The 10 Most Disruptive Tech Entrepreneurs To Look For In 2019

Over the course of human history, mankind has witnessed not one, but three transformational revolutions. The most recent is the digital revolution, and it has taken the world by storm. Today, everything has become automated, rapid, stream-lined, and larger than life. The time has come when advanced computing and digital innovations have become the center of a human’s existence. Without a doubt, robots, automation, and technology have simplified workforces, brought new ….
Shamsh Hadi
Shamsh Hadi: Paving the Way for Digitized Business Transactions and Helping the World Go Paperless
“Necessity is the mother of invention”— a need or problem ...
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Vivek Mehra, Founder & CEO, ParqEx
Vivek Mehra: Enabling Real EstateTo Solve The Urban Parking Challenge
Vivek Mehra, the Founder and CEO of ParqEx, is a technically astute personality with over ...
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Prashanth Rajendran
Prashanth Rajendran:Empowering Organization Growth From Anywhere, Anytime, And Through Any Device
Prashanth Rajendran is the CEO of ComplianceQuest, Inc.; one of ...
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Kumar Subramaniam , Founder & CEO, 75Health
Kumar Subramaniam: Making Healthcare Intelligible With The Use of Cloud-Based Platform
In the last few decades, the world has witnessed several ...
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Karim Elhanafi
Karim Elhanafi: Offering Security Solutions With The Touch Of Combined Technologies
Karim Elhanafi, the Founder and President of ONG-IT GmbH specializes in Video Analytics supported by machine learning, mobile ...
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Jeff LoCastro, Founder & CEO, Neener Analytics
Jeff LoCastro: Re-Inventing Social Media Analytics Using Small Data With Neener Analytics
Building new things, shaking the frame, thinking out-of-the-box, and creating ...
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Gabriel Tupula, CEO, Big Bang ERP
Gabriel Tupula: Enabling Businesses To Make Smart Decisions With Cloud-Based Solutions
In this fast-paced business world, an ability to solve problems ...
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Experts Views

cloud management platform
Cloud Management Platforms have come of age
For the last 5 years some companies have attempted to ...
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Joshua Hebert, CEO, Magellan Jets
The Dos and Don’ts of Working with AI in the Luxury Market
Magellan Jets’ CEO, Joshua Hebert, Talks About Why It’s More ...
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novel eyedrilling Nanobots
Top 5 reasons the novel eye-drilling Nanobots could cure complex eye diseases
A team of scientists created specially coated nanometer-sized vehicles that ...
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Upcoming Gadgets

foldable smartphones
Will the foldable smartphones disrupt the market and whether people buy them?
From the first truly portable phone, Motorola DynaTac to the ...
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