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Sports Engineers: Data Optimization and Flexible Competition Formats Increase Sports Participation

In the sports industry, a well-analyzed data is a great resource that can be used to increase revenue and enhance audience engagement. Moreover, data has capabilities to enhance the experience of professional sports for all parties involved. Rather than relying on past scenarios and intuition, sports professionals can scrutinize the data that tells the real story to help with every aspect of the game—from player recruitment to fan engagement.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Sports Engineers is an outstanding sports software provider that makes efforts to bring data to life. Its Co-founders Jan van Eck and Leander Philippo endeavor backing-up sports sector through data. These days, data being available in larger amounts, if processed properly, can benefit all stakeholders, from team owners to players, and audiences. Besides, simply from ticket booking to sports equipment, and the way sports are managed is remarkably transformed by data based offerings. Moreover, the advancements in this sector have made the processes easier & quicker and reshaped the way sports are experienced.

Sports Engineers’ team believes that data should be the driver of every digital solution they build and by the means of their ready-made or custom-built solutions, they strive to improve sports management throughout—associations, clubs, players, and sponsors alike. Subsequently, the IT solution provider develops component-based solutions tailored to meet both—team or individual, structured or social, and competition or tournament sports requirements. Further, to help sports organizations to match the changing landscape of technology, Sports Engineers offers solutions that facilitate a seamless shift from outdated to new technology.

Elevating the Game with Collaboration

Sports Engineers’ recent success in creating a competition (league and tournament) management application strongly complements the fact that it is on the right pathway and has a long way to go. In collaboration with Tennis Australia, it created a flexible web-based platform, which does not only assists in setting-up and managing competitions but also provides real-time insights in frequency of play, retention, and growth of players. Furthermore, it enables data-driven engagement and participation opportunities for the sport while reducing time-consuming tasks. League Manager is shortlisted for Yahoo Sports Technology Awards 2019 in the category of Best Technology for Participation.

Advancing its Offerings with Problem-Solving Approach

At one pole, the leagues and tournaments are a major part of the sports industry, on another clubs usually lack in funding. As a remedy to confront this challenge, Sports Engineers presented SportsAds, an intelligent software solution that empowers sports industry to optimize their advertising potential at all levels of stakeholdership, eliminating pain points. As a result, SportsAds was nominated as finalist “Best Technology for Sports Commerce 2018”.

Sports EngineersOutstanding Solutions Transforming Sports Industry

Incepted through a rearrangement of its existing data distribution and commercialization solutions and by putting in place the new products, Sports Engineers has introduced its sports software solutions. Its present range of solutions is the combined result of 18 years’ experience in sports and the capability to create tailor-made software. The seasoned team aims to provide more and more federations and sports organizations with fully data-driven solutions to take their amateur sports management to the next level. Its sports software solutions are as below.

  • League Management: This platform allows federations, league, and club managers to manage their sport. It enables to run leagues with flexible formats, data-driven dashboards, and intelligent result entry. Further, the solution displays the most important statistics in charts, tables and circle diagrams at the dashboard in real-time.
  • Tournament Management: This competition management offering enables to set up tournaments with smart participant seeding and brackets generation. With this solution, one can link qualifier tournaments to main tournaments, where players automatically flow through to the next stage reducing the tedious manual administrative workload.
  • Match Centre: Match Centre is a separate platform for players and teams that allows users to view matches, get insights in statistics, enter results, manage or nominate teams, and follow favorites. Using this solution, players, team managers, and fans can enjoy with their personalized dashboard with matches, statistics, and timeline updates. Notably, Match Centre is the first app that provides on-court result entry for multiple grassroots sports including multi rubber combinations. Moreover, its availability on multiple devices makes it the best option.
  • Club Solutions: Club solutions by Sports Engineers include apps and website services, which help increase website traffic with real-time data, mobile friendly, and with social media integrations. Besides, with the ClubApp, clubs can have their own custom-made iPhone and Android app, which is completely free for club members, players and fans and can be found in app stores under the client’s club name.
  • Ads Management: SportsAds is an intelligent software solution intends empowering the sports industry to optimize their advertising potential. Creating new business models with serving banners and running an own campaign is made easy with Sports Engineers’ ads management solution. Moreover, with the help of SportsAds, the team of Sports Engineers brought together 800 clubs into an intertwined profit-bearing network in just two years.
  • Data Distribution: Data Centre, the data-driven business solution acts as the client’s business partner for official sports data. Deploying this solution, users can enrich their sports coverage with (live) scores, results, and statistics delivered via API, XML data feed or attractive PDF solutions.
  • Registration & Payment: Sports Engineers’ registration software is a full membership and financial system for sports federations. The membership management software automates the management of memberships within associations, communities, and sports clubs. Moreover, the software helps them communicate with their stakeholders, share resources, promote events, collect fees, and more.

Sports EngineersThe Unassailable Leaders of Sports Engineers

Jan van Eck and Leander Philippo, both the Co-founders of Sports Engineers always seek ways to transform their offerings through innovative technologies. Moreover, in order to elevate the productivity of the work environment, they make sure that every team member of Sports Engineers has the feeling and comfort of being part of a team.

While speaking about what he likes the most about his role, Jan says, “The favorite part of my role is that I have the comfort of undergoing the feeling of success with a group of great people. Our team is willing to take that one step further to achieve the best, regardless of an outcome.” Another part of his role that Jan enjoys is that he has to travel around the globe, which leads the collection of great experiences, which he treasures.

Sports EngineersPlans to Expand with the Power of Cutting-Edge Solutions

Currently operating in Europe, Australia, Japan, and Korea, Sports Engineers aims to expand its presence in other geographies too. Looking ahead at the future, the excellent solution provider has some new and interesting projects in the pipeline. The main denominator of these, consists of allowing a high level integration for existing sports software through a fully featured Competitions API. The API opens all management, registration, informational and result entry options, any sport organizers would need for its stakeholders, even if implementing and benefitting from a full platform might be a step too far.

With its highly appreciated solutions, Sports Engineers sees numerous opportunities coming its way. Tapping these opportunities, the company has various set goals amongst which, on the forefront is the plan to build a new player center where tennis players can find the type of play they desire.

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