products. Such an independent approach has made the leading security solution provider as one of the outstanding tech influencers in the industry.

Aiuken team plans to cover more markets to expand its presence in at least 2 or 3 more countries in LATAM, Middle East, and Africa. In addition, Velasco intends to target big Asian markets like Singapore and Japan. They have already kick-started the conversation with these two market leaders.

Futuristic Vision of Founder about the Security Landscape

According to the multi-talented Velasco, the next 3 to 5 years will completely change the way Cybersecurity works, delivers, and manages. The key factors such as 5G, IoT, and AI will be the great contributors in this change. Reports say that the 5G technology will deliver over 10Gbps of data. With such a sonic speed of data, cybercriminals can take the threats and attacks to a new dimension. Coming to the massive adoption of Cloud for IoT and devices will multiply the number of connected devices by billions. Moreover, AI has a huge potential to secure the systems, but if this powerful technology is used by cybercriminals with other supplementary technologies like 5G, the chances of cyber-attacks can be increased to a large extent, destroying the connected devices and systems all over the world.

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