The 10 Groundbreaking Leaders In The Cloud Industry of 2020

Amidst the pandemic, as business and civic leaders struggle to adapt to the economic and social constraints of our current reality, there are those who see challenges as opportunities to be a force for good. As history teach us, difficult situations and disruptions – such as the current pandemic crisis – can provide a rare opportunity to develop new approaches that can fundamentally improve our established and accepted ways: the Great Depression brought us Social Security; World War ….
Sonal Puri
Sonal Puri: A Leader Striding Towards Team Growth and Global Success
Companies all around the world are adhering to the new ...
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Tarique Mustafa
Tarique Mustafa: A Leader Aspiring to Create New Technology and Solutions
The Cloud Industry has already grown beyond the “Early Adopters” ...
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Manuel Trongone
Manuel Trongone: A Dedicated Professional Assisting Businesses With Their Cloud Journey
Amid the crisis of COVID-19, all the businesses are pushed ...
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Javier de la Cuerda
Javier de la Cuerda: A Digital Transformer Promoting Cloud Technology
It’s an accomplished fact that since the introduction of Cloud, ...
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Howard Hellman
Howard Hellman: A Designer Of Complex IT Solutions Leading with the Rare Perspective Of The Industry
Due to the COVID-19 crisis where other industries are witnessing ...
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Daniel Aldea
Daniel Aldea: A Self-Made Professional Embracing Towards Triumphant
“Technology is decisive in the success of any business,” says ...
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Chirag Mudsa
Chirag Mudsa: An Innovative And Goal-Driven Tech Evangelist
“As for the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indian ...
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Diversity in cloud

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Enhancing Project managemnt

How Cloud Computing is Transforming Business Process Management
How Cloud Computing is Transforming Business Process Management?
In the past few years, cloud computing has been perhaps ...
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