Javier de la Cuerda: A Digital Transformer Promoting Cloud Technology

Javier de la Cuerda

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It’s an accomplished fact that since the introduction of Cloud, every industry has experienced unprecedented growth in its businesses. Cloud providing companies have raised a new bar for mutualism. It also indicates a habitat where new leaders are born with new ideas and build companies providing unique solutions. Javier de la Cuerda, CEO of Enimbos is one of the emerging leaders with plenty of experience backing him. Having a technical background has proved to be a boon for Javier’s entrepreneurial journey. Speaking about the background, he studied Electronic and Industrial Organisation Engineer, Ph.D. (p.T) in Business Administration, SEP by the London Business School, GMP by IESE, and Master in Sales by ESADE.

As a professional, Javier started his professional journey with Automation Engineer evolving to the IT and also he managed side business during that time. Later in 2005, He joined Telvent (NASDAQ: TLV) as Sales Director, and a few years later, in 2011, he was named Executive Vice President, President and CEO of Telvent Global Services with the goal of leading the IT and Datacenter business in Spain and Portugal and some emerging Latin-American countries.

Becoming a Cloud Leader

“One of my personal ambitions had always been to be able to create a technologically innovative company where I could reflect my personality and experience,” shares Javier. Enimbos was founded in 2016 to become the leading cloud company in Spain and Portugal. It is a thriving innovative company that assists big corporations in carrying out their digital transformation to more efficient and competitive environments. The solutions provided by the company are based on Cloud Managed Services, Cloud Consultant Services, Business Continuity Services, Cloud Security services, Risk Audit, and DevOps Solutions.

The company value proposition is based on an optimized cloud control, enhanced security, and bespoke support for the journey and multi-cloud evolution. In 2019, it was recognized by Microsoft Azure as Azure Expert MSP and recently this year as Premier Consulting Partner by AWS. Both recognitions with the highest possible partnership status in the cloud sector and  extensive experience in cloud computing services has allowed the company to be included in the latest and most innovative AWS programs (MSSP Program, Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) and Solution Provider Program) and Microsoft Azure programs (Azure Migration, Azure Assessment, and Fast Track Program).

Creating a Safe Working Environment

The pandemic has brought a lot of changes and also has affected millions of lives. There are many changes in doing business. The priorities have changed. Today, the main objective is safety, understanding the urgency of the situation, Javier states, “Our main objective at the moment is to make sure that all our workers are safe and have all the necessary means to be able to continue their workday from their homes with total normality.” Accepting the new normal, the cloud technology promotes—the need to work from home, with secure access to the necessary information, programs, and applications.

Owing to the possibility of working remotely based on the internet and cloud computing technology, many companies can maintain their activity and flow of income. Cloud offers benefits such the elasticity and the cost and control management allowing business environments and resources to turn off when business demand decreases without incurring large costs of turning resources on and off. Additionally, the cloud provides access to the most innovative tools and solutions fully adjusted to the new context, in a short time and without increasing costs.

Promoting Higher Interaction and Shared Learning

Entrepreneurship is a complicated process as it involves high risks and tough decision making. Javier is one of the experienced leaders who understand the importance of working with a team. The passion of the team is one of the company’s core values and also one of the key factors for the success of the company. To support the team members, Javier with his team promotes people’s interaction at all company levels. Enimbos is a dynamic company that involves continuously in a new innovating project.

To promote a higher interaction and shared learning, the company tries different permutations involving everyone in the team. To keep up the motivation level, Javier expresses, “Another thing that we do is holding regular global company meetings, where we share important issues about the company’s situation: new customers, projects that are running, the month results, new team members. These types of meetings are really positive, since we avoid any uncertainty giving high visibility.”

Javier de la Cuerda

Future Projection: Growth of Cloud Solutions and Services

The cloud sector has one of the greatest future projections. Currently, it is in full growth and its solutions and services are increasingly demanded by all kinds of companies. Predicting the growth, Javier says, “I’m completely sure that the IT market is going to be transformed, so big traditional players won’t be able to support customers with the agility that the cloud business demand. The game is changing, it is a fantastic opportunity for smart players!”

After three years of sheer hard work and dedication, Enimbos is managed to position as “The cloud enabler company.” The company is continuously working towards becoming the best large companies’ technological partner in the coming years. Sharing his thoughts on future growth, Javier expresses, “I am completely convinced of our promising future keeping our current technology track and securing our high expertise and certification level of our team. One of the key elements for us, is maintaining a nearshore strategy in areas with less talent demand. There, we support our team with very high seniority and great young talent.”

Enimbos’s cells-based operation teams allow the company to give the maximum responsibility for the people. It avoids the complexity of traditional organisations and securing the best services to the customers. Moreover, parallel to the technology approach, the company has now decided to create a business approach. To adhere to this approach, it has recently launched two service lines related to security and data analytics.

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