Howard Hellman: A Designer Of Complex IT Solutions Leading with the Rare Perspective Of The Industry

Howard Hellman

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Due to the COVID-19 crisis where other industries are witnessing a halt, the cloud industry has attained unprecedented growth as the businesses shifted to the digital platform overnight. To avoid the threat of security breaches and other IT infrastructural hazards, companies are relying on cloud solution providers. Amongst these leading solution providers is Aerobyte, which is transforming the cloud infrastructure by protecting individuals, corporations, and governments by dynamically protecting the digital flow of information.

Howard Hellman (Founder and CEO of Aerobyte), believed that the internet is an open network as opposed to a private network. He has completed his bachelor’s in Applied Psychology, which led him to the technology industry. He and his experienced team witnessed a giant hole in protecting cloud infrastructure and all communication within. Through a combination of technical know-how and an understanding of how technology influences the way businesses to work, he developed a rare perspective in an industry that all too frequently emphasizes unnecessary features over practical benefits. Howard quickly distinguished himself as a designer of complex IT infrastructure solutions by establishing an innovative company called Aerobyte.

Securing Cloud Infrastructure and Beyond

Aerobyte was established with an aim to build identity and trust between every data transmission between any device to cloud infrastructure and beyond. Unlike the others, it distinguishes itself by offering a Cyber Defense Framework that protects cloud environments from both an outbound and an inbound attack. Howard further adds, “This software-defined solution saves organizations time, money, and resources in quickly rolling out new projects, infrastructure, and users while increasing security that may already be in place.” Organizations already comprise of leading-edge solutions, by combining those with Aerobyte’s framework will provide an in-depth knowledge of the level of security required. It offers the management, monitoring, analytics, and configuration tools to automate protection on a massive scale.

Howard aspires to reduce the vulnerabilities and closing the identity gap. Through Aerobyte’s Identity approach, this can be achieved. It is a much simpler approach than the others in the market that are currently being deployed and have the potential to violate an individual’s privacy. Identity approach maintains a person’s identity without exposing personal information. Preferably, this solution can pave the way towards having authenticated electronic information without repudiation and help secure electronic records without any breaches. Keeping this in mind, Howard and his team are striving to become the defacto standard when it comes down to the basic building blocks in creating a secure environment.

Team Redefining Security and Vulnerability Gaps

The pandemic is bound to affect the mental health of people and with the business world facing downfall, employees are dispirited. However, this crisis has finally managed to put the cloud industry under the spotlight. The team of Aerobyte is highly motivated because the cyberworld is finally looking in their direction and how to redefine the security and vulnerability gap by a significant margin.

With times the security standards have also evolved, thus the traditional techniques might not be as useful for today. Aerobyte’s vision and understanding of ever-changing technology always keep itself several steps ahead of other market leaders. Hence, the team of Aerobyte has been preparing for the new security architecture for a long time. Howard further expresses, “Our team has been focused on this new security architecture for many years and are pleased that the community is starting to finally realize that the old ways of protecting information and identity do not work in today’s interconnected open world.

Staying ahead of the Computing Evolution

The primary focus of the Aerobyte team is to enhance the Cyber Defense Framework through launching several products that provide better protection to data breaches. The advancements in technology have also had some mishaps as there is always newsflash about a major data breach in big corporations. “Most people do not realize the seriousness of the impact China has made within our critical infrastructure and how easy it is to circumvent existing security protocols no matter how much an organization has spent protecting their key resources,” said Howard.

For about 17 years, Aerobyte has been successful in predicting every method of attack, and its solutions are designed considering these vulnerabilities. Due to this futuristic approach, Howard and his team are planning to release several next-gen security solutions around secure mobile communication, video surveillance, IoT, and protecting cloud environment for government, corporations as well as consumers. Aerobyte is well equipped to protect against a variety of major attacks today and can stay ahead of the evolution of Quantum computing for tomorrow.

Howard HellmanBest Breed of Security Product

Howard believes that the biggest issue faced by the organizations during the pandemic is the way to respond and deploy their environments securely. As the employees are working remotely, the infrastructure has been exposed to insecure VPN controls. This might risk the organization’s security which has made them reconsider the need to manage and deploy security and how they authorize users, applications, and devices within their working environment on-premise or the cloud. With such an increased demand for solution providers, the future of the cloud industry seems promising.

Howard anticipates that the cloud will grow in an open, hybrid, and private environment. This will create plenty of room for the aspirants to showcase their unique and innovative solutions.  “It’s the next evolution of technology and there is plenty of room to create your building blocks to enhance applications, administration, and providing cost-effective efficiencies from now until the future,” concludes Howard.

Currently, Howard is engaged in raising capital for additional development and expansion of Aerobyte’s technology. In addition to this, he is in discussions with several organizations that have resources and like-minded personal who share the same vision and mission as Aerobyte. By expanding the team and partnering with other software companies and OEM’s, it will build a Cyber Defense Framework which is the best breed of security products unlike the others in the market.

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