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Manuel Trongone

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Amid the crisis of COVID-19, all the businesses are pushed to the digital platform to continue their work and conduct business. The ongoing pandemic demonstrates how the cloud industry has become essential in the modern world. Many of the conveniences and services available online are made possible by the cloud. “The entire industry is facing unprecedented growth,” said Manuel Trongone, the Founder and CEO of Dade2.

Manuel is an industry veteran with rich experience in the IT industry and technical business. He is optimistic about the growth of the cloud industry amid crisis and even after it. Where many of the aspiring entrepreneurs have to second guess their decisions in these uncertain times, Manuel believes that the industry has room for the aspiring entrepreneurs. He said, “When they hyperscalers joined the hosting and cloud industry, they have flattened a market that was before divided and diversified in a very large and heterogeneous constellation of small and medium providers, everyone with their own peculiarities and expertise.

The big players of the cloud industry have been instrumental in bringing popularity to cloud providers which have dragged even the most conservative businesses to the cloud era. Manuel believes with this growth rate, and it is affirmative that there is more need than ever for new ventures and ideas in the industry.

Beginning the Superior-Cloud Service Company

Experience shape the leader’s approach to the business, and the way he maneuvers to move forward. Manuel has been a part of the industry for a long time and has many years of experience in the IT industry at technical and business levels. Prior to establishing Dade2, Manuel worked with numerous large organizations that have proved to be beneficial for his current venture. He described working for several large hosting and cloud companies as the opportunity to look through a magnifying glass at the business. The veteran leader has a strong background in compliance and risk mitigation for high risk, mission-critical technologies, and process-based business solutions.

Manuel’s experience in the industry has greatly shaped the idea of establishing a superior cloud services company. He understands what it takes to successfully implement new technologies, including the cloud to meet the most demanding business requirements. The quality that most of the business lack nowadays is the human touch. Thus, at Dade2, Manuel ensures that the teams know each and every customer in person. “It’s about a human touch you don’t get very often nowadays, just to provide our clients with the best cloud services they could get,” asserts Manuel. With Dade2, Manuel has been successful in assisting the businesses through the concerns of the IT environments.

In the coming years, Manuel Trongone’s personal as well as professional goal is to work on new and exciting projects and assist the businesses in their IT concerns. Apart from this, he ought to have a positive impact on the community and the people through Dade2.

Performance, Support, and Pricing

Dade2 was established in 2009 with the mission of helping companies of any size and vertical in the smooth transition of workloads from on-premises to cloud. Since day one, the team is striving to help clients at each step of their cloud journey. Thus, its services are based on three pillars of Performance, Support, and Pricing. Presently, Dade2 is providing managed public, hybrid, and private cloud solutions. Apart from this, it also helps the customer in designing, growing, and maintaining their multi-cloud strategy.

As Manuel previously mentioned, the cloud industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. He foresees that Dade2 will also have tremendous growth as a whole in 2020. Innovative and ambitious strategies will support this growth. In 2019, Dade2 successfully added Miami in the cloud locations, thus plan to geographically expand the reach of the company in 2020. It will focus on Europe again with the expansion of cloud regions in London, Madrid, and Budapest. Other than the expansion, Dade2 is working on a powerful network section in its cloud portal that is scheduled t be live in September 2020. It will work on customizing the software-defined networks and SD-WAN such that it can be easily controlled by the customers with all power in their hands. The team of Dade2 will focus on offering the perfect combination of security, stability, and business meaning for its customers. “Overall, we will focus on helping our customers to fully accomplish the best multi-cloud strategy for their needs, to offer the perfect mix of security, stability, scalability, and business meaning,” concluded Manuel.

Manuel Trongone

Committed To 2020 Roadmap

Looking forward to the upcoming projects, Dade2 is aiming to focus on two main trends—Managed Big Data and Edge Datacenters. Manuel added several Hadoop and DevOps engineers to the team of Dade2 so that they will be able to provide the customers with the needed infrastructure for their big data projects, but also to offer them all the onboarding consulting and the expert maintenance and trouble-shooting needed once their applications go live.

Manuel believes that Edge data centers will play a crucial role in the IoT development and for many other projects that require ‘Close to Zero’ latencies. The Dade2 roadmap has outlined two edge locations to add to the cloud regions by the end of 2020 and are committed to this trend and plan to invest heavily in it. One of these edge locations that Dade2 is looking forward to expanding will be Madrid.

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