The Top 10 Cutting-Edge Sports Technology Solution Providers, 2019

In the sports industry, a well-analyzed data is a great resource that can be used to increase revenue and enhance audience engagement. Moreover, data has capabilities to enhance the experience of professional sports for all parties involved. Rather than relying on past scenarios and intuition, sports professionals can scrutinize the data that tells the real story to help with every aspect of the game—from player recruitment to fan engagement.
PMY Group
PMY Group: Empowering the Sports Industry with Innovative Tech-based Services
In the last decade, there has been a considerable upswing ...
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Fusion Sport
Fusion Sport: Empowering the Sports Industry with Innovative and Intelligent Platforms
The sports industry has always been adapting and progressing new ...
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Supacore Compression In Sports Innovation
Supacore Compression: Reducing The Cost Of Injury In Sports Through Innovation
There has been an exciting increase in Sportstech innovation during ...
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MySail Pty Ltd.
MySail Pty Ltd: Eliminating The Hassle Of Organizing A Race Crew For Yacht Racing
Ranging from improved technical clothing, to tracking & measurement devices, ...
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Cameron McKenzie-McHarg
776BC: Modernizing Sports Biomechanics With Motion And True Athlete Insights
Sports biomechanics plays a vital role in minimizing the risk ...
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Expert's Insights

technology in travel industry
Why technology is crucial to achieving a sustainable travel industry?
Do you believe in the importance of a sustainable travel ...
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AI in Action

Autonomous Vehicles with Artificial Intelligence
4 Ways Autonomous Vehicles are Driving Innovation with Artificial Intelligence
AI is transforming the automotive industry in every way imaginable. ...
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What's brewing?

Big Data
Transformation in Sports Tactics with Big Data
The sports industry has always been open to the innovation ...
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