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Tarique Mustafa

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The Cloud Industry has already grown beyond the “Early Adopters” phase and is currently seeing more confidence from enterprise customers. The Coronavirus Pandemic has enforced the “Remote Worker” paradigm and thus has substantially expedited the adoption of Cloud Computing. As a result, the Cloud industry has received a major boost due to the Coronavirus crisis. This situation has generated an even bigger demand for the data security product thus creating a much bigger workload for data security solution vendors. GhangorCloud is a typical Silicon Valley Hi-Tech Startup who is tackling the pressure with the grind.

The company is recognized in the industry as the pioneer of the “4th Generation Data Leak and Exfiltration Prevention” solution. Its Information Security Enforcer (ISE) product is acknowledged as the “GOLD STANDARD” in the cybersecurity solution space. The cybersecurity solution provided by the company incorporates ground-breaking patented technologies in the areas of Auto-Identification and Auto-Classification of Data, Auto-Policy Synthesis, Auto-Access Control, and Auto-GRC Enforcement. Its technology draws heavily from Deep Artificial Intelligence and System Theoretic paradigm.

The Visionary behind the Technology and the Cybersecurity Products

The Founder and CEO of GhangorCloud, Tarique Mustafa, is the visionary behind the technology and the Cybersecurity products offered by the company. He is a serial entrepreneur with two prior successful startups that have had M&A exits. “I hope to play a role in the Next Technology Revolution which is going to be driven by a confluence of methods and principles drawn from Artificial Intelligence, System Theoretic paradigms and Knowledge-based Systems,” asserts Tarique. This technology revolution is expected to greatly transform the industry and indeed the human society itself.

There is an opportunity to contribute to this revolution by creating foundational inventions and technological breakthroughs. One of his aspirations is to create new technology and solutions that will have a lasting impact in this technology revolution. He is recognized in the industry as one of the top authorities in Data/Information Security and Artificial Intelligence. Tarique has several Research Publications in Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge-based Systems, Cybersecurity, and Semantic Analysis.

A Successive Leader With Silicon Valley Hi-Tech Experience

Tarique has 25 plus years of Silicon Valley hi-tech experience. Previously, he held leadership roles in companies such as Symantec, DHL, MCI-Worldcom, and Nevis Networks. He did his Ph.D. studies in Computer Science and Master’s Degree at the University of Southern California, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from NED University, Pakistan. He is a frequently invited speaker at national and international conferences. He has developed several key patented technological innovations which have been acknowledged with major Industry Awards.

GhangorCloud is a typical Silicon Valley Hi-Tech Startup with the team comprised mostly of technical staff including software engineers, technical sales, and marketing. Being the leader of the company, Tarique promoted working remotely from home during the pandemic consequential—the team feels more energized and productive while catering to the increased demand for its product.

A Four-Prong Approach

In the next 8-10 years, the cloud is expected to go through major evolutionary changes. There will be Artificial Intelligence-based as well as System Theoretic based developments that will completely transform the Cloud and Web Infrastructures. This transformation will create opportunities for newer applications and offerings. This in turn will create many new opportunities for newer entrepreneurs.

Tarique articulates that GhangorCloud has a very clear vision and accordingly a very elaborate roadmap for future development. The company has a four-prong strategy for future growth:

  • Enhance the market penetration and customer base in the high-end Fortune-1000 companies. For this purpose, the company is in the process of on-boarding several Channel Partners and System Integrators in North America, MENA, Europe, APAC, and Australia. Moreover, it is also enhancing its in-house direct sales team.
  • The company has a very elaborate plan of releasing newer versions of its ISE DLEP product line with many advanced features drawing heavily on the new patented Deep Artificial Intelligence-based technologies.
  • Later in 2020, the company is expanding its product portfolio by launching a new product line.
  • GhangorCloud is also engaging with medium and large Data Centers for OEM partnerships as it wants to become the dominant Information & Data Security and Compliance solution for the Web and the Cloud.

ISE: Enhancement of FlagShip Product Line

In the short and intermediate terms, GhangorCloud is focused on further enhancing its Flag-ship product line i.e. ISE, which is already a marquee Data Leak and Exfiltration (DLEP) solution. A newer version 4.0 of ISE is scheduled for GA later this year—2020. It is also in advanced stages of developing another new product line in Data Auto-Identification and Auto-Discovery. This is a very innovative Deep Artificial Intelligence based solution that greatly complements the main ISE product. Its technology is going to incorporate several new Patented Algorithms in Deep Artificial Intelligence that the company has developed recently. In the long term, GhangorCloud has a very clear roadmap to steer the products and technology to build the next-generation Information Security centric platform for Information Lifecycle Management that will seamlessly unify Cloud-Centric and On-prem Information Lifecycle Management paradigms.

Tarique Mustafa

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