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Craig Linden

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Digitalization and technological advancements have revolutionized the healthcare industry. Today, there are a variety of trends in the medical sector such as the increase in the use of telemedicine, remote health monitoring, security technologies, audio-video technologies, etc. Individuals who are leading healthcare should embrace these trends and learn new technologies to help and empower patients and caregivers.

Craig Linden (Inventor, Real Time Touch) is one such leader who has the ambition to provide modern healthcare solutions directly to patients. He believes that providing the patents and technology of RTT at a reasonable cost would be beneficial to all. With that being said, the company invites healthcare leaders to join RTT for discussing partnerships and future opportunities.

Powerful and Impactful Inspiration

Craig’s career started as a yacht captain and in business management. However, his passion for new technologies led him to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. A self-taught inventor, Craig worked relentlessly on different inventions, schematics, patent ideas even in the late evenings and on the weekends. He is inspired by his grandfather, who served as an FCC chief engineer and an inventor in the broadcasting industry. 

Craig aimed to develop inventions that bring people together and help people with unmet needs through advanced wireless, mobile, and AR/VR technologies. His life experiences sparked the ideas of creating innovations in healthcare. Facing symptoms of TIA-like stroke in 1997, provoked him to think about the devices that can be used for better recovery.

Craig had several inspirations about stroke rehabilitation and remote medical treatment. Over time, his ideas evolved with modern electronics, wireless RF, remote networks, and VR/AR. Plans for wearables, mobile or desktop devices and a cloud platform were developed to provide telehealth treatment. This resulted in Real Time Touch’s patents and innovations which included meta health technology, one of the earliest telehealth patents. 

Helping People Thrive

Real Time Touch (RTT) was established in 1999 with the mission to develop innovative healthcare solutions to help people thrive through virtual care tools that could meet the otherwise unmet support needs of people in recovery, people with disabilities, and people in rural areas without easy access to quality healthcare. The company’s key intellectual property rights set it apart from other startups that connect numerous links to trends in healthcare. 

Real Time Touch provides an innovative patent, design concepts, and solutions. The company has a patent for “Powered Physical Displays on Mobile Devices” (US Patent 9,639,150) and is actively searching for partners and licenses to extend the research and patent technologies.

RTT has worked on early R&D and concepts for its products like RemoteRx personal telemedicine and medication adherence device, RemoteRX control platform for remote caregiver-control of home-base medical and treatment devices as well as RTT cloud-based telemedicine platform and Health Metaverse, integrating medical technology with remote VR/AR for virtual care.

A Diligent Leader

Being at the helm, Craig is responsible for driving the vision and research and development at the company. With a strong presence on social media, Craig keeps the engagement high by frequently contacting digital healthcare leaders and offering help to analysts or industry insiders in ‘column analysis’ or ‘background analysis’.

Being a healthcare innovator and a longtime investor, Craig believes that his passion for helping people thrive makes him different from other industry leaders. His dedication to serving people in need makes him a distinguished leader.

Technology Integration

One of RTT’s first products will be RemoteRX. It is in the process of early development as an all-in-one virtual care device that will focus on medication adherence and has the potential to help solve a $400 billion healthcare problem. This will enable a remote video doctor-nurse-patient physical interaction at home with AI assistance. It will also provide services on mobile devices for medical consultations and procedures.

Expanding the Team

Linden and Real Time Touch are joined by Chris St. John, a tech expert with 20+ years experience developing and introducing new technologies for global markets. St. John has been a noted advocate of early-stage technologies which later had breakthroughs such as wearable computing, AR mobile apps, cloud infrastructure, remote geolocation-based social media, and blockchain for cryptocurrency and smart contracts.

“It’s exciting to help connect Craig’s vision to millions of people in need”, said St. John, who was most recently Senior Software Engineer for Specialty Commerce at Nike, Inc. “Real Time Touch has incredible potential. Awareness is growing as we create the team and design products envisioned in Craig’s groundbreaking USA patent.”

As an entrepreneur, St. John developed software for automating patent analysis/monitoring with FreshPatents, which accrued 100,000+ signups for his tools and weekly patent technology Twitter feeds. FreshPatents has been used as a reference in scholarly journals and mainstream news sources. His WearableGear project, a forerunner of popular unboxing sites, sparked attention for advanced wearable electronics, from HMD wearable computers used in the supply chain to the original MP3 players for consumers. This led St. John to a position as Manager of Web Operations/Production at the original, from startup to NASDAQ listing and sale to Vivendi/Universal group.

St. John sees a bright future: “It’s rare to have this unique combination of innovative VR/AR, wearable and wireless technologies in a USPTO-granted patent. I believe it is foundational to not only the future of telemedicine and the healthcare metaverse but also problems like medication adherence.”

Metaverse Hybrid Healthcare

To bridge the gap between virtual and physical reality, RTT plans include the design of a virtual platform in the cloud with AR/VR APIs. This will enable the developers and device manufacturers to use the platform for remote physical feedback in diagnosis and treatment. The company has also invented various concepts that help patients as well as health professionals.

RTT provides a method patent that has AI-controlled and remote caregiver-controlled home-based and wearable devices. These devices can be used for pain management, mental health, wound care, blood pressure, diabetes, vitals monitoring, sonograms, infrared, TENS, magnetic pulse, substance release devices, sleep apnea devices, ventilators, physical therapy and exercise devices, and live remote coaching devices.

Craig has received an acknowledgment for the patent on the subject Powered Physical Displays on Mobile Devices. He has invented a mobile electronic apparatus for facilitating live physical communications with remote people. 

The Secret to Work-life Balance

Working people are under a lot of stress and maintaining a proper work-life balance is necessary for today’s leaders. When asked about the work-life balance secret, Craig shares his interests and hobbies. He enjoys spending quality time sailing with his grandchildren and is interested in carpentry and improving his family’s old country home. Strong stress management skills are critical in our constantly challenging world and challenging an industry to change can be stressful. Challenges and stressors, like the current COVID-19 pandemic, are opportunities for innovation, education, and outreach to those in need.

Expanding Trends Worldwide

The Healthcare industry will have new trends in the upcoming years. However, major trends that will drive the industry are:

  • Providing access to quality healthcare testing, diagnosis, and advice through telemedicine globally
  • Accelerating demand for personal health treatment and therapy devices, wearable health monitoring, personal medication adherence devices
  • VR/AR-enabled remote-controlled and AI-based diagnostic tools for virtual care for everyone from anywhere.


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