Raz Abramov: Securing Banks And Payment Service Providers From Cyber Risks Using Cyber Intelligence

Raz Abramov

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Today’s digital world makes it simple for cyber-criminals to mask themselves, stay hidden, and operate anonymously undetected. Traditionally, cybersecurity was focused on protecting the perimeter of an organization’s computer infrastructure. Now, the security scenario has changed drastically. Security needs to go beyond IT to prevent savvy criminals from exploiting the infrastructure and enabling fraud, money laundering, and other illegal activities to exist and flourish in the digital world.

Raz Abramov, the Founder of EverCompliant is spreading awareness about the new sophisticated form of money laundering and cyber terrorism all over the world. His company, EverCompliant is a leading provider of Cyber Risk Intelligence and Transaction Laundering Detection and Prevention. EverCompliant’s focus is to detect and prevent transaction and money launderers, hidden transaction tunnels, and merchant fraud from entering the e-commerce ecosystem.

Finding The Path Towards Safe And Secure Technology

Started programming in middle school, Raz was always interested in emerging technologies. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and joined the Israeli army, where he served in the Cyber division. While serving the nation, Raz completed a Master’s degree. During his Master’s, Raz developed a thesis, which was mainly focused on finding an attack based on a flaw in the TCP protocol. After the army and further education, he did some freelance work until he was a co-founder  at EverCompliant. Raz has been fascinated with the ‘cat-and-mouse game,’ bad actors initiate to find new ways to break the system, avoid detection, and exploit weaknesses. The game inspired Raz to come up with new ways to prevent, protect and build robust services against cyber threats.

Empowering Customers with AI-backed Cyber Risk Intelligence

Headquartered in New York, EverCompliant is a payments industry leader in AML & KYC specializing in online cyber intelligence. The leading company’s proprietary, AI technology helps its clients to make informed, risk-based decisions that contribute to a safer business ecosystem. EverCompliant enables the detection and preventention of  online criminal activity from entering the payments and financial systems. Its technology is powered by an automated and continuous intelligence to determine the online presence of any organization, including hard-to-find, hidden connections to sanctioned countries, illegal businesses, risky business associations, and money laundering activities. The prominent provider of cyber intelligence has developed an advanced cyber intelligence solution, MerchantView™ which has proven to be the best solution available to detect and prevent Transaction Laundering. Using advanced, AI-powered cyber intelligence techniques, MerchantView™ provides full insight into merchant portfolio to minimize risk with no additional operational overhead.

Conquering The Challenges With The Inspiration From Co-Founders

EverCompliant’s Co-founders, Ron Teicher and Noam Raboinovich have been a source of inspiration for Raz throughout his professional journey. In addition, he consulted with many colleagues from high school, military service, and others. Raz feels that he was fortunate enough to meet them along his professional career. He believes that one of the key drivers to his journey towards success is the group he was a part of during and after the military service. Raz used to have many one-on-one conversations and an open exchange of knowledge with these groups through closed forums, which in turn, helped him to lead and achieve success with EverCompliant.

According to Raz, the main quality necessary for leadership is the ability to inspire people with motivation towards a common goal. This includes articulating the common objectives the entire company shares, helping people work together under the tremendous stress of startup, being aggressive and making difficult, sometimes unpopular, decisions to take the company forward.

AI and Machine Learning Keeping EverCompliant Stand Apart From Its Competitors

Employing 100% AI-based solutions, EverCompliant enables the understanding of the relationship of all websites across the entire internet. The comprehensive solutions allow EverCompliant to gain a full understanding of the digital presence of every organization around the world. With such a deep understanding, the company helps combat financial fraud, unauthorized sale of goods and substances, prostitution, and other crimes.

Future Proof Technology Dealing With Every Challenge

Illicit websites remain operational because criminals are able to secretly enter the financial ecosystem and have their financial transactions processed due to the limitations of existing conventional solutions. To tackle these challenges, EverCompliant’s new technology with advanced features helps to prevent cyber-criminals and illegal multi-million dollar operations from thriving in the digital world. For instance, Using EverCompliant’s cyber intelligence tool, MerchantView™, users can uncover unknown risks and identify illegal and illicit activity in their client portfolio with just a few simple steps. Taking such preventative actions with MerchantView™, clients can protect their business from the disruptions of large fines, legal and regulatory investigations, and brand damage.

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