Corent Technology – A Force for Good in the Midst of the Pandemic

Feyzi Fatehi

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Amidst the pandemic, as business and civic leaders struggle to adapt to the economic and social constraints of our current reality, there are those who see challenges as opportunities to be a force for good.

As history teach us, difficult situations and disruptions – such as the current pandemic crisis – can provide a rare opportunity to develop new approaches that can fundamentally improve our established and accepted ways: the Great Depression brought us Social Security; World War II produced the GI Bill and a growing middle class. Today, we hear many environmental activists are thinking to use the pandemic crisis and implement measures to build sustainable climate resilience while help boost the economy and create jobs.

Corent Technology, a classic disruptive innovator, is one of those companies that is determined to be a force for good and capitalize on the opportunities by accelerating not only its pace of invention and innovation, but use its platform to empower others to do the same in the areas of business innovation and entrepreneurship – both in the near term and the post-pandemic future.

We find Corent’s leadership team as exemplified by its CEO, Feyzi Fatehi, to be an exceptional team and pioneer thought-leaders in the Cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) industry. While a young software engineer at HP, Feyzi was one of the five co-inventors of the first real-time database. Also his experiment with a start up in early 2000’s that attempted to be the “aggregator” for multitude of SaaS offerings, inspired him to become a pioneer and thought-leader  around SaaS-enabling technologies to empower the vision of “Democratizing SaaS.” Feyzi has received numerous awards, including the 2019 prestigious CODiE Lifetime Achievement Award, previously granted to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Steve Wozniak among others for their visionary technology leadership.

The Daring Dream of Democratizing SaaS!

The journey of the company started in 2006 focusing on delivering the “as-a-service” component of the software-as-a-service delivery and business model. The technological breakthrough did not happen overnight. It has worked for more than 14 years and has secured over 80 patent claims so far contributing to what is now being called “Software Defined SaaS®Platform. Today, Corent’s “Software Defined SaaS” Platform branded as SurPaaS® SaaSify™ can convert virtually any software application to a fully instrumented SaaS within hours without any programming, and by virtue of simply “defining” the end game of a desired SaaS offering – something that traditionally would take up to years and millions of dollars to accomplish. [Read Microsoft’s e-Book showcasing Corent as next gen SasS technology.]

Addressing the Pandemic: Accelerate move to the Cloud and SaaS

SaaS is a technology-enabled enterprise software delivery and business model that is now a must-have for corporations across the globe. Addressing the present, the pandemic has affected several sectors, but as for the cloud industry itself, so far, it does not show any weakening, in fact there are signs of accelerated adoption and a sense of urgency to remove dependency on physical on-premise IT infrastructure and move to the Cloud and SaaS solutions.

Corent is unique in its approach, it is the only platform that supports the end-to-end Cloud Migration, Modernization and Monitization journey. Furthermore, it delivers the above 100% remotely and without the need for physical on-remises presence, accommodating the physical distancing guidelines during the pandemic. Additionally, Corent’s SaaSify is the only tool in the market that can convert virtually any software application to a fully instrumented SaaS within hours without any programming. There is a school believing that SaaSify could revolutionize the software industry by Democratizing SaaS — offering any software vendor the opportunity to deliver their software application as efficient and scalable SaaS without any extra effort. Again, removing the need to physically install, upgrade, maintain a software application and its technology stack on an on-going basis, and simply subscribe and use the software and pay as you use and consume, like any other utility.

Transforming the Open Source Industry to an Open SaaS industry

SurPaaS SaaSify can transform the Open Source industry to an OpenSaaS industry, by allowing anyone or any organization to rapidly offer a proven Open Source software as a robust, fully instrumented SaaS, therefor creating thousands of new jobs, while providing efficient cost effective access to millions of users that otherwise would not have access to the software. As an example of the global impact that the ‘democratization’ of SaaS can have, we can see a most recent partnership, of Corent with the Mifos Initiative. It has resulted into a SaaS-enabled Mifos X—a software application that could potentially provide banking services to more than three billion people in the developing world; something they have never had access to before. [See Corent-Microsoft-Mifos Announcement]

Mifos is an iconic open-source software application created to bring banking services to those with little or no access, one of the key reasons for extreme poverty in the world. The application was created with the support of IBM, VMware, Microsoft Foundation, HP, Cisco, and Dell but despite years of effort, it was not transformed into a robust, and scalable SaaS. In the last few years, Corent has invested heavily in establishing world class partnerships and alliances. They are now coming to fruition as its partners have started mastering the use of its platform to accelerate adoption of Cloud and SaaS in the marketplace.

Corent TechnologyAspired to Boost the Future – Creating thousands of new entrepreneurial entities/jobs

Corent’s SurPaaS platform helps aspiring entrepreneurs to quickly build their own SaaS company rapidly and without any significant upfront investment. This transformation is done in three simple steps: First and foremost— its scan and analysis of the software application will cut through all the noise about the cloud migration and help in a better decision making. Then Corent’s SurPaaS will rapidly shift an application from an on-prem server to a preferred cloud with the best suitable topology, as desired. SaaSify is the last step in the process where the “Software Defined SaaS” kicks in and the software becomes SaaS and then though SaaS-Ops the platform efficiently manages, monitors, meters and monetizes the software and delivers it to the customers as a subscription service.

Corent Technology quote on leadershipAnother Game Changing Innovation to accelerate economic growth

The company is launching SurPaaS Marketizer™ which is an innovative technology that would move any application to a Cloud marketplace, like Microsoft Azure Marketplace, and AWS Marketplace and therefore offer global exposure to their intended customers. Marketizer™ allows software vendors to become Cloud Marketplace-ready in an hour or two without any programming, as opposed to weeks if not months of manual programming to connect each application to the APIs (Applications Programmatic Interface) of each Marketplace. This also applies to applications that are already SaaS, and their presence in the Marketplace would provide them global visibility.

In next few years, Corent will ensure that its vision of Democratizing SaaS becomes an everyday reality. The company anticipates that this disruptive innovation – in the form of the Marketizer™ would open a new chapter supporting its bigger vision of Democratizing SaaS. The company would like to see that developers of the future do not spend time developing their own SaaS capabilities, like multi-tenancy, SaaS operations and commercial management capabilities one application at a time, and instead simply plug into Corent’s SaaS-ops engine to manage their software as a SaaS offering.

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