Shamsh Hadi: Paving the Way for Digitized Business Transactions and Helping the World Go Paperless

Shamsh Hadi

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“Necessity is the mother of invention”— a need or problem stimulates creative efforts to meet the need or solve the problem. This long forgotten saying is still relatable in this modern tech era. Though the tech connoisseurs continuously innovate to solve critical problems, the needs are never ending; one issue is resolved, others get discovered. It is a cycle of fixing problems that helps to do things in a better way than before. Further, from the businesses’ standpoint, entrepreneurs adopt novel technologies to solve their problems and evolve constantly to stand strong among the competition, as Shamsh Hadi, the Co-founder and CEO of ZorroSign, Inc. is doing.

Shamsh is a tech-savvy personality and an excellent leader who has been awarded “CEO of the Year 2018” by the Corporate Vision magazine. He co-founded ZorroSign to create a unified platform of complete advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solution by making use of its innovative eSignature technology, which was invented by one of the co-founders of ZorroSign, Inc. in the early 90’s.

Shamsh’s idea behind ZorroSign is to provide an extremely secure, flexible, seamless, and robust solution to support an end-to-end flow of document signature ceremonies. Furthermore, he wants to make the electronic signature available for any situation, industry, and department—for signatories located anywhere and using any device.

Incepted in 2015, ZorroSign, Inc. is the developer of ZorroSign DTM platform, a unified platform of complete DTM solution bringing bank-grade security to eSignature, workflow automation, document management system, and a unique technology to verify and authenticate e-signed documents and detect document tampering and signature forgery. In addition, the platform also brings Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to electronic forms.

A Vision to Create Positive Impact

ZorroSign envisions being the most advanced eSignature and DTM solution in the market using the most cutting-edge technology. In its efforts to serve customers, it always thinks of security and privacy first and strives to develop a solution that is real, mission-critical, and legally acceptable in any court of law. Apart from that, the management seeks ways to be a socially responsible company whose employees and customers make a positive impact in the world. To create this impact, ZorroSign encourages companies to go paperless, and is making a difference by saving trees, saving water, and reducing its carbon footprint. ZorroSign goes beyond its commitment; it plants a tree every time its customers save a tree by avoiding printing paper and using ZorroSign instead.

ZorroSign DTM, a Truly Transparent and Secure Platform

ZorroSign is an eSignature and advanced DTM platform that increases efficiency and productivity of a business by completely transforming paper-intensive processes, from creation to authentication whether the users are internal or external to the company. Notably, by using ZorroSign DTM customers can achieve the highest levels accuracy with fewer errors when it comes to filling out forms and executing agreements, improved controls, and customer satisfaction resulting from simplified process and a competitive edge.

This superior DTM platform helps automate business processes and workflows for any department, for any type of organization in any industry. In addition, users can utilize ZorroSign anywhere, anytime, and using any device including native mobile apps on iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, ZorroSign can be deployed in Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud and on-premise.

Going a step further, ZorroSign integrates with many ERP, CRM such as and other business applications, and Cloud file systems such as Google Drive, OneBox, iCloud and others. Using its APIs, customers can extend their business applications by seamlessly integrating ZorroSign. Moreover, one of its key differentiating components which is also the highlight of its competent range of solution is the ZorroSign 4n6 (Forensics) Token technology. ZorroSign 4n6 ensures the sanctity of electronically signed documents against fraud and tampering and signature forgery. This is the game changer and a disrupting force when it comes to document security and information privacy.

Pioneering with Expertise and Distinctiveness

It is relatively easy to start a business. However, to become successful is not an easy task. To stay ahead in a competitive market, one must stand out by its offerings and service quality, which ultimately satisfy customers.

In the case of ZorroSign, it’s CEO, Shamsh Hadi, mentions four specialties that make his venture stand out in the market. First and foremost, ZorroSign is the pioneer of eSignature; instead of using a flat image of a signature superimposed on a document, the company handles real digital bits and electronic codes. Secondly, ZorroSign has built the entire platform leveraging distributed ledger system that is exceedingly efficient and fraud-proof. Next notable factor is its policies, procedures, design decisions, and product features that are all grounded in security and privacy. And, last but not the least, ZorroSign has developed a very unique tokenization technology that detects signature forgery and document fraud. Remarkably, using 4n6 (Forensics) Token, ZorroSign’ed documents can be verified and authenticated for a lifetime without the need of a third party proxy or verification service.

Innovation is what Shamsh Rejoices

Being the CEO of ZorroSign, Shamsh currently plays no different role than that of a traditional CEO, but initially, as a start-up, he has been donning multiple hats as required at times. His hard work was paid off when ZorroSign won the “Aragon Research Hot Vendor” award in 2017. To achieve such an honor shortly after its official launch, was Shamsh’s proudest career achievement. This triumph made him more confident and validated that ZorroSign is going to be a serious player in the industry with its unique offering.

Though Shamsh enjoys each part of his job, but while speaking of the one he relishes the most is “working with the teams to strategize and implement the next-gen technology that will again shake up the industry. The first time we shook up the industry was when we officially launched,” he says.

Shamsh HadiNo Plan to Maintain the Status Quo

Since the start, ZorroSign is committed to becoming a complete enterprise-grade DTM platform to serve end-to-end business transactions for serious applications such as insurance, legal, government, real estate, and financial services. Moreover, as ZorroSign electronic signature technology is secure and legally acceptable worldwide, it is being deployed in mission-critical businesses conducting high-value transactions. Shamsh and ZorroSign are committed to serving its customers with the advanced DTM solution while continuing to innovate ahead of its competition.

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