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Seemant Sehgal

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Over the years, the nature of threats has mostly remained the same. However, the techniques used to harness the effects of cyber threats have evolved. In addition to this, the vulnerabilities, the motives, and the threat actors have also evolved over the years. To explain this with an example, in the past decade, state actors have been actively pushing the threat landscape to a whole new level, which has also upgraded the techniques of cyber-crime. As the cybercriminals have progressed, the automation and mass targeting coupled with targeted attacks are becoming more common. Unquestionably, the threat landscape is preparing to develop with a view on public cloud and IoT adoption.

Taking notice of the transformation in the nature of threats, Seemant Sehgal (Founder and CEO) established the SaaS platform called BreachLock Inc. Staying true to its name, BreachLock enables the clients to request and consume a comprehensive penetration test with a few clicks. It has a unique approach that aligns the industry’s best practices that utilize manual as well as automated vulnerability discovery methods.

Seemant further explains, “We execute in-depth manual penetration testing and provide you with both offline and online reports. We retest your fixes and certify you for executing a Penetration Test. This is followed up with monthly automated scanning delivered via our platform. Throughout this process, you have access to our SaaS and our security experts for any support needed to find, fix, and prevent your next cyber breach.

SaaS-Based Cyber Security Testing Suite

Seemant has over two decades of experience of serving the Cyber Security. In his journey of twenty years, Seemant has been mainly focused on Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, and RED Teaming. However, he considered the implementation of these methods as a mere contradiction. With his executive capacity, he hired the biggest companies in the world to test the cyber resilience of large financial institutes. These companies would send their troops to pinpoint the security gaps lacking in the system.  “I also studied hundreds of cyber incidents and realized that there was never a hacker put on the plane and offered an entry pass to meet you at your door and then steal your data. In most cyber incidents, the adversary was acting from a different continent,” asserted Seemant. He was convinced that the frameworks used by the industry to implement cyber security resilience testing were both counter-intuitive and counterproductive. This led him towards the idea of executing fast and scalable security tests via a modern SaaS-based approach, which seeded the idea of BreachLock, a SaaS-based cybersecurity testing suite.

Fascinated By the Idea of Breaking into Computer System

Seemant has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Post-Graduation in IT Management. During his post-graduation, he encountered his passion for hacking. It was the idea of breaking into computer systems that caught his attention and hence kept him hooked on it. Without any further ado, he started investing his time into reading books on various hacking techniques and collecting all the knowledge he needed to ace these hacking techniques. Combining his business skills and passion towards hacking he established BreachLock. Over the years, he has been assisting companies like Cisco, Comodo, IBM, CapitalOne Bank, ING Bank, and many other organizations as their security expert.

In the last five years, he has been an ardent promoter and researcher on the application of RED TEAM methodologies in the cyber context. His research has been published twice in the ISACA Journal. In addition to this, he has proudly presented his views as a speaker at various forums including FS-ISAC London, Dutch National Bank, Denmark Central Bank, White Collar Crime conference to name a few.

Always On the Lookout for Hackers

A great team is an inevitable part of a successful company. With great team players, the journey towards a success becomes easier. “BreachLock human hackers focus on discovering complex security vulnerabilities that cannot be discovered by machines,” proudly states Seemant. He is always on the lookout for programmer hackers. The Chief Security Researcher of BreachLock, Mitchel Koster, is helping the company to put together a great team of hackers that have built their career on the premise of software development.

Seemant believes that the security industry has a lot to alter and these skilled developers can help in improving the security grounds. With this approach, the human ethical hackers can focus on finding more complex flaws and move up the value chain of security.

Strengthening and Innovating AI and ML Capabilities

BreachLock has been climbing the stairs of success and in a short period of time has become the prominent player in the Vulnerability Management market. Keeping the success rate constant and delivering the best quality services, BreachLock is focused on strengthening and innovating AI and ML capabilities. This might be a game-changer and will revolutionize how people look at cyber resilience today. The company aims to enable businesses to test their cyber resilience in a faster, scalable, and more affordable way in 2020 so that these businesses can keep their data safe.

Stop Repackaging Old Defences in New Boxes

The fundamental web application flaws or network hygiene issues contribute to creating a critical impact on the security breach. We advise our clients to fix their IT hygiene first and then worry about gathering threat intelligence. Many companies ignore the human aspects of security and tend to rely on automated phishing testing tools that no employee falls for. Seemant believes that companies must consider the spear-phishing attacks replicated to test the awareness of and educate employees. These are more effective and realistic methods to test your cyber resilience.

The rise of security breaches is a challenge to be worked on. Despite all the novel security techniques, the cybercriminals find their way through the security gaps into the data. This demands a different approach from the security leaders towards the protection of data. Seemant further shares, “Instead of repackaging old defenses in new boxes, we should have the courage to look beyond the commercials and get to the core of the problem. While the whole market is focusing on groundbreaking threat intelligence and detection, the last few cyber incidents have shown that the attackers go after the low hanging fruit. The victims missed basic hygiene and let the attackers get an unfair advantage. This needs to change, and BreachLock wants to do its bit by allowing these businesses to find and fix security holes before the bad guys exploit them.”

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