The 10 Leaders Transforming the Healthcare Industry, 2022

The healthcare industry is a dynamic space that is continuously evolving around delivering care for the health and wellbeing of patients and members. This has brought a plethora of changes in how healthcare service providers strategize 

Kevin Goodwin
Kevin Goodwin: Redefining Healthcare Industry with AI’s Excellence

The continuously changing healthcare landscape requires leaders to be dynamic …

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Dr. Lance M. Owens
Dr. Lance M. Owens: A Physician Leader Enhancing Healthcare Through Innovation

As the healthcare sector undergoes dramatic transformation, successful medical leaders …

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Craig Linden
Craig Linden: Pioneering Innovative Healthcare Solutions in Telemedicine Sector

Digitalization and technological advancements have revolutionized the healthcare industry. Today, …

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Arash Hakhamian
Arash Hakhamian: A Maverick Reinventing Dentistry 

The dynamics of dental care and treatment have transformed as …

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Dale Mouscos
Dale Mouscos: A Dedicated Marketing Professional with a Distinct Vision

Observing the last few decades, robust leadership has been a …

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Kenneth Kee
Kenneth Kee: Propelling the Healthcare Digital Transformation in Malaysia

The healthcare industry has witnessed major transformations over the past …

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