Kenneth Kee: Propelling the Healthcare Digital Transformation in Malaysia

Kenneth Kee

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The healthcare industry has witnessed major transformations over the past few decades. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have replaced the traditional physical records and revolutionized the way patient records are entered and processed. Telehealth has also become a norm in the past few years. Moreover, in 2020, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital solutions for solving the myriad of challenges confronting healthcare institutions. Consequently, the demand for digital solutions in the healthcare industry has intensified.

Origin Integrated Studios is catering to this increased demand with its innovative and creative software solutions. Serving in Malaysia and its regions, it is one of the very few software development companies that focus on enterprise systems for the healthcare industry. Kenneth Kee (CEO of Origin Integrated Studios) is at the helm of the company. Kenneth is a multi-award-winning SME business professional with an avid experience of working in the information technology and services industry for over 20 years. He is recognized as one of the pioneers of EMR in Malaysia.

This is how we started….

Kenneth believes that the prominent reason behind him establishing the company was realizing the gap between old systems that relied on physical medical records and the possibility of paperless systems using digital forms. Kenneth and his founding team members—with their accumulated knowledge and experience in developing Electronic Document Management System in the area of scanning and retrieving documents—received their first opportunity when a healthcare provider asked them to develop a modern Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for a Hospital Information System (HIS).

The team was given another opportunity to replace an outdated HIS. The company was named Origin as it was the pioneer in the region to develop EMR that was able to integrate to sub-systems. “In our vision in attracting talented software developers and designers, we named our company similar to the famous movie studio, a place where designers create and produce their creative and innovative work,” asserts Kenneth.

Cutting-edge Services and Solutions

Incepted in 2015, Origin Integrated Solutions is a company that inspires young talented software developers and designers to make a positive difference in developing innovative and creative healthcare application software solutions of international standards.  It is on a mission to make an impact by becoming a household brand in the healthcare industry focusing on long-term and trusted relationships with its customers—the main ingredient of successful project implementations and longevity.

With its digital transformation strategies, the company helps doctors and nurses make instantaneous decisions using its intuitive software application through modern devices such as mobiles and tablets having all information in one single dashboard point of view.

Origin EMR integrates with all other systems such as laboratory information system, radiology information system, financial information system, drug database, and medical devices such as vital signs monitor and many others instead of relying on papers and traditional manual physical patient medical records. Kenneth adds, “We focus on perfecting it for their use, thus we achieved 100% adoption rate from doctors and nurses from day 1 upon system Go-live in all our implementation.”

Origin is the leading healthcare solution provider with the largest implemented market share for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) in Malaysia having successfully implemented and replaced its competitors’ systems in more than 20 hospitals in the region—both stand-alone and group hospitals supporting multi-languages and consolidation through data warehousing with dashboard reporting.

The Distinguishing Factors

Origin helps healthcare providers by transforming their healthcare facilities to be smarter and more efficient in this digital age. The solution provided by the company is customizable to make it available as the configuration in the system. “With this continuous R&D enhancement over the years, we have developed our solution to become more feature-rich and comprehensive compared to our competitors who do not allow customization or consider any good input of enhancement requirements from the customers,” comments Kenneth. He adds that by integrating the Origin EMR with major sub-systems available in the market, the company has enhanced the system interoperability among all new and existing hospital systems for harnessing the purpose of achieving the full potential of EMR.

Keeping and Nurturing Talents

Kenneth is a charismatic leader that cherishes and treasures talents within the company. Alongside being at the forefront of the company operations, he understands that he has to keep a pool of brilliant teams of software developers with himself, tie them together, and breed new talents. Moreover, understanding that no one can be good in everything, Kenneth always seeks others to complement his weaknesses with their strengths and vice versa. He has developed his sustainable formula to keep and grow talents which have been vital in Origin’s growth over the years.

Growing Leaps and Bounds

Under Kenneth’s dynamic leadership, Origin has been growing leaps and bounds since its inception. It has grown from an initial team of 8 developers to nearly 30 and from the first hospital customer to over 20 hospitals in the region in the span of five years. The company was ranked third and fifth in Malaysian Growth Champions 2020 and 2021 respectively by Statista, placed among top ranking of 113 of Asia-Pacific High-growth companies 2020 by Financial Times, and a winner of Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ 2019 Asia Pacific.

Over the past couple of years, Kenneth has successfully led Origin Integrated Studios to win more than 20 local and regional awards. Recently, Kenneth has also been listed in the Britishpedia second edition Successful People in Malaysia, published in 2020 by BPH—British Publishing House Ltd.

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