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Chirag Mudsa

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As for the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indian IT industry is having tremendous responsibility to provide technology services and solutions to the world which can transform every aspect of things do in personal and professional life.” says Chirag Mudsa, the Founder and CEO of leading development company CMARIX TechnoLabs Pvt. Ltd. He is a goal-driven tech evangelist for more than a decade, specializing in the web and mobile development domain.

Initially, Chirag started his career by programming in Microsoft technologies. Soon enough in the journey, he started leading development teams due to his good planning, communication, and overall management skills. Later he ventured into enterprise custom product development as Product Manager and have launched various successful products in different business domains in Norway and the United Kingdom. However, Chirag always wanted to establish a technology service company that was enterprise product and start-up centric and provide a result centric work environment. Thus, in 2009, he established CMARIX in India along with co-founder Mr. Atman Rathod. CMARIX has a global footprint today with clients across 46 countries globally. Chirag’s innovative spirit, strong leadership skills, and a profound commitment to organizational growth have made him a groundbreaking leader in the cloud industry.

CMARIX is one amongst the leading cloud-native providers and being the leader of the company Chirag is now looking forward to the global recognition for innovative solutions. He says, “I look forward to achieving global recognition for our innovative IT solutions that created success stories for our business clients and transformed the lives of millions.” According to Chirag, the company is heading in the right directs towards this goal of the technology of millions.

Providing the Best of Both Worlds

CMARIX is enabling paradigm shift to businesses using the latest technology solutions by focusing on MEAN stack, LAMP Stack, and Microsoft technologies. It offers a vast range of services amongst which its key expertise is the Hire Dedicated Developer Model where it provides the skilled designers/developers on monthly and long term hire contracts as client’s offshore employees. In addition to this, it also provides cloud-native as well as cross-platform mobile application. It also offers turnkey web, custom software along with mobile app development services. Chirag further asserts, “We provide the convenience and efficiency of Design, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Quality Assurance, and Deployment Services all at one place.”

Chirag and his team are currently working on several cloud-native app projects for its enterprise clients. He shared that enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud-native solutions, as it combines the best of both worlds—cloud platforms and native functionalities. Apart from this, the team has also undertaken some PWA projects for start-ups and products utilizing serverless architecture platform. Start-ups have been CMARIX’s priority client group thus these PWA solutions bring the web and mobile apps closer through a single solution, which holds great importance for small budget start-ups. The CMARIX’s team always delivers at its utmost in every project, as these projects are crucial for the company to stay competitive in the industry

People-Centric Strategies

Chirag considers CMARIX believes to be a people-centric company focusing on giving more to the customers and employees. He and his team aim to make the world a better place and contribute using all the means that they can leverage. Thus, he ensures that the focus of all the strategies have the welfare of customers and the community at the center. Following this, the business strategy mainly addresses three aspects. Firstly, the team members try to understand the impetus behind choosing a technology solution in the reasoning stage. Here the team tries to slip into customer’s shoes and deriving a better technology solution from the existing pain points.

Secondly, as the team has understood the customer’s motivation behind the technology, the team tries to find the right solution that can fulfill the client’s requirements. At this stage, the team experts and customers brainstorm various ideas and potential solutions that can be considered. This leads to the execution stage, where the team determines the way to build the solution depending on the finalized idea and technical specs. The execution undertakes several processes including design, development, testing, deployment, maintenance, and support.

Ambitious Team of Professionals

No solution or service can be impeccable without the backing of a skillful team. CMARIX comprises a skillful team that is led by Chirag. According to him, the team of ambitious individuals are working together to bring out the best in themselves and technology, to add value to the client business.

In times of crisis of pandemic, many businesses are facing issues in operating. However, Chirag is happy with the way the team is handling the operations. CMARIX already comprised a technically equipped team of experts who are flexible to work and engage with other team members from their houses or remote locations. The team has handled various offshore projects due to which none faced any difficulty working from home and maintained the optimum productivity. CMARIX was quick to shift to in-house processes as soon as the pandemic started to crop in India. “This quick response along with our years of experience in remote collaboration and teamwork helped us cope with the business challenges and impacts of the pandemic,” concluded Chirag.

Opening Gates of Innovation

Chirag is very optimistic in response to the pandemic affecting the cloud industry. He predicts that the landscape of cloud solutions has promising years to come and hopefully the dominance of cloud will continue further. Presently, mobile workforce and connected devices are ruling the IT scenario however, he predicts that cloud apps are likely to play a bigger role and soon cloud-native apps might be dominant over the cloud-enabled apps.

Post pandemic the industries might gradually cope up with the impacts, on the other hand, he is anticipating a wave of creative innovations too. For example, telehealth will gain popularity due to social distancing, and hygiene practices have already open business opportunities and innovations leading to an upsurge in digitization. It the question of how the Indian IT sector can catch up with this scope of innovation created by pandemic, that Chirag is curious about.

Chirag Mudsa Future of Cloud Platforms

The future of cloud platforms is prosperous and has a high demand for qualified professionals. Similarly, Chirag believes that tech giants like Amazon are paving a path to modular development even for enterprise systems, and this is directing at a bright future for the IT enterprises belonging to cloud-native. He further states that despite all the businesses having a digital presence and IT roadmap, only a small percentage have cloud support. And even within this minority, many choose the traditional cloud-enabled applications which creates several opportunities for the tech aspirants.

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