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PMY Group: Empowering the Sports Industry with Innovative Tech-based Services

PMY Group

In the last decade, there has been a considerable upswing in the expectations from sporting rights holders to deliver a dynamic and engaging live event experience. As consumers have been exposed to more entertainment options than ever before, sports have had to compete hard to gain attention and patronage the events. As a result, major sports and venues invest in digital and technology solutions to deliver enhanced connectivity, content, and mobile experiences on event day. Having seen this challenge of keeping up with the technology faced by the sports venues, PMY Group decided to fill the gap.

Established to Relieve the Pain Points

PMY was incepted with an intention to provide independent strategy and investment support to venues needing to enhance their technology environment. Along with the rise of a diverse and comprehensive set of new products, solutions, ideas, and opportunities being offered in the market, the team at PMY saw a niche to act alongside venues to assist them to develop, execute, and fund their digital and technology strategies. Therefore its team is consistently focused on evaluating new technologies to assess their appropriateness for each industry sector and to develop models to maximize return on investment for its clients.

Through its services, PMY develops, implements, manages, and commercializes digital, technology, and data projects. Its major services are as below.

  • Technical Consulting: The technical consulting team at PMY works with clients to deliver a range of ICT and multimedia related services and products at an enterprise-grade level. With a solution driven approach they support organizations cut through the complexity of ICT to improve performance, create efficiencies and drive return on investment.
  • Commercial Advisory: Under this head, PMY’s advisory team provides specialist commercial strategy support to assist clients deliver a return on investment into technology. Their advice combines local industry experience with the latest international best practice to maximise the benefits of a project.
  • Project Delivery:  PMY’s projects team collaborates and successfully delivers complex technical projects using an integrated project delivery approach.
  • Managed Services: The firm’s managed services team delivers end-to-end support for its clients across all multi-media assets including networks, WIFI, IPTV, LED, and other digital platforms.

Moreover, the firm is also involved in investments, where it provides capital and expertise to assist major venues to own and manage world-class digital and technology infrastructure.

PMY GroupA Virtuoso Personality Taking PMY Group to the Next Level

Paul Yeomans, the Managing Director of PMY Group, is an agile, dexterous, and effectual leader, who brings up around 15 years of experience. At PMY, the multi-talented personality plays various roles as per the requirement. As a higher-level executive, he leads and executes the strategic direction of the business and by managing the clients, driving the growth agenda, and setting the culture & standards for his organization.

The adept leader believes in sharing the thoughts and ideas for mutual growth, and hence he feels lucky being the Managing Director of PMY, as his role allows him to interact with all the stakeholders of his business including clients, team, and service delivery partners. He connects with them to ensure finding the most effective and pragmatic way to deliver on each new and innovative opportunity.

Fostering the Productivity with an Autonomous Culture

A good work culture being an intangible ecosystem helps in bringing out the best from employees, even in the adverse circumstances. For any business entity, it is a must to have a culture, as it shapes every part of an organization. In the case of PMY, its team focuses on being highly professional, collaborative, and dynamic with their internal and external dealings. Paul believes that employees who are free to make their own choices about how they go about their responsibilities are happier, committed, productive, and loyal. Thus, he strived to build a caring and autonomous culture since the beginning of PMY. Moreover, while expressing the trust he has on his workforce, the autonomy believer persona says, “For me, the key is to trust our people and enable them with an opportunity to work in a flexible way that will deliver the best outcomes for all.”

PMY GroupPlans to Strengthen Client Relations

In the past three years, the independent technology strategy, investment, and management company have expanded in a notably larger extent. Geographically, the firm has invaded the Asian, European, and American markets, and simultaneously has diversified from sport and entertainment into adjacent sectors including transport, public precincts, and cities. Currently, PMY has its presence in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Christchurch, Hong Kong, London, Dublin, New York and Salt Lake City, with plans for further aggressive expansion.

As scaled up quite faster in the recent hour, PMY has invested extensively into its new markets and major projects. As a result, its team has developed its expertise and capital to a point where they can accelerate at pace in the market. Nevertheless, when it comes to future perspective, the PMY team tries not to look too far ahead, or get distracted with anything other than delivering the best possible outcomes they can for each client. The firm also plans to provide cross-regional and sector advantages to clients by utilizing its global insights. While speaking of his views on focusing and maintaining status quo, Paul asserts, “We are strongly of the view that focusing on this and trusting our strategic agenda will hold us in good stead as the market evolves.” Furthermore, PMY strives to continue delivering value to the clients and looks ahead to focus on deepening its relationship with existing client base which will ultimately assist the company to expand its service area.