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The sports industry has always been adapting and progressing new technologies and innovations and as a result is one of the most forward thinking industries today. Already using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data, the industry’s tools and techniques are now being shared across a number of other sectors including the military. As sport is a highly competitive environment where teams develop strategies with the aim of being on the winning side; technologies play an important part in game planning, training, performance, rehabilitation and decision making to help both players and coaches gain an edge.  

In addition, technologies also support teams by providing statistics around the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition which greatly assists in forming winning strategies.  Moreover, human performance software and analytics provide sporting organisations with the ability to develop an in-depth understanding of their teams’ fitness and capabilities enabling them to manage all aspects of their health, fitness and performance. Analytics also assist in the management and minimisation of injury which is crucial particularly during periods of intense performance and rehabilitation and recovery. To help sporting organisations enhance human performance both on and off the field in a more structured, customised, insightful and analytical way, Fusion Sport was established to deliver cutting edge tools to the market. A leader in its field, Fusion Sport provides the market with the most advanced sports analytics products capable of unrivalled levels of detailed customisation.    

A Solution that Changed the Face of the Sports Industry

Founded in 2003, Fusion Sport is a universal leader in human performance software. The firm is passionate about elevating human performance and has developed a highly respected suite of sports software analytics products supported by comprehensive services to assist organisations to manage and enhance the performance of their athletes. They have offices in the United States, Australia, the UK, and Europe.

During his PhD, the CEO and Co-Founder of Fusion SportMarkus Deutsch invented his first sports technology device—the ‘GRUNT 3000’.  It was a powerful measurement device for impact sports that was heavily dependent on ‘timing gate’ technology.  It required analysts to collect data on a large scale in order to achieve precise results. Continuing to make improvements and progress advancements in analytics, Dr Deutsch then launched the very first Fusion Sport product—SMARTSPEED. This product was the first of its kind and considered best of breed in its ability to enable sporting organisations to capture, manage and improve athlete movement. Today, SMARTSPEED in conjunction with wireless technology and mobile computing is widely used by hundreds of organisations and thousands of athletes around the globe. SMARTSPEED is the Official Timing System of the CFL combine, and has been the trusted technology utilized at NFL Regional Combines, NBA Draft Combine, and other athlete evaluation events globally.

The Smart Platform Delivering Smart Outputs

Fusion Sport expanded its product range with the launch of the SMARTABASE human performance platform in 2011. SMARTABASE is designed to provide elite sporting organisations with a one stop shop solution for the holistic performance management of their teams. Highly customisable and capable of allowing the integration of other systems and legacy products into its operations, SMARTABASE enables sporting bodies to capture, manage, analyse, report and share data across the whole organisation. It is capable of capturing and managing data around all elements of a human’s activities including health, diet, nutrition, exercise, fitness, performance, motion, recovery, rehabilitation, rest, even sleep – and then combining this into athlete, group, team and organisation level information which can be dissected and analysed from every angle or requirement. The product is used by organisations including top professional sporting teams such as the San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Sabres, the AFL, NRL, Rugby Australia and Rugby New Zealand.   It is also used by Olympic sporting organisations such as the Australian Institute of Sport, US Ski and Snowboard and prominent performing arts companies including the Royal Ballet – as well as the military.    

On the Pathway to Become a Global Standard Platform

With over 200 leading sports organisations using the SMARTABASE platform across the world, Fusion Sport is continuing to focus on innovation, product development and continuous enhancements to provide sporting and other organisations with the ability to be their best. Expanding its footprint across the US, Fusion Sport has now opened a new head office in Boulder, Colorado and has further plans to continue its growth across other continents.

Flexible and Performance Focused Workforce Generating Value for Clients

Fusion Sport has tripled its staff count in the last 18 months, expanding its capabilities to service clients across all parts of the globe. The company’s human resources consist of a team of dedicated, experienced, and highly qualified sports scientists, data analysts, engineers, and business people. Moreover, with a strong belief in building a culture that leads through innovation, team members are encouraged to suggest and run with new ideas and use their experience and passion to deliver excellent outcomes and value to the company’s clients.

Fusion Sport

A Leader and Motivator behind Fusion Sports

The Co-Founder and CEO of Fusion Sport, Dr Markus Deutsch is passionate about innovation and believes in leading by example. He is intimately involved in all aspects of the business and actively engages with all staff to ensure they are supported, capable of escalating ideas and issues and focused on innovation. While speaking about how he works on innovations—Markus states—“I love hanging out with the product development team, working on our next round of innovations.”  He also plays an active role in the market working with clients and technology partners. He likes to be out in the market meeting interesting people, and working towards identifying and creating opportunities for his company.

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