Jin Oak Ha: A Strategic Leader Expanding the Horizons of the Healthcare Industry

Jin Oak Ha Quotes

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The healthcare industry is a dynamic space that is continuously evolving around delivering care for the health and wellbeing of patients and members. This has brought a plethora of changes in how healthcare service providers strategize and operate their businesses. Enunciating her views on this change, Jin Oak Ha (CEO and President of bswift) says, “I think the most impactful change over the last few decades is the focus on the patient and member experience—which is driving better access to care, higher satisfaction ratings and a positive experience. ”

Jin Oak is a recognized leader in the healthcare landscape, leveraging her deep experience to lead the company on its continued growth path. According to her, a modern healthcare leader should have a deep understanding of customers as well as an appreciation for staff and talent. She believes that successful businesses are run by an army of people who believe in the vision and success of the business and feel they can contribute in a meaningful way.

Admirable Career

In her childhood, Jin Oak wanted to work in business and travel the world. This passion led her to pursue an international business and finance major at New York University. After her education, she worked in finance for an international company. Jin Oak’s work in a large international enterprise helped her gain diverse experience in corporate finance and accounting roles.

After completing her MBA from Fordham University, she wanted to change her career track. This led her to do her first job in the healthcare industry working for a health plan in New Jersey, expanding her career into executive leadership. “I’ve never looked back and have really enjoyed the opportunities and experiences in healthcare – namely the opportunity to continue to address emerging needs through innovative solutions,” adds Jin Oak.

Customer-centric Inception

bswift was established in 1996 as a pioneer in configurable SaaS technology for benefits administration. The company joined the CVS Health family of companies in 2018. It combines various aspects and offers a proven blend of technology, expertise, and service excellence that provides flexible, customer-focused solutions to even the most complex benefits administration needs.

Innovative Services and Solutions

bswift offers various products and services that support benefits administration for all employers including:

  • Cloud-based online benefits platform for enrollment
  • A hub for year-round benefits engagement
  • Full-service back-end administration support
  • Integrations with employers’ benefits and healthcare vendors
  • Service Center with experts in benefits, insurance HIPAA, compliance, and customer service
  • End-to-end support from communication strategy development, to design, execution, and delivery
  • Interactive decision support and chat
  • Benefits education, and engagement resources
  • Benefits administration, compliance, and billing support
  • Reporting and analytics dashboard for administrators
  • Integration with healthcare navigation services
  • COVID-19 vaccine and test tracking solution

A Proactive Approach

At the helm of bswift, Jin Oak oversees the business and serves the primary responsibilities that include setting the company’s vision, establishing strategic priorities, and defining the growth strategy.

Alongside her professional prowess, Jin Oak is well-traveled and has experienced diverse people and cultures. Such experiences have boosted her passion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace as a core foundation that supports talent and innovation.

Leveraging Technology to Create an Integrated Experience

bswift recognizes that the healthcare and benefits ecosystem can be complex and often challenging for both employees and employers to navigate. To simplify the experience, bswift delivers a single, flexible, and configurable platform that utilizes technology to integrate an employee’s healthcare and benefits providers into one hub. Their goal is to enhance employees’ satisfaction and engagement with their benefits programs while simplifying the delivery and administration aspect for employers.                         

Responding Positively to Stress and Difficulty

Jin Oak shares that conflict and stress are inherent to any job and that these experiences can be leveraged to drive a leader to manage more productively. The leaders need to walk the talk, which means working and operating at the highest level of integrity and professionalism in difficult situations. She relies on her formula of pausing and looking inward. When handling a challenge, Jin Oak’s style is to reflect for a moment to identify a different solution or approach. She values direct and transparent communication that moves a situation to the positive next step forward. “I am a strong believer in ‘actions speak louder than words’, especially in difficult situations,” adds Jin Oak. Jin Oak has driven much success as a leader and understands the importance of celebrating those achievements across the business and in the marketplace is critical to building and sustaining a winning culture.

Work-life Balance

Jin Oak firmly believes that work-life balance is essential and if people are happy at work, they can be happier in their personal lives, too. To reduce stress, Jin Oak turns to exercise, running 3-4 times a week, with off-days biking on her Peloton, or walking her dog. Additionally, she enjoys playing golf and invests her time in family vacations.

A Roadmap to Success

The healthcare industry has seen countless changes and trends. According to Jin Oak, the areas that will shape healthcare in the future include public health and risk management, physical and mental wellbeing, and healthcare advocacy and decision support.

To excel in the healthcare sector, bswift is ready for whatever the future may bring. The company has built and developed its roadmap to support its clients and participants today and to help them be ready for new, emerging, and evolving healthcare and benefits trends tomorrow.


Jin Oak Ha Quotes

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