Tal Bar Or: Introducing A Whole New Level Of Security And Situational Awareness


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Owing to the digital age and the rapidly emerging fourth industrial revolution, organizations are facing bigger cyber threats than ever. These threats are going to be more substantial when combined with IoT and the rise of smart cities into the equation. The challenge thus remains is how to control and protect so many connected devices. The security practices are always evolving, and the most significant area is the increased amount of threats and new kinds of threats that are coming from the cyber world in addition to the known physical threats.

The aforementioned challenges were, however, predicted by the team of OCTOPUS. As the company predicted these challenges years ago, it is ready with a solution i.e. offering a unique and innovative cloud-enabled, converged physical security and cyber-event management platform. Apart from this, OCTOPUS comprises an advanced PSIM (physical security information management) Command and Control system, which takes the guesswork out of the client’s security management by unifying disparate security devices and information systems into one converged platform.

A New Breed of Smart, Agile, and Easy Software System

OCTOPUS Systems was founded in 2013 by a team of experienced security and technology experts with the mission of creating a new breed of smart, agile, and easy to deploy Command and Control software system. Tal Bar Or is a founding partner and CEO of OCTOPUS. The OCTOPUS application was designed based on his experience and expertise acquired during his year’s security consulting for high-end clients around the world. The OCTOPUS system helps organizations across the globe protect people, information, and assets, while constantly striving to raise the bar in the security industry.

The advantage of OCTOPUS software is that it can interface with all security systems within an organization, including alarms, fraud prevention, alerts of cyber-attacks, safety, entrance monitoring, and closed-circuit cameras. Unifying all these means of protection spares companies unnecessary expenditures on expensive accessory equipment for the system.

security quotes octopusCloud computing provides users comprehensive security management and cost-effective integration of improved technologies as new devices appear on the market. As more cloud-based security services emerge—such as cloud-hosted video surveillance systems and IoT-based devices—we offer our customers easy integration with other cloud-based services in a secure manner,” asserts Tal.

Choosing Security Industry Was Meant To Be

Before founding OCTOPUS, Tal served as an elite Israel Defense Forces combat soldier and officer in the paratroopers, and he completed his service in the IDF as a company commander of the Israeli Special Forces sergeants’ course. Later, he served in the Israel Security Agency for more than 13 years. He has also held multiple security positions at the Israeli Airport Authority and worked in the security division of EL AL Airlines. His last position was as the Security Manager for the EL AL Airlines stations in Toronto and Paris from 2005 to 2010. On the walkthrough of his journey, Tal concludes by saying that choosing the security industry was meant to be.

Tal holds an M.A. in Communication from the University of Paris 8 Saint-Denis and a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration from Ariel University. He is also a graduate of the ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Course. Tal has global expertise in strategic concept design and master security planning in the fields of aviation security, mass transit, critical infrastructure, information security, and loss prevention. He has a rich experience in the security industry and has been serving the industry for a long time. Over the years, he has closely observed the mistakes most of the companies make and has pin-pointed the most common ones,

  • A wrong evaluation of the threats they are encountering.
  • Not giving enough attention to future needs, and we all know that today’s future is tomorrows present
  • Missing the secret sauce, a combination of technology and the Human factor

Proud Of the Team Gathered Throughout the Years

Tal co-founded OCTOPUS with Baruch Tagori (CTO) almost 7 years ago with an idea and vision of securing the world of internet. Quoting his mission, Tal said, “Well it sounds like a cliché, but my mission was always doing my best to create a secure and safer world.”

A good team always leads to success and Tal is proud of the team he has gathered throughout the years. He describes the teammates as the people that are passionate about the security industry, and about the company’s vision. Tackling the daily emerging challenges is not an easy task but the OCTOPUS team believes it will play a big part in transforming the security landscape, and this is what drives the team to go full steam ahead.

Goals Set For 2020

OCTOPUS was established with a futuristic approach, which comprised of offerings way ahead of its time. Tal is aiming to have the same futuristic goals for 2020 and continue making sure that the system is safe and secure. In addition, the company aims to stay in front of the technological innovations in the field and continue to implement AI capabilities into its system.

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