Kumar Subramaniam: Making Healthcare Intelligible With The Use of Cloud-Based Platform

Kumar Subramaniam , Founder & CEO, 75Health

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In the last few decades, the world has witnessed several technological developments and advancements in an unprecedented manner. With the introduction of technology in the medical industry, numerous aspects of healthcare have been changed and progressed.

In the modern society, undoubtedly, technology plays a vital role enhancing people’s lives, but from the public health standpoint, technology has been seen to be accepted as the factor that drives healthcare more than any other factor.  By assisting in saving precious lives and alleviating pain and suffering on a large scale, innovative medical treatments play a momentous role in sustaining health. Moreover, to meet the challenges involved in managing the health of society continuously, constant advancement and creative developments are required.

From the perspective of individual and community health management, it is noteworthy that the technologies are making giant leaps toward novel and useful developments including digital mode of medical data management and robotics. In addition to this, technological innovations are providing healthcare professionals with distinctive and effective ways to enhance quality of care while enabling patients to participate in their health management.

An Innovative, Seasoned, and Optimistic Personality

Kumar Subramaniam is the Founder and CEO of 75Health, a provider of Electronic Health Record (EHR) software, which is not just about being paperless but also inculcating a tradition of simulated and simplified working with intelligent systems that help doctors work efficiently and enhance patient care.

The idea of founding an EHR company was conceptualized by Kumar when he had to carry several paper reports, accompanied by his wife who was undergoing treatment. He embarked on a journey with a vision to empower people with digitized medical records that prove not only accurate but also easy and convenient. In the quest for coming up with the right medical technology that fits best in serving its prime purpose, the team of 75Health has been making bold attempts and have successfully created novel software and apps.

Although Kumar and his team have made several significant contributions to the world, the one that they particularly consider as their greatest achievement is the cloud-based 75Health Electronic Medical Records Software that reaps several benefits to both physicians and patients. This distinctive cloud-based healthcare solution’s ability to provide access to the right information at the right time—be it patient history or drug information— that saves time and efforts for doctors, while reducing pain and at times, lives for patients is rather a matter of pride for them.

75Health: Simplifying the Healthcare

Headquartered in Chennai, India, 75Health strives to provide reliable, efficient, and cost-effective cloud-based solutions that help healthcare professionals manage their patients’ health in the most optimal way. 75Health’s prime information technology services include Electronic Health Records, Electronic Medical Records, My Health Records, and Practice Management Software, which are developed with care and due diligence by considering the modern trends and requirements. In order to focus specifically on patients, the IT solution provider has taken up a prestigious project of Personal Health Records that aims to help individuals to manage their personal medical data in a secure and accurate way. Moreover, it also enables doctors and health facilities to understand the health conditions and medical needs of the patient accurately.

A Vision to Offer the Best Care in an Affordable Way

Since 75Health’s inception, Kumar has been focusing exclusively on creating customizable healthcare information technologies and tools that simplify the processes in medical practices and physician offices. At this stage, he is making extensive research by collaborating with providers and is in the process of creating products that not only automate the various tasks involved in the medical industry but also ensure enhancement of patient safety and care quality.

Apart from that, Kumar intends to enable small and medium medical organizations to make use of user-friendly, affordable, and reliable products providing the best care. Furthermore, the healthcare solution provider is building new applications and updating existing ones in order to empower providers with tools that allow them to elevate their efficiencies while achieving a perfect work-life balance.

A Thoughtful and Magnanimous Leader

Kumar, the CEO of 75Health, considers it as his personal responsibility and ambition to unleash the power of the cloud for garnering high-quality, accurate, and time saving digital solutions for medical practitioners and different medical specialties. He believes that the purpose of creating any software is primarily to improve the lives of its users – both career-based as well as from the personal life standpoint. While elaborating his views on ‘what an organization’s basic purpose should be,’ the socially responsible CEO says, “Here is where responsible and socially aware companies such as ours play a vital role in developing the most useful and trustworthy software that serves not only healthcare professionals but also the society as a whole.”

Speaking of the key practices to motivate his team to do better, Kumar says, “In 75Health, it is my onus to work with my team and encourage its various members to strike a balance between technology and management so that we succeed in achieving our intended goals of facilitating a better and healthy community.”

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