Transformation in Sports Tactics with Big Data

Big Data

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The sports industry has always been open to the innovation and is evidently one of the updated fields. Indeed, sport is a competition and teams make different strategies by analysing available important data to win the game but with the inception of big data, sport field is bringing new innovations and stepping up to the higher storeys. Large amount of data is produced regarding performance of players, audience statistics, as well as the coaches and other staff related data. Here, big data provides assistance in analysing the huge data generated and utilize it in a proper way.

Further, big data could be used concretely to provide various constructive details. Similarly, big data is proved to be the game changer in many sports where teams have made massive and effective use of it by analysing data patterns to improve perform and provide decision-making abilities based on live action. Big data has already proved its value in various functions like game day analysis, fitness management for players, sports broadcasting, as well as player auction.

Enhancement in Decision Making Abilities

The sport industry is a global multi-billion dollar industry comprising of players, managers, coaches, fans, audiences, then comes clubs, leagues, teams, sponsors, and so many businesses and all of these factors create massive and never-ending amount of data. Tremendous of data is produced in sports through players, fans, coaches, commentators, etc. Additionally, it also comes from online ticket services, social media, mobile phones, web sites, and many other sources. This data can be analysed and utilized to upgrade almost every professional sport for player tracking, performance analysis, and formulate best strategies for the game. Moreover, big data is providing new perspective to player recruitment and it can be used for fan-base management. The data caters the team with the track performance and helps in prediction making as well as the decision making abilities. Off field, the demand of statistics is always high commentators and analysts use data constantly, there are many stat enthusiasts and fans that need to use data. Everything can be done, but the question is how analysts can utilize big data? Which technologies can be used as the add-ons to enhance the capabilities of analysis?

Here are few emerging intelligent technologies which are uplifting the power of big data

Prediction of Injuries Using Machine Learning

Machine learning and AI together are changing the field setup by providing more comprehension of the situation and also assists with the objective measures. Here, the computer system trains itself by consuming huge amount of data to make enhanced decisions which can’t be done by a human. Further, it helps in predicting injuries using provided data by creating a model, explaining the points of injuries.

Deviations in Sports apps, Websites, and Social Media

Big data is a source that provides broad understanding of the game. The huge amount of data produces huge amount of information and statistics based on the information. For instance, IBM’s Slam Tracker a big data product and is used to provide comprehensive analytics of tennis matches and that too from every stroke and point. Similarly, Sportradar is amongst the big data companies and covers 40 sports and 800 leagues all around the globe. It provides both historic and real-time data extensively used for numerous sports apps, websites, sport analytics platform and social media. Stats is also a big data company providing statistics of 45 sports and 600 leagues and provides data to leading sports entertainment stations.

GPS and RF Methods to Provide Data

The wearable sensors have reduced injury chances by observing and examining the intensity and impact of the action or collision along with the historic data. These sensors track every move of the player and with this data, players get a chance to use different game strategies in upcoming matches. Some big data products offer player tracking solutions in which the data is collected via optical GPS and RF methods. The data shows the speed, acceleration, and heart rate of the player under examination. This helps the players and coach to check on fatigue and hydration level. This also informs the coach about playing players and resting players.

Improved Spectators View

To improve decision making, real-time data is shown to the coach, captain, and umpires. Moreover, with real-time situations, big data with AI offers predictions of the match results. Today, companies have started enhancing traditional graphics of data with powerful and interesting visual effects, offering real-time data visualization and broadcast graphics for live television and sports coverage.

Player Training and Recruitment

In player recruitment, training, and performance, the use of big data is drastically changing things around. Using advanced analytics from big data collection and monitoring technologies, a player’s performance is recorded and evaluated by cameras, wearables, and sensors.

The wireless sensor technology along with RRID tagging and real-time visualization can provide the elaborated details of the performance and these reports will help to select the particular player for the particular match.

More Spectacles Ahead

With the massive amount of data getting out every day, it is evident that the use of big data in the sports industry will go higher and higher. It is unmistakable that the sports industry is going to be more and more technology-friendly day-by-day and it is very important to gain knowledge from it. There are continuous developments in wearable technologies, visual developments of statistics, and other things regarding big data. Moreover, these technologies are redefining the various aspects in sports like decision making, analyzing the team performance, healthcare in sports, are a few of them. Big data have made an incredible impact on the sports industry and it is providing a lot of benefits to players, media, fans, coaches, audience, etc. Today, the sports industry getting digitalized swiftly and big data is proved to be a boon to the field. Innovations still being made, developments still being added and the sports industry is getting adapted to it continuously indicate that we are yet to catch the most stupendous part.

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