Mirror Review's Visionary Security Leaders, 2019

The rise in the widespread use of technology has brought with it a rise in cybercrime. As threats increase, it is becoming more important for enterprises to directly address issues related to risk and security. They should focus on developing a strategy with a security mindset, keeping the primary focus on how decisions suit overall organizational risk profile and facilitate operations while retaining security.The Co-founder and CEO of Recorded Future, Christopher Ahlberg reflects, ….
Tal Bar Or: Introducing A Whole New Level Of Security And Situational Awareness
Owing to the digital age and the rapidly emerging fourth ...
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Sudhakar Ramakrishna
Sudhakar Ramakrishna: A Transformational Leader Redefining Secure Access In Zero Trust World
From checking your email and updating accounts, to sharing files ...
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Jennifer Steffens
Jennifer Steffens: The Bold and Unapologetic Leader Transforming the Disruptive Technology
Previously, organizations struggled to understand the difference between a researcher ...
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Michelle Wilner
Michelle Wilner: Inspirational Leader Breaking Barriers for Women in Tech
Currently, web applications are the biggest target for data breaches. ...
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Joseph Melika
Joseph Melika: A Pioneer In Application Security
Savvy customers understand that security is a process.  They increasingly ...
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Seemant Sehgal
Seemant Sehgal: Introducing Game-Changing Innovations In Security Testing
Over the years, the nature of threats has mostly remained ...
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Ultron Edge

Are humanoids an indication towards Age of Ultron 2.0?
Artificial Intelligence will take over humans? The question all are ...
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Mega Trends

Modern Technologies Alter Human Lives
6 Modern Technologies That Are Altering the Human Lives
In the last few decades, many technologies have emerged and ...
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